Ways To Cool Off Your Home In The Summer

Ways To Cool Off Your Home In The Summer

As summer is rolling back around, the hot weather can make things uncomfortable and a bit too warm. While some have air conditioning units in their home, this method of cooling down your house can get expensive and not everyone can afford to buy a system, let a lone run one all day. Luckily, there are some other easy ways to cool down your home. On แอร์ 9000 btuราคา you can buy and compare different cooling gadgets. You can look at a wide range of portable fans and air coolers. They are more eco-friendly and affordable than air conditioners as well.

Ways to Cool Off Your Home:

The following are simple ways that you can cool off your home without the use of an air-conditioner.


Keeping your blinds closed during the summer days can help to keep the sun and warm air out of the house. Get heavy duty blinds to get the maximum effect and keep them down all day. The best way to do this is to put them down the night before.


Get dark colored curtains to attract the light out of the room instead of in. Heavier curtains work well in most cases because they can entirely block out the sun from entering the room. Be sure that every window is completely closed with curtains since the sun being directed into a room can make it quite hot.


Open up your windows behind the blinds and curtains. This will allow any cool air that is coming from the window to seek through and cool off the air in the room.


Fans do not always work as they are simply pushing around the hot air. The best option for using a fan is to put it as low as you can towards the floor. Having your fan low will allow it to push the hot air upwards and out of your living space.


Before there were air conditioners, people used to put a fan facing a bowl or block of ice. This is a simple way to cool off the house that still works. Placing a bowl of ice cubes in a bowl directly in front of a fan will in fact cool off the room some.


Keep all of the lights off in your home as much as possible. Lighting causes heat and can make it warmer in your home. As an alternative, consider lighting a candle at night if you need light at night.


Since night time is cooler, this is the time that you will open up your curtains and blinds and cool off your home. Open the windows wide and place a fan directly in front of the windows. Leave these on all night and morning long. Before the sun begins to get hot, get up and close all of the blinds and curtains once again. It may be a little chilly in the room when you wake up but it will be worth it to have a cool breeze that lasts most of the day.

Cooling Off Your Home in the Summer

It’s not too hard to cool off your home in the hot summer time. With the methods I mentioned above, you will be able to have a cooler home, without the cost of an expensive air conditioning system.