Virtual Assistance Service – What Is The Use?

Virtual Assistance Service – What Is The Use?

Do you put more than 40 hours per week into your ministry or business? If you’re a business owner or busy entrepreneur, I’m sure your answer to that question will be a massive“Yes“. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and under pressure when you’re splitting yourself between the crucial income generating functions and time intensive administrative responsibilities.

Our virtual assistant service will take this load off your shoulders and allow you to build and grow your ministry or business.

– Spend less time working “in” your business, more working “on” it

As your business starts growing, you might find yourself working on more and more non-core business activities which can detract your valuable attention away from core business tasks, i.e. finding customers / clients and making money.

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– Retain your focus on the important tasks

If you had to measure the amount of time it takes for you to; for example, answer all your emails, research your competitors, generate business leads or invoice your clients, how much of your precious time in total would be consumed by all of those tasks? 5 hours per week? 10 hours per week? More?

By outsourcing some of your monotonous and time consuming tasks to a virtual assistant you can retain your focus on what is more important to you

– Cost-effective solution to your staffing needs

The greatest benefit of using our virtual assistant service for your staffing needs are the huge staffing savings you make. With a virtual assistant you don’t have to worry about paying for idle time, sick days, holidays or statutory leave. Add to that employee taxes, deductions, book-keeping and the cost of equipment and soon you’ll see just how much you can save. Many service users are saving a whopping 80% in finances and leveraging 80% time.

Hiring a virtual assistant is really the most simplest and quickest way to reduce your staffing costs in the current economic climate without any strings attached!

As independent business owners themselves, virtual assistants are fully aware and appreciative of the challenges that running a ministry or business presents. One of the added characteristics you can expect from hiring a virtual assistant is their commerciality and business acumen.

Virtual assistants also know that time is money and that in today’s economic climate businesses can not afford to be distracted by administrative tasks when your concentration should be fully focused on assisting and supporting your important clients. Don’t let a shortage of skilled staff be one of the challenges you face in your business. A virtual assistant is someone with whom you share a common goal of the success of your business.

Are you ready to take on a virtual assistant?

I offer a professional virtual assistance & remote virtual business support service tailored specifically to you or your companies needs.

For one off jobs please call

Because all the projects I take on for my clients require varied levels of assistance and support, please get in touch with me so that I can promptly let you know if I can be of assistance.