What Do Condolences Flowers Represent?

What Do Condolences Flowers Represent?

The word ‘condolence’ means “to give sympathy to, pity for.” Friends and family typically give condolences. They’re often given after the death of a loved one who has passed on. The most common gesture is bringing flowers to the funeral home or place of burial, which is what the flower symbolizes. Flowers are also brought as gifts for sympathy or to show thanks after someone has helped you with something.

When you receive flowers, it’s essential to know what they mean. You should either get a card explaining the meaning behind the flowers or call the florist to get more information. That way, you can know who sent them and why. If it’s a sympathy flower, you’ll need to know what type of funeral or burial service will be taking place so that you can ultimately pay your respects. For more details, you can consider this website to help you know more about your query.

What’s a Sympathy Flower?

Sympathy flowers are often mixed bouquets with signifying sorrow. In other cases, these flowers represent gratitude for a good deed or as a sign of thanks, especially after someone does you a favor. The sympathy flower is a slightly different variety, which is usually presented as an arrangement where one single flower represents the deceased. The arrangement symbolizes how much you care about the person or that you miss them.

What’s a Goodwill Flower?

A goodwill flower is used to show respect and appreciation of someone who has shown true integrity and given you a gift of service or saved your life. A goodwill flower will typically be an arrangement where two flowers represent the original donor and the recipient. The gesture is more of a show of gratitude for doing something noble than it is about sympathy during the time of grief. Usually, these flowers are light colors such as yellow or white, but can also be dark colors such as red or violet.


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