What Are The Benefits Of Altitude Training Associated With Tennis Players?

What Are The Benefits Of Altitude Training Associated With Tennis Players?

Altitude training is something that is very popular among athletes, sports-persons, and coaches as it has proved to offer amazing results in a very short span of training time. The best results of this training are achieved only when the training schedule is regular and intense and is practice in intervals. And like any other sports professional adopt this training regime, tennis players have also started to follow this schedule and have seen significant growth in their performance over the years.

Two of the major results of any altitude training plan that tennis players achieve can be discussed as such.

Improvement in overall body endurance

One of the main focuses of any altitude training is to improve the physiological conditioning of the body. Hence, improving the over the endurance of the system, and to keep the fatigue away as much as possible.

This can be accomplished because training in a state where the oxygen levels are low is helpful in producing an increase in the percentage of RBCs in the blood. And the ultimate result of this is an increase in the body’s capacity for maximum oxygen consumption. This serves as an improvement in the anaerobic endurance level.

Improvement in the mental and socio-affective attributes

The benefits of any high altitude training are not only focused on the physical attributes in a system, but also various mental, emotional and socio-affective attributes.

The main design of the training is centered around practicing in conditions that trigger fatigue more effectively. This helps the body of the player to adapt to such conditions mentally as well, and thus taking appropriate time for the body to settle with the conditions are highly important.

In addition to this, training in an unsuitable condition responsible by the ever-changing weather and climate helps to develop the socio-affective environmental skills in order to quickly adapt to any conditions. This improvement also results in strengthening the bonds with the people around which is important in a game like a tennis.