Waterproof Bedding and Pads for Bedwetters

Waterproof bedding and bed pads come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and of course price ranges. While you may be inclined to think that the most expensive bed pad may be the most reliable, this is not always true. Whether you are shopping for a waterproof mattress pad for your child who is a toddler just learning to use the potty or you are shopping for a grown bedwetter who is still having some accidents at night, the waterproof bedding for your captains bed that you choose plays a big role in the outcome you have each morning, which can be easily purchased from https://5topratedmattresses.com/best-captains-beds/

Vinyl Backed Mattress Pads Vs Cotton Absorbent Bedding

There are two main choices when it comes to waterproof bedding or absorbent bedding for bedwetting children. The first choice which is one that many parents go with is a vinyl backed mattress pad, which will not only protect the mattress, but also the captains bed. There are also a few different choices when it comes to vinyl backed pads from cotton padded to polyester stuffed mattress pads. In addition to the vinyl backed mattress pads, there are also super absorbent cotton mattress pads that work well for bedwetters.

Cotton mattress pads are a great choice for a child who only occasionally has accidents in the bed at night. If your child tends to have accidents on a regular basis, I do not recommend using a cotton pad because they are not as good at repelling the moisture from the mattress itself the way that a vinyl backed polyester or cotton stuffed waterproof mattress pad can.

For a low cost alternative to either of these pads, a vinyl sheet can be placed on the mattress itself and then a cotton pad can be placed on top before placing the sheet on the bed. This method works well for both young and older children who wet the bed. This low cost alternative to the backed sheets or waterproof mattress pads can be placed on a twin size bed for less than $10 and on a king for under $30. They are easy to wash as the vinyl can be thrown right into the washer and then hung to dry. Absorbent cotton mattress pads can be machine washed and machine dried.

The downside to the use of both vinyl sheets and absorbent cotton pads on top is that sometimes the leakage will run past the absorbent cotton pad and down the side of the bed. This makes the mattress pad not as effective as those that include a cotton or polyester sheet backed with a vinyl pad. All of the different types of waterproof mattress pads can be used effectively to prevent leaks and messes in the bed if you have a bedwetting child.

The best type of waterproof mattress pad will be dependent on the bedwetting issues that your child has and the age of your child. For infants and toddlers, I recommend mattress pads that are vinyl backed and cotton stuffed. For older children up to age 6 a vinyl backed mattress pad that is polyester or cotton stuffed is a great choice and will not shift on the bed. For older kids or adults who wet the bed, a vinyl mattress pad that has a cotton backing is a good choice and it’s also a good idea to use an additional absorbent cotton pad on top of the waterproof mattress pad for extra absorbency!