Why Does The Tradition of Men Proposing To Women Still a Trend?

Why Does The Tradition of Men Proposing To Women Still a Trend?

In theory, 3/4th of Americans will say it is fine for a woman to propose but in practice only 5% of currently married couples approve that the woman propose. Still, the attitude is trailing the traditional route. Young adults still consider a proposal from a woman unacceptable.

One of the common wedding proposal ideas of getting on his knees and offering a solitaire diamond ring saying, ‘Will you marry me?’ is still on trend. However, the proposal places have changed.

Guys look for destinations and ideas to make their proposal a memorable moment. They book a Romantic Gondola Cruise package on Black Swan or arrange for a candlelight dinner with music. However, why men propose and not the other way round.

Marriage and proposal history

  • In the Stone Age, marriage started as a way of organizing disparate groups with the land they cultivated and thus build an alliance.
  • Strangers got converted into relatives and thus the civilization grew along with in-law networks.
  • As civilization started getting complex, marriage purpose changed to a political and economic transaction.
  • Until the late 18th century, the social norms of the marriage system shifted from political and economic expediency to people choosing spouses based on personal affection and love. This radical change was predicted to end in disaster.

  • By the 19th century, a new perception of wives as nurturing homemakers and husbands as providers came to be accepted. Women hardly had any say in marriages. The men were unquestionably the ones who looked for marriage.

Women were not trusted to choose a good husband because they were regarded as very irrational and emotional. A man has more to lose by getting married, so they were regarded to be more level-headed and rational decision-makers.

It is a mindset that is rock solid, which cannot be completely erased! Thus the tradition of men proposing to women still continues to today!