Your pro guide to scale up a direct sales venture on Instagram

Your pro guide to scale up a direct sales venture on Instagram

Instagram extends excellent opportunity to make it big with your direct sales venture. Boasting a colossal member-base crossing 1 billion users, the social portal is bustling with strong marketing potential for both local and global businesses. The post below offers a brief on how to monetize a direct sales venture on Instagram.

Don’t forget geotagging

This tip is especially important if it’s a local business. Mention of location on your Insta posts helps to notify the locals around your physical store. 

Targeted and relevant hashtags

Your Instagram posts are incomplete without the mention of hashtags. But be mindful about the hashtags you use on each of your posts. Focus on relevant, targeted and easy-to-understand hashtags to fetch attention. You can use both indirect and direct hashtags in post description as well as comment section.

Focus more on videos

Try to post more videos than images as the former inspires higher engagement rate. Your video content could be many and varied. A good idea would be to include customer testimonials in your video. You can also post videos on your latest product or on any happening news about your business. But irrespective of the content of the video, the entire post should be visually stunning and aesthetically balanced.

Purchase views

The primary step to monetize your business on Instagram is to generate more numbers of views. You can buy views these days to enhance your viewer base. The very first reason for Buying Instagram Views is a higher popularity quotient for your profile. It will eventually lead to more numbers of followers which will consequently increase potential of clicks and conversions.

Add strong CTA 

You need to post a motivating CTA to inspire more clicks on the “Buy now” tab. The ideal CTA would be the one that can create a feel of urgency so that your visitors immediately clicks to buy your products. Some examples would be –“Buy now and get 20% free” or “Offer till stocks last”.

All the best!