When Should I Let My Daughter Begin Shaving Her Legs?

When should I let me daughter shave her legs and armpits? When should I encourage and teach her to shave if she’s reluctant to do so? This is a common parenting concern. The first signs of puberty in girls is a darkening and thickening of pubic hair in the crotch, on the legs and under the arms. Children will also begin to perspire more heavily in these areas. This can be terribly embarrassing for children, especially girls. Shaving will help control body odor also. As the pubic hair grows in the body in puberty changes chemically. This causes perspiration to give off an unpleasant odor.

Tween girls should be taught about shaving legs and arm pits when the hair darkens and coarsens. As girls enter puberty younger than boys, generally, this will begin to occur between the ages of 9- 12, roughly. Pubic hair on the crotch is generally the first to darken, followed by legs and armpits. When you begin to notice that your daughter has longer hair on her legs and under her arms, now is a good time to allow her to shave.

Make sure that she understands that we don’t shave because we are ashamed of our bodies. The human body is the most beautiful of God’s creations. However, it is likely that your daughter will want to shave her legs when the hair gets longer doesn’t matter whether its barttrimmer or a waxing stuff, they just want to get rid of them. Her friends are experiencing the same issues and are beginning to shave also. This is important for girls at this age. Puberty is a huge challenge and most girls feel comfortable following the crowd. That is normal and healthy. If your daughter doesn’t feel a need to shave, don’t make her feel uncomfortable.

If you, as a parent, are of the ‘au naturelle’ persuasion and let the pubic hair grow freely, that’s your choice. Don’t try to force your child or tween into this mold. If she’s uncomfortable about leg and under arm hair, buy her a decent razor and some shave cream and teach her how to shave safely. Provide razors and shave cream for your teen girls. She should not have to purchase their own personal care products, unless she wants a special expensive product. I don’t mind buying a new hygiene product, even if it’s a little faddish. I teach our children about price and product comparisons so that they understand when they are paying just for a name brand. For most girls, 10-11 is a good time to teach them about shaving legs and under arms.

For some reason, we as parents often show pride when our sons begin to shave and concern about our daughters. We give the message that for boys, shaving is a badge of manhood. For girls, shaving is vain or immodest. That’s just another of the unhealthy messages we need to stop promoting to our children. Shaving is just a part of life, for boys and girls. Puberty is difficult enough without having to cope with added embarrassments. Allowing your daughter to shave her legs and under arms and teaching her to do so safely will help build her confidence. Confident children are healthier, happier children.