The Sport Of Cricket – A Look-Alike Religion That Binds Every Indian

The Sport Of Cricket – A Look-Alike Religion That Binds Every Indian

Cricket is one of the most popular game all around the world. It is a new emerging religion amongst people, especially Indians. With a simple structure and set of rules, they are the second most-watched sports across the world. With the cpl 2020 schedule time table out to people, they would soon prepare to ensure the best of all experience while watching their favorite sport. 

Why has cricket become so widespread in India?

Cricket has not just become famous as a sport, preferably it connects people on all ground. The main reason for cricket being widespread are the following:

  • It is a connecting and silly sport that comes in various forms. Apart from being played on the ground, every person plays it at least once as gully cricket. It, therefore, makes cricket a soul-connecting sport. 
  • With a remarkable achievement in the world of cricket, Indians stand to outshine as winners. Making the players as the role models, they help to induce dreams in different minds for cricket as a career. 
  • Unlike other sports, cricketers do not need specific physical quotient. This makes them more relatable to people. 
  • With an organized body governing the game, they are open to almost every trend and provide an enchanting way to keep people together. 
  • With IPL introduced to people, things have become more exciting and have made people look beyond nations. It has helped them to look cricket as a game of talent, and integration, creating harmony and solidarity over minds.

Apart from providing for every moment of recreation, it has created a new ripple. It provides for a thread with pearls and gems of love, care, equality, and brotherhood that binds people all across the globe. Neglecting the differences of thoughts, creed, culture, faith, color, and more, they provide for an equal ground for people to bind in sporty religion.