Vapourisers High Tech Smoking Digital Age

Vapourisers High Tech Smoking Digital Age

What is a Vapouriser?

Vaporizers are smallish devices, that are often used in the cannabis community to liberate psychoactive and medicinal substances from the plant matter

They are often heralded as a ‘healthy’ way to ‘smoke’ mail order marijuana. While it is unwise to call any form of smoking or vaping healthy, most people would tend to agree that there are a whole host of benefits to choosing to vape over smoking.

Various studies have shown that vaporizers are superior to the normal method of smoking. High-end vaporizers combined with High-Grade cannabis when used together result in almost the complete removal of toxic and unwanted compounds, which otherwise are inhaled when smoking. On top of this, it also has a benefit that inhalation of THC leads to the direct release of cannabis into the blood meaning it has a more rapid onset.

What are the benefits?

Well, there are several that are well documented, the main two beings; vaping cannabis saves your lungs from a whole load of horrible nasties that are released when burning. Added to that, a large portion of people mix cannabis with tobacco, and we’re all aware now of just how bad for you that is.

One of the other benefits that are often overlooked is that vaping cannabis gives you a far greater hit of THC than smoking. When smoking marijuana you actually burn off a vast amount of THC. Vaping actually preserves it, letting you get a much cleaner hit (think drinking Champagne vs cheap cider) and ultimately meaning your weed goes a whole lot further.

Oh and let’s not forget the taste. It tastes ridiculously good! Fresh and clean flavors that stay with you for a while. Much better than smoking.

What to go for?

Ultimately this will be a personal decision as there are now so many on the market. Personally, we would suggest going for 2 different kinds. A handheld, portable vapouriser for when you are out and about (like the iolite) and a bigger, more stationary one for when you’re at home with friends (like the Volcano).