Things Required And Steps To Make Soy Candle!

Things Required And Steps To Make Soy Candle!

A home is a place where we feel most alive and make memories every day. Decorating a home is a great feeling as it makes a home look beautiful and gives personal satisfaction. Some people feel comfortable in lighting their homes with a warm glow of candles. If buying expensive jar candles is not an option for you, you can make an assortment of soy wax candles at home. Soy candle making is an inexpensive project that you can make with your preference and creativity. You can make the best soy candles at home and can make your home glow.

Things required making soy candles:

  • Candle containers
  • Soy wax flakes, pre-waxed, pre-tabbed wicks
  • Superglue
  • Melting pot, large glass heat-proof bowl or heat-proof pitcher
  • Scale, mixing spoon
  • Candy thermometer
  • Paper towels

Process of making soy candles:

You can use drinking glasses, mason jars, tins, or the containers to get creative with your candle containers. You can also make use of an old candle container by placing it in water until the wax is melted. Clear it with a paper towel and remove the wick. Determine the amount of wax that is required by knowing the volume of containers.

Choose the best size of the wick to use, and this depends on various factors like wax brand, container size, and amount of fragrance used. Start by weighing and melting the wax by putting it in a melting bowl or pot. Fill a large pot with a let it simmer on the stove. Keep stirring it continuously. Allow the wax to cool down before adding the fragrance or pouring the candles.

Prepare the candle containers and make sure the container is clean and dry. Stabilize the wick by keeping it straight and pour the wax. Attach the tape on both sides, pour the candles and let it cool down and it is read