Unique Outdoor Lighting Fixtures- creative and innovative ideas to be applied

Unique Outdoor Lighting Fixtures- creative and innovative ideas to be applied

Outdoor lighting is a wonderful addition to any home. Lighting the outdoors on your property can add to the safety, security, and property value of your home. Outdoor lighting comes in several major types. Outdoor Wall Lights are used mainly to light entrances and porch or landing areas. Generally this type of light mounts to the side of your house, and depending on the type of fixture that you select can add a certain feel or look to the house. For example you can install a Grecian style fixture to lend a classic look to your entrance-way.

Outdoor hanging lights help to add character and ambiance to your porch or other outside room area. Generally these lights are the type, which will hang from a chain. Several different types are commercially available, including fluorescent.

Outdoor post lighting is the traditional end of walkway, or driveway light which usually consists of a lantern on a pole. While this type of light does have a lot of extra work to install (pouring a foundation of concrete to anchor the lamp), there are some new fixtures that are coming onto the market which are solar powered. These fixtures not only save energy but also save the labor of having to run the electric line out to the light, and the associated trenching which would be necessary to bury the line.

Outdoor ceiling lights serve the same purpose as outdoor hanging lamps, but flush mount to the ceiling of your porch or outside room. The chief advantage to this type of light fixture is if you live in an area with a lot of severe weather you don’t have to worry about the wind possibly swinging the fixture around and damaging it, as you do with a hanging light. The lights should provide proper lighting over the round outdoor daybeds. The owner can work after sitting on the daybeds with relaxation and comfort.

Outdoor lamps are ideal if you have a screen porch or other outdoor room area. The chief advantage of these types of lighting fixtures is that for the most part they look like regular household table lamps, but they are underwriters laboratory (UL) listed for use in wet locations.

Lastly there is Landscape Lighting, which is what almost instantly comes to mind whenever anyone thinks of outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting comes in several different varieties. The first type is High Voltage lighting. With a high voltage landscape lighting system, regular house current it supplied to the lighting fixture. This usually requires the services of a licensed electrician to install the unit. The next type of landscape lighting is low voltage. These types of lights still require a wire back to a central transformer in your home which plugs into a normal outlet, but since the voltages are less it is safer and easier for a homeowner to install, and is more of a do it yourself project. Lastly the newest entrant into the landscaping light market is solar. Solar landscape lights are easy to install, since you can put them almost anywhere and they don’t require any wiring. Solar lights also usually feature an automatic on and off feature so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn them on or off. Lastly solar lighting can save on your utility bills since the power is, in essence, free.

No matter what type of outdoor lighting fixture you choose to install just remember these simple tips.

Always have a plan for what you are doing, and try to think through the process before proceeding.

When it comes to landscape lighting, less is often more. Don’t over do the lighting with too many lights. You can always add more later.

If you chose to install any high voltage lighting, make sure you engage the services of a licensed electrician, since improper electrical installation can cause personal injury, and even possibly damage your home.

No matter what, have fun and be creative.