The Significance Of Legalizing Marijuana In 2019

The Significance Of Legalizing Marijuana In 2019

Marijuana which is also known as cannabis is a type of drug which is acquired from a cannabis plant.Cannabis has many mental and physical effects and offers smokers a stoned feeling, including general change in the bloodpressure, heightened mood and numerous other effects as well. It only starts its effect when it is heated or cooked for about 20-30 minutes and eaten. The after-effects of this drug are known to last for about two to six hours; the duration of the drug depends on the amount consumed by an individual.

Short term &Long term Effects of Marijuana

The short term side effects of the marijuana drug may include a loss of short term memory for sometime, it can dry a person’s mouth, impair the motor skills, and it can cause red eyes and anxiety. However,the long term side effects may include addiction, the major issue is that it can cause a decrease in the mental ability of people especially the teenagers who start using it regularly along with causing behavioral problems in those children whose mothers used cannabis or marijuana during pregnancy. The treatment of these types of patients is done in many dispensaries such as the bremerton cannabis dispensary is famous for the treatment of these kinds of patients.

Legalize marijuana in 2019

As it is known that the use of marijuana or cannabis is not legal in the world up till now. However to legalize this drug many countries have raised their opinions and also a poll has been done for the legalizing process of marijuana in which it was known that 66% Americans voted for making a marijuana legal whereas 90% support was for medical marijuana, the lawmakers are receiving tons of messages regarding constituents wanting them to consider sensible and humane marijuana policies.