Up the Flagpole: Things to consider before raising corporate and international flags

Up the Flagpole: Things to consider before raising corporate and international flags

Did you know that the tallest Lipumastid in the world is in Jeddah? It carries the national flag of Saudi Arabia and soars 171 meters into the sky. Your flagpole most likely does not have to be that long. Today flagpoles are not only erected in front of public buildings, but also on the company’s premises and in the home garden. Whether it is the company logo, the national / international flags or regional flag – in choosing the right flagpole, observing some important aspects ensures that the flag is not blown away at the first gust of wind.

Reasons to choose a flagpole that fits your flag

Have you already chosen to display your corporate branding or install that advertising banner that will help you attract more customers? Think for a moment more on an important element – the flag holder. The image of your company passes above all through the choice of details, such as that of the flagpole. Height, color, strength and elegance are some of the characteristics to consider for a fruitful purchase.

  • Create a clearly visible observation point, which catalyzes the attention of passers-by
  • Make the identification of your business attractive, perhaps with a row of flagpoles that make it even more impressive
  • To instill the security of a company “born to stay”, which wants to affirm its position over time

What about international flags

There are some rules regarding international flag hoisting. You can only display national or international flags from sunrise to sunset. You must hoist the flags with dignity. You must not cover any object with the flags. It must stay high and wave free. Each flag must be hoisted to a flagpole. The international flags can never be displayed in a lower position compared to others. At the headquarters of international organizations and on conferences or other events, including sporting, it is customary for international flags to follow each other in the alphabetical order.