The Best Choices in Eco-friendly Water Bottles and Jugs

The Best Choices in Eco-friendly Water Bottles and Jugs

One of the main concerns of any person is the quality of the water that enters his or her body. This is probably the most justified concern anyone can have, because without water we would die. At the same time, water is the main carrier for many bacteria and viruses that can lead to diseases, because of the high degree of pollution that takes place around the world.

In this direction there have been many developments that purify the water we drink. Filters are the best known product of this sort that is available on the market today. They can be found in most homes today, to cleanse the water there, but what if you were to go out on a trip or store some water or other beverages for various other purposes?

The most popular storage object used today is the bottle. Bottles are used to store every liquid, be it water, juice, alcohol or who knows what else. Since the surrounding environment has become a great problem for us, some manufacturers have developed eco-friendly water bottles.

Aquasana is a leader on the water filtration market. This company has won numerous awards for their activities in this direction and it is now rated number one in America. Apart from their filtration options, this company is now offering a choice for eco-friendly water bottles, a new development that will surely keep your water stored in the refrigerator without the worry of unwanted microorganisms.

It is one of the best brands that you can find in current times and in the same league of Nalgene Water Bottles as both brands are pretty similar in nature with shape, duration, durability and many other factors, which is why Aquasana is the virtual leader.

Switzerland is well known for the high quality of the products they deliver. SIGG, a Swiss company, has combined their craftsmanship and quality with contemporary and innovative style to bring us a wide selection of eco-friendly water bottles.

Klean Kanteen is a company that has made an impression on the market of eco-friendly water bottles, targeting more active users. There is a wide selection of these types of bottles that can be used by bikers or hikers alike, manufactured from stainless steel with a surface that keeps the unwanted microorganisms out.

Other storage options for home use are the eco-friendly water jugs. While bottles are good for transportation of the liquids inside them, jugs are designed to be kept in a refrigerator, with little worry of spilling or of any unwanted presence.

A renowned company that produces eco-friendly water jugs is Frigoverre. This company produces lots of sturdy designs that flirt with the new and innovative styles of today. You are bound to find the model that suits you best in their collection, no matter how pretentious you are.

Even though you might think that a bottle can store liquids better than a jug, do not be fooled. Eco-friendly water jugs from Frigoverre will keep any odor or bacteria out due to the tight fitting lids. And if you are worried about the washing process, they are dish-washer safe.

If you do not know where to find eco-friendly water jugs from Frigoverre, the best place to start would be the Internet. Instead of starting an endless search that can provide great prices on their products, you should take the time to visit the website