What Is The Procedure To Make The Pellets?

What Is The Procedure To Make The Pellets?

These days’ pellets are used by people on an enormous scale. Pellets are made using the lumber by-products like sawdust, wood chips, and leftovers of the furniture. Making the pellets involve a quite simple process that is performed by the pelleti hind about which we will discuss in this article:

  • Crushing

This is the first step that a person has to go through while forming the pellet. After that, these are the steps in which a big piece is just cut down into small particle size pellets using a piece of specialized equipment.

In this step, the complete material will go through the grinding process, where it will be cracked into smaller pieces with a diameter of about 5 mm.

  • Drying

If we talk about the raw material, then it contains around 40-45% of the moisture; in this step, the dryer is used on to the raw material with the help of which the moisturizer level of the raw material reduces to around 8 to 12%. The reduction of moisturizing is a must in the case of the pallets for their proper functioning.

  • Initial sieving

This is another most essential step in the formation of the best quality of pellets. In this step, basically, the contaminants like the stones and the metal particles are separated from the wood material so that mechanical failure of the mills does not take place.

  • Grinding

Once the drying and the sieving are done on the wood pellets, then the next step is to go the grinding of the wood chips so that the pellets can be formed for usage.

  • Pelletizing

This is the steps in which the pressing is done as a result of which heat is produced; the pressure that will be exerted with the help of the machines will help in making the pellets.

  • Cooling

This is the last and the final step; after the processing is done, the wood pellets are left for the procedure of cooling, and then they are just demoulded. Now the pellets are ready for usage.