Why Your Next German Shepherd Should Be From German Shepherd Rescues

Why Your Next German Shepherd Should Be From German Shepherd Rescues

If you know anything at all about the current pet overpopulation crisis in the country, then you are already planning to adopt a homeless animal rather than buy from a pet store or a breeder. You already know that incredible pets can often be found at animal shelters and breed specific rescue centers. By doing your homework and learning all you can about different dog breeds, you have enough German Shepherd information to know if a German Shepherd is right for you and your family.

It is easy to gain first-hand knowledge about German shepherds through online articles and books because they are quite perfect to keep as pets alongwith Labradors as they are quite strong, loyal and lovable dogs to manage which you can learn more about if you check it out here in this article about everything that you need to know about the shepherds and their importance as a renowned breed.

German Shepherds, although incredibly popular, also are abandoned in incredible numbers. Most people are not aware of the needs this intelligent, active (and shedding) breed has before they bring one home. They might want a German Shepherd just because of the looks, or to have as a status symbol. Unlike their owners, volunteers at German Shepherd rescues across the nation get to know the dogs in their care.

Unlike some other breed-specific rescues like Beagles that has a national volunteer-run charity running a website to tie all Beagle rescue groups together, German Shepherd rescues have no such organization. There isn’t even a website that lists all German Shepherd rescues in the world, or just in North America. But it is still possible to find a good German Shepherd rescue without breaking into a heavy sweat.

There is no parent German Shepherd breed organization or even a national directory. The American Kennel Club and the Humane Society of the United States are really too busy to help you out. In order to find a good German Shepherd rescue in your local area, you will have to sniff them out yourself. You can also expect to fill out a lot of forms, meet with many different dogs and maybe even get a character reference from a veterinarian before your application for adoption is accepted.

You can find a good German Shepherd rescue by going online and doing a search, but asking your vet, by asking your local all pet animal shelter or by looking through the classifieds of a dog magazine.

You could also contact the American Kennel Club (AKC), which would get you into contact with the breed club. But many German Shepherd rescues are small operations run out of people’s homes, so they might not advertise.

The best place to look for German Shepherd rescues of this kind is with Petfinder.com. This is the most up to date and comprehensive listing out there, showcasing not only links to German Shepherd rescues, but pictures and stories about dogs of all breeds available for adoption.

If all goes well, then you meet the dog the German Shepherd rescue think best will match up with you. Be patient with them in finding you a furry friend. There’s no point in adopting a German Shepherd only to have to put him or her back into a shelter.