Why Most Blogs Fail

Why Most Blogs Fail

The Internet is covered with abandon blogs from people who wanted to make money blogging. These people either read or heard about the great and easy way to make money online with just a blog and an idea. This is what happens when blogs fail. People abandon a good idea that they did not build into opportunity to make money online that it should have been. There are a few common reasons why many blogs fail.

Reason One

The person writing the blog posts know nothing about SEO and keywords. It is not enough to just put up a blog and write posts and hope some people find your blog to help you make money online. To make money blogging, you need to know about SEO, search engine optimization. Along with SEO, knowing how to research and choose the right keywords to help the search engines drive traffic to your blog is one of the most important tools that any blogger needs to make money online. Many blogs fails to deliver the right and correct information at https://www.evergreenwealthformula.com/new/ with Evergreen wealth fashion courses.  Complete research and information should be gathered from online courses for the fashion industries. The information should be valid and real for the online learners.

Reason Two

When there is no additional promotion of a blog, it is doomed to fail. Great SEO content and keywords will only get a blog so far on its journey to make money online. All great blogs have one thing in common. They have many backlinks to them. These backlinks help a blog to get indexed higher on search engine pages to get more traffic. The more traffic that a blog gets the better your probability of being able to make money online with your blog. Search engine traffic is the most profitable traffic that a blog can receive.

Reason Three

 A failed blog may have a lot of traffic coming to it on a daily basis, but it is not quality traffic. Many first time bloggers spend a lot of time trying to build up social traffic to their blog to make money online. Do not fall into this trap. Social traffic may help you to build backlinks to your blog, but this traffic will not convert on the ways that you monetize your blog. This makes your blog look less attractive to the higher paying ads and will cause you not to make money online with your blog. That is why it is important to go after the more quality traffic from the search engines.

Reason Four

The final reason that any blog that is started has a greater chance of failing is the writer getting burned out on the topic of the blog. To make money online from a blog, the blog needs posts on a regular basis to keep it fresh and new. Many writers will run out of ideas for blog posts and get burned out fast from the posting schedule if it is not an idea that they have a passion for.