Starting A House Cleaning Business

Starting A House Cleaning Business

Here are The Top 5 Essentials When you’re starting a house cleaning business, there are some very important things you’ll need to do to make sure your business is established on the right footing starting with the uses for hydrogen peroxide cleaning. Contrary to what many business consultants will tell you, you don’t need business cards, letterhead, and a fancy cleaning business plan to open your doors. What do you need most of all to start your business today? Customers. Clients. To start your business, you simply need to start cleaning! Here are the top 5 tips so you can earn $100, $250 or more right away. Starting a House Cleaning Business

Do get customers. You can’t run a business without customers. Getting customers for your cleaning business means that you have to let people know you’re available. Start by telling your friends and family. Talk about your new business with your kids’ friends’ parents. Mention it at the grocery store when you run into people you know there. Don’t be shy! You’re a business owner. You’re providing a much-needed service. Let people know you’re available. You will grow your business over time. Start with your first customer and grow from there. And when you’re ready to market your business online — check this amazing tool out (and contact us for more information if you think you need help). Starting a House Cleaning Business

Don’t be a dreamer. The most successful people in all types of businesses will spend some time in the planning stage. But when money is tight and you have to start earning income, it’s time to act. Don’t worry about running the perfect business, or even how you’re going to expand your business. To start, go clean someone’s house and bill ‘em. Then do it again. Schedule your return visit. Clean some more. Build up a list of clients you clean for regularly, and get your business cards later. If someone asks for your business card, tell them you’re out of cards and offer to write down your phone number and e-mail address for them. Better yet, schedule them on the spot. Get your business cards made later. The reason we suggest starting with houses is that there are so many of them. And in many ways it’s easier to start cleaning homes than it is to get cleaning contracts for businesses and other commercial cleaning jobs. As you grow your business you can get the more expensive cleaning equipment to do bigger jobs. Or you might choose to stick with bread and butter house cleaning. Starting a House Cleaning Business

Do commit to only using safe and eco friendly cleaning products. Be in the habit right from the start that you will only use green cleaning products. Committing to safe products puts you a cut above most other cleaning companies, who are using only the cheapest cleaning products, or whatever is available. Let them compromise — you don’t have to! Additionally, using green cleaning products means you won’t harm the people you clean for, you won’t harm people who work for you, and you won’t hurt yourself by exposure to dangerous chemical cleaners. Starting a House Cleaning Business

Don’t be the cheapest house cleaner in town. People know that you get what you pay for. By being the cheapest you’ll be at a disadvantage in a number of ways. First, you’ll attract bargain shoppers who’ll try to undercut you every step of the way. If you’re the cheapest, they’ll ask for more discounts. Remarkable, huh? Second, you’re setting yourself up for the reputation of being the cheapest. If you ever decide to upgrade your services or your image it will be really hard to change people’s perception of you if they already think of you ask the “discount” cleaner. Why not start off as the premium cleaner. Finally, if you’re charging the lowest rates in town you won’t leave yourself room to offer specials, discounts (from time to time), or worst case scenarios (like when gas prices double, which will happen again!). Your house cleaning price list is actually a list of services you can offer your clients. Use it for marketing and adding value to your clients. We’ll show you how! Starting a House Cleaning Business

Do have a policy of excellent customer service. Giving your customers what they want, within reason of course, is a great way to build your business as large as you want. Offer weekend times, evening times, and special emergency cleaning services. Make sure your clients have your house cleaning price list. You can refer to it like a menu, and you can suggest additional services to them. Return Home from Starting a House Cleaning Business.

Cleaning is incredibly important to every individual in the world. Starting a house cleaning business would only be beneficial for the starting founders. They are something that would never run out of business if they have good service. Cleaning will always be one of the most tedious tasks to be done and most people in the world prefer the professionals over the traditional cleaning methods.