The Best Online Weight-Loss Support Groups

The Best Online Weight-Loss Support Groups

When people embark on a weight-loss program, they often need the support of friends and family. Studies show that individuals who have a support network stick to a program and have long-term success. However, from personal experience, I know that sometimes support groups are hard to get and keep. Sometimes, those who are supposed to support you start strong in the beginning but eventually begin making excuses and fade away. It’s not a good as an actual person, but online weight-loss support groups can help keep an individual on track.


SparkPeople has something for everybody. The best aspect of this online support group is that it is free to join. Individuals can get as much or as little support that they want. The site has a place to record daily workouts and food intake. Individuals can also join specific groups, like ones for mothers or groups of individuals in your area. If a person likes certain workout programs, there are groups for them as well. Individuals can sign contracts with themselves and set specific goals for the week, month or year. They can even decide if they want to receive motivating e-mails. There are so many features to this online weight-loss support group that a person could become overwhelmed. To check it out, visit their official site at This website will also give you some tips on how to find the best weight loss clinic that will guide and support you in losing weight.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for a long time and is one of the most respected weight-loss support groups out there. While many members join their traditional program at a physical facility, others have the option of taking advantage of their online support. Online users can set up their ideal plan, keep an online journal and record their progress without having to weigh in with people watching. They, too, have online communities. Unlike SparkPeople, there are fees and the price depends on what the dieter wants. In order to get pricing information and other details, visit their website at

Jenny Craig

Like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig has been around for a long time and has the reputation for helping people maintain permanent weight loss. Jenny Craig members, too, have the option of joining a traditional program or joining their online weight-loss support group. Their online support system is called Jenny Direct. In addition to online support, members can have Jenny Craig’s food delivered to their door. This is good for people who don’t have time to cook. Like the groups mentioned above, dieters can track their progress online. Of course, it is a little bit pricier because of the food. To find out about the different options, interested individuals can visit their website at


eDiets is a unique online support group because it doesn’t follow one specific weight-loss program. Members actually get to choose what kind of program they want to follow based on a number of questions. eDiets has all the popular diets out right now, so member have a variety of diets from which to choose. They even offer meal delivery services. Interested people can start by completing a free profile and finding the program that fits their needs before committing to a support group and program. They have community support groups as well. All of the instructions are laid out on their website at

The 50 Million Pound Challenge

The 50 Million Pound Challenge is unique because it is specifically directed toward the African-American community. Dr. Ian Smith started this program to encourage African Americans to take charge of their health because they suffer from more debilitating ailments related to health. Individuals can join for free by completing an online profile and they can pick up a free kit at a local State Farm agent. Members can start their own teams with family and friends or join an existing team. They can also use the online journal to track progress and document their diet and exercise. Online teams can even challenge one another. More information can be obtained by visiting their website at

The Biggest Loser Club

This online weight-loss support group is based on the popular NBC reality show. Interested individuals can complete free online profiles. Like many other online support groups, people can decide how much or how little they want to participate. Individuals can receive e-mails with tips and updates. A unique feature of The Biggest Loser Club is that at-home members can talk to former or current contestants from the show and find out how they managed to keep the weight off after the cameras turned off. For more information, visit their website at

Once individuals make the decision to lose weight, it is often hard to go it alone. Everyone needs some kind of support to make their efforts successful. Sometimes, this support cannot be obtained from those around you. Now, thanks to the Internet, online weight-loss support groups are available to people who can’t get the support they need.