What Is Web Hosting And What Does The Future Hold For It?

What Is Web Hosting And What Does The Future Hold For It?

Web hosting is a service provided to individuals or organizations to run their own website on the internet. There web hosting services are provided by special web hosting service providers that store the website data by the means of the internet on their special computers which are called servers, and when users try to access the websites all the data of the websites are delivered by the means of these servers.

Types of web hosting

Web hosting can be of different types such as website builders, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and collocated hosting, which are defined below:

  • A website builder is a type of service provided to the people who need to make a website for themselves but lack the technical knowledge to do so. Website builder service provides a special browser interface by which they can easily make their website and also additionally host them for you.
  • Dedicated hosting services are used when an entire dedicated server is required by someone, this allows faster website experience and a higher level of security. This is only needed when a website has a large reach.
  • Shared hosting is when one or more website owners share a single server. This is done as it is cheaper as compared to dedicated hosting and includes sharing of server as well as software within the server amongst the owners
  • Collocated hosting service is a type of service where a website owner purchases the servers for himself privately for getting a full command over the website and its hosting.

The Future of web hosting

Recently the demand for web hosting has increased rapidly. Emergence of cloud hosting has introduced the storage of large amounts of data on the internet along with the flexibility as web hosting has evolved so much since the invention of the internet, the future holds much brighter possibilities for web hosting. The cloud hosting might become more advanced and reach its full potential.