Three Yoga Poses to Tone and Strengthen Muscles

Three Yoga Poses to Tone and Strengthen Muscles

If you want a toned, buff body for the upcoming swimsuit season you need to hit strength training section in the gym, possibly getting a personal trainer right? Not necessarily so. Yoga burn booty challenge program has long been practiced in Eastern countries to develop physical strength by lifting the body’s own weight. Having been a student of yoga, I know how certain poses can tone the muscles especially of the arms, legs, stomach, and lower back.

Plank –

A friend of mine told me about a new ab exercise her personal trainer had introduced to her workout routine. She was told to start out on the floor on her hands and knees then come up onto her toes and maintain a straight back, not to sag, and hold the pose as long as possible. Having practiced yoga for some time it was apparent to me that what she describing was Plank pose now popular for tightening the abdominal muscles as well as developing wrist and arm strength. The key to this pose is to hold the stomach firm in order to keep the back straight. An added benefit from this pose is tighter glutes and jawline as you must keep the chin lifted to form a straight line.

Cobra –

A great, simple exercise to strengthen the lower back and tone the abs and arms as well. Begin by lying face down on your mat with your hands under your shoulders. Slowly bring your upper body up as far as you comfortably can by straightening your arms, arching your back and lifting the chin. Slowly lower yourself back down and repeat one or two times.

Warrior II –

To developing leg strength there’s nothing better than the Warrior II pose. Begin in Mountain pose standing tall with your feet together and arms at your sides. Take a deep breath, bringing your hands into prayer position and step out with the foot raising your arms to the shoulder height palms down as you exhale. Turning your left foot in slightly at an angle and the right foot out at a ninety-degree angle. Sink into the pose by moving your right knee over your right foot and bringing the thigh parallel to the floor if possible. Keep your body long, arms pressing away from each other and anchor the pose by straightening the left leg and pressing the left heel into the floor. Hold the pose a minimum of thirty-seconds and repeat on the left leg. Different materials will be made available at the stores to get the effective results. The discovering of the information will be Continued to get the right results. The posture and positions of the exercises should be great at the site.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the weight room try these poses to get your body used to the idea of being stretched and strengthened. Increase the reps and the hold time for each pose and explore more difficult poses as you gain strength and flexibility.