Understanding All About Botox Before And After

Understanding All About Botox Before And After

As you begin to think about how your skin can be made better, you may think about using botox. It has quickly become the revolutionary innovator for those who want to look younger. It is a game changer in Hollywood and for some people, the only way to go. There are many plastic surgeons around the world who say that if the botox procedure is done by a board certified licensed physician and in the right setting, that it is safe and harmless to the person wanting the procedure.

So what does Botox actually do? What are the after affects of using Botox? What are the things you need to know about the procedure? What do you need to tell your doctor? And last but never least, how much does Botox cost? Keep in mind that anything that is injectable within the skin, can be a danger and have serious side effects.

You may be an actress heading for the big night on the red carpet or a high executive within her company wanting to look better for a high profile presentation or a media relations person who is going after a big deal or an everyday housewife who wants to look good for her husband. Whatever the reason, many women seem to feel that Botox is the answer. Women who want to treat wrinkles, crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines all line up for Botox treatment. And many say, that Botox does not only treat the wrinkles, but gets rid of the wrinkles all together. All seemingly a great reason to go for treatment.

What Does Botox Do?

Botox is a neurotoxin that actually relaxes the muscles underneath the skin which initially caused the wrinkles. It is injected directly into the skin to treat facial features like brows, frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, crows feet under the eyes, and the corner of your mouth. Keep in mind that only a board certified physician should be injecting you at any given time. Also, understanding and doing research about your Botox procedure would also be a great idea.

You need to understand that is going to be done, particularly since the area where the procedure will be done is your face. The physician must be either a dermatologist or plastic surgeon certified in these areas(AAD, ABMS,ASAPS,ASPS). Keep in mind that if the person is not certified, that you could not only have a bad experience with your procedure, but you could be endangering your life. There have been instances where people have lost their lives, because they did not take proper precautions and went to someone less qualified, to perform the Botox procedure.

What Are The After Affects of using Botox?

There are many after affects of using Botox, some positive and some negative. Botox can remove droppy eye lids, decrease frown lines and forehead lines, eliminate or decrease crows feet under the eyes by pulling the loose skin tighter, and tighten the looseness around the mouth area to make your lips seem fuller. These are the positive outcomes from using Botox. But what are the negative outcomes? The skin may be too tight causing you to look unnatural and making it difficult to move your skin. The skin has an appearance of being too tight around the areas where the Botox has been injected. And if you go back to a doctor too early for another injection, there may too much Botox within your system, making it more invasive and dangerous, for the procedure to be done. Too much Botox within the system within a short amount of time, can lead to coma and even death.

What You Should Know Before the Botox Procedure?

The most important thing to do is to research the process of the procedure. Once you have chosen a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to perform the procedure, make sure and ask questions. Make sure that the doctor is qualified and experienced within the procedure you want done. Also, make sure and tell your doctor if this is your first time using Botox or if you have had other procedures done. Also let, him know when was your last procedure.

I always lookout for a Botox near me because even though Iā€™m not opting for surgery right now, I do look up for future references and most of my friends are big movie buffs that prompt them to give themselves an image makeover similar to their film counterparts to look like them but as mentioned above, you need to conduct extensive research on the procedure so as to make sure that you are really into going under the knife.

All of the information you can give your doctor before performing the Botox procedure will be beneficial in helping him understand if you are ready to receive Botox or if you should wait until another time. It will also give your doctor a chance to answer any questions that you might have which make you feel uncomfortable about the procedure. Keep in mind that chemicals are being injected into your facial area and thus may be ultimately affecting your entire body system. Another great question is how long does the Botox last within your system? Giving your physician a chance to have a question and answer period will alleviate concerns and issues, allowing you to be calm during the procedure.

However, on the negative side, keeping quiet about your most recent Botox procedure could spell disaster. When your doctor is not made aware of the last Botox procedure and how recent it was, or how many units were administered, he may inject too much Botox into your system. Eyelids become droopy and other harmful side effects may take place. Going into a coma or even death are not out of the picture for a Botox procedure gone bad. Remember that your safety is always first above any insecurities that you have about your looks. Giving the doctor as much information to work with, is always a great idea and helps to make the procedure more successful. Remember that Botox is a neurotoxin which can dramatically change the look and planes within your face. Make sure and stay up after the procedures at least two to four hours so that the Botox stays within your facial area and does not travel to other parts of your body. Also, the promise of comtamination is always a possibility.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

Botox is bought in vials and averages between nine dollars and twenty dollars per vial. There are brands which sell 50, 100 and 200 units. The average number of units to treat crows feet is 2 to 10 units, to treat forehead lines is 20 units. However, the costs will vary from state to state. Obviously states like New York and California, where Botox is used for actresses who are seen by millions of people around the world, the cost would be astronimical. Average pricing for a procedure can run between five hundred dollars and fifteen hundred dollars. The price varies according to state, frequentcy of use and amount used per procedure done. Also, make sure that you are not being taken advantage of during your consultation. There are some doctors, who will charge astronomical pricing for the consultation and then never perform the procedure.

The Botox Procedure

In general the more information you can obtain about the Botox procedure, the more it will help you as the patient. Always remember to get the procedure done by a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Help the doctor to understand if you are a first time Botox procedure or if you have had the procedure done a number of times before. Also, make sure that he understands the amounts that you have had injected into your facial area and when the most recent injection would have been. Before Botox can mean droopy eyelids, loose skin around the eyes and mouth area and around the cheeks. After Botox, if done properly, can leave you with tighter skin, that looks natural looking, helping you look and feel younger.

Understanding everything that you can about the Botox procedure both before and after can lead to a rewarding experience that will have your friends and family talking about how great you look. Keep in mind, however, that there are many people who just do not appreciate the Botox injections and may find the fact that you want to have the procedure done, offensive and a waste of time.