Take The Click Per The Second Test And Checkout Your Clicking Speed.

Take The Click Per The Second Test And Checkout Your Clicking Speed.

If you are a person who uses the computer a lot, you will also be clicking on the mouse a lot. If you want to know how fast your fingers move on the mouse, there is an easy way of finding out. Click per the second test has been on the net for a very long time. The cpstester.com will tell you how fast you can click by giving you a simple test.

Is Click per second a game?

You can treat it as a game though there are no prizes or rewards, just the result. The site will uniquely give your results. Your speed is depicted by four beautiful animals: a slug, a cow, a rabbit, and a fox. These cute and adorable animals will tell you how fast you are.

How does click per second work?

  • visit the website cpstester.com using any device: mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet
  • Click on the timer you want or play with the auto-timer, which is set on 5 seconds. This depends on the challenge you want to face
  • You can choose from 1 second to 100 seconds
  • Start clicking on the space that has been provided for this
  • Click with the maximum speed till the timer stops
  • Four cute animals will tell you about your speed and rank you accordingly

How is the rank calculated?

Your rank depends on your clicking speed:

  • If you have a speed per second of less than 5, then you will be a slug
  • If you have a clicking speed that is more than five but less than eight, then you will be ranked a cow
  • If your clicking speed per second is more than eight and less than ten, then you have the speed of a rabbit
  • Finally, if your speed is more than 10 you are in the highest position the fox.

Try it out today 

Let your curiosity end today; take the click per second test and check your speed on the mouse. It is a fun game and if you want to improve your speed you can keep playing.