Top ways to farm soul ash in World of War Craft game

Top ways to farm soul ash in World of War Craft game

The currency, which we see in the game, is called Soul Ash. Due to the weekly resets, it is difficult to “farm” Soul Ash in World of War craft. Players can only harvest Soul Ash once per week. Here are five ways to do it.

Complete Wings in Torghast until Layer 8

Players can only complete layer 1 of each wing when they first start in Torghast. Each wing will be unlocked once the player has completed layer 1. The overall Soul Ash reward goes up the higher the layers are. The individual rewards for each layer go lower as layers increase.

Complete Layer 8 of Both Wings Each Week

The maximum level of Torghast remains unlocked. Players do not need to complete Torghast every week. Instead, players can jump in and complete the level 8 layers for each wing before jumping out. They do not lose any rewards for not finishing earlier layers. Each layer’s reward adds up to one large Soul Ash drop per wing. Check your Wow player statistics metaedge from time to time.

Send Companions on Adventures in the Maw

Each Covenant can unlock the Command Table. It performs the same function as in previous expansions. The player can acquire companions to send on custom Adventures. These take real-life time. A random adventure in The Maw may appear on the command board. This always gives you some Soul Ash.

Rescue Baines to Begin Searching for Jaina Thrall

The first quest line for Torghast is to help Bolvar Fordragon find Baine Bloodhood, Jaina Pridemoore and the former Horde War chief Thrall out of The Jailer. Baine’s quest does not give any Soul Ash, but the next questline to Jaina or Thrall does.

Complete the Questline to Locate Anduin in Torghast

The questline “Signs of the Lion” allows the player Soul Ash for completing the Twisting Corridors. Players should expect to spend considerable time in the Tower of the Damned because the Twisting Corridors have 18 levels. The quest does not give 50 Soul Ash.