XBOX 360 or PS3: Which One is the Best for Me?

XBOX 360 or PS3: Which One is the Best for Me?

Current gamers have their preferences of which gaming platforms they prefer. While many gamers like most of the available gaming systems, they usually have a preference of which one they like the most. In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of both, the Sony PS3 and Microsoft XBOX 360, will be reviewed. By the end of the article, readers that are interested in purchasing one of these systems should have an idea of which one fits their personal interests.

XBOX 360. We will start with the system that debuted first. The Microsoft XBOX 360 is a very popular gaming system. It became available to the public back in 2005. In 2007, the XBOX 360 Elite was released on the market. This version of the system was more eye-catching, with its black color opposed to the original white. This system also offered double the memory, with its hard drive offering 120 GB of space. Today, the XBOX 360 has continued to receive upgrades. The current Xbox 360 S model has a 250 GB hard drive. The new KINECT add on, which must be purchased separately, for the newer model has been a big hit, and some people regard it as the best motion sensor feature of any gaming platform. It is estimated that over 50 million XBOX 360 consoles have been sold worldwide. However, Microsoft has stated that only an average of 60% of the owners still use it for gamming. The other 40% use it for its other features, such as watching Netflix or tweeting. It is also expected that roughly half of the owners are subscribers to the online feature, XBOX Live.

Advantages: Easy to use online feature (XBOX Live), high quality KINECT motion sensor feature, Price (initially cheaper than the PS3, but the gap has begun to close). With online feature, boosting of the performance should be one advantage. A gamer can console boost for improving the rank at online websites.


Disadvantages: Reliability (The older models have a very high malfunction rate, but the newer consoles have become more reliable), Out of date DVD system (Does not offer a blue ray player like the PS3)

PS3. Sony’s most recent console was released back in 2006. A slimmer version of the system was released in 2009. It can hold 320 GB of memory, and the Premium Refurbished Supercharged model can hold 500 GB. Sony originally stated that 47.9 million units have been sold worldwide, but a contradicting report states that the real number stands at 41.6 million. While the online feature may not be as popular and efficient as XBOX Live, the service is free. The blu-ray player built in the system is the major selling point that this system has to offer, and is the only current gaming console with that feature. The PlayStation Move add on is also an attractive feature, but it appears that most gamers prefer the XBOX KINECT.

Advantages: Blu-Ray feature, Reliability, Free online play, higher memory capability

Disadvantages: Price (Initially cost more than XBOX 360, but the gap appears to be closing), Less popular online feature

Conclusions. With the simple advantages and disadvantages stated above, choosing between the Microsoft XBOX 360 and Sony PS3 should be a little easier. Each person has different preferences, and that is what makes both systems valuable. For the gamers who prefer playing in large groups, especially online, the XBOX 360 is the way to go. The KINECT feature is also more popular, rather than Sony’s MOVE. For the gamer who prefers utilizing all of the console’s features without spending extra money may prefer the PS3. The PS3 is also better for those who have a large blu-ray movie collection. Besides these differences, it is also wise to look into what games each system offers. While both offer most of the same games, specific series such as HALO and the MLB: The Show are platform specific. This makes it wise to take notice at which games you prefer before purchasing a system.