Tips for Building a Fan Base on Twitter

It is not as easy as it may sound to create a following on Twitter. I thought it would be easy. You know, just follow a whole bunch of people and they will follow you back and they will see your tweets, right?

No, this isn’t the case at all.

To be successful at social networking on Twitter, you must learn to use it. I have had quite a few people ask me about how to use Twitter and it always baffles me because I am more of a Facebook user. There are a lot of things about Twitter that I don’t know or I’m just too lazy to do.

In any case, I’ll comply with the requests and let you know what I know. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned about building a fan base on Twitter.

Be active and consistent: More people will notice you if you are active and consistent. Yeah, sometimes it may be hard to think of anything to post that seems important enough. Good things to post are informational articles about what your interests are, links to news articles, and quotes. People really like seeing those things.

Say thank you: If someone mentions you in a tweet, it’s common courtesy just to say thank you. You would be surprised how much a simple thank you will stick in someone’s mind.

Learn to use hashtags: Hashtags are a huge part of Twitter. You know the # symbol that you see before a lot of the words, those are hashtags. Using the hashtags will categorize the tweet for you. Like, if you have a tweet about a certain movie and you hashtag the name of that movie it will show up in searches, not just for your followers.

This will expand your audience.

Re-tweet other people’s tweets. Most people will notice if their tweets are being re-tweeted so if you re-tweet for them, then they are more apt to do a re-tweet for you in the future. This will expand your tweets to their followers as well and in the long run, get you more followers.

The best advice I can give about using Twitter is the first tip about being active and consistent. People want to socialize on a social network, they don’t want to just watch all the links going by for them to click on. They want interaction! So, I suppose that having fun would be a good tip too.

I know a lot of articles out there have bigger and better tips for you and many already knew of the tips written here. But, there are some people who are new to Twitter or just can’t figure it out. So, I hope this helped! Well, you can do the same thing on Instagram with the help of hashtags and Instagram DM. With the help of these easy tips, you can improve your social media platforms.