Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Every bride wants a wedding that everyone will remember. They want that fairy tale wedding. Everything must look and be beautiful. The problem is that not every bride feels she can afford the extremely high expense of such said wedding. But in actuality every bride can have that fairy tale wedding. You will just have to plan and accommodate for a wedding on a budget. Budget does not mean that you cannot have the wedding of your dreams. It just means that you and some friends and family will just have to do some of the work. Here are some suggestions for how to have that fairy tale wedding without the not so fairy tale expense.

For the Ceremony:

Arriving in a Limo:

You don’t have to arrive in a limo. Instead go with renting a sports car or any other car that a rental company has that you like it would be great to have lancaster wedding dj for your special occasion which will going to remembered for lifetime. Limos are rented by the hour where as car rentals can be done for the whole day. This can save you a lot of money and you won’t feel pressed for time by being charged by the hour.

Florist to decorate the church and make bouquets:

Instead of going with a florist to decorate the church, have family members go to the church early and decorate for you. When making the bouquets use silk flowers and you and your wedding party make your own bouquets instead of using a florist. The night before the wedding get together with you maid of honor and brides maids. Spend the night having fun making the bouquets together. This can cuts cost down a lot.

For the Reception:

A florist or decorator to decorate the reception hall:

Once again this is an expense you will not need. Hiring a florist or decorator to come in and decorate the reception hall can get real pricey. So just like with the church have family and friends go and decorate the reception hall in advance. All your decorating needs can be picked up at any party supply store, Wal-mart ECT.


Ok here we go with something that may not be very fancy but will work just as good as a catering your food. Go buffet style with the food. Have your guest bring a dish to serve at the reception. Make sure to keep track of who is bringing what and tell each guest what you will still need for the reception dinner.

The Toast:

You don’t need wine or champagne for the toast. A price saving alternative would be to use sparkling grape juice or sparkling cider. This will also allow children to take part in the toast while drinking what the adults are drinking.

The DJ:

Instead of hiring a DJ, bring in a stereo system that is loud enough. So that everyone can enjoy and dance to the music. Let your guest bring in their favorite music Cds. Have the cds placed on a table next to the stereo system and let everyone take turns playing DJ.

No one is going to remember months from now what they ate. Or who the Dj was. They will remember how much fun they had. Not to mention they are there to cheer on your love and lifelong commitment to that love. You will be surprised at how many people that are invited to a wedding would just love the chance jump in and have a part in helping with it.