Spring Fashion in Cold Climates

Spring Fashion in Cold Climates

Spring has sprung. At least in the stores spring fashion is plentiful. Have you already purchased your first spring outfit in anticipation of the warmer weather of spring? Maybe the stores know something we don’t about the weather.

If you live in the northern states are you trying to anticipate when you will be able to wear spring fashion? You are probably longing to put that brightly colored top on or that cute little mini. Do you really have to wait? You could layer or wear really long heavy coats like flashers. Don’t wear the flashing coat but you can wear the spring fashion. Here are a few suggestions of how to wear spring fashions.

How to wear Spring Fashions Now

Spring fashion usually consists of brightly colored clothes and light weight fabric. When the weather is cold you may not want to freeze by wearing just a mini dress or just a tank top and pants. Spring fashions can be complimented with winter accessories.

  1. Wear a suit jacket as an accessory to your outfit. Suit jackets can compliment any outfit and they come in an array of colors. A suit jacket can make an outfit look complete.
  2. Scarves are an accessory for anytime. You can use scarves to wear around your neck, your shoulders as a shall, or as a cover up.
  3. You may have layered your clothes during winter to keep warm. Why not layer your spring ensemble? You can wear several shirts at one time. If you like to wear tank tops you might want to put a matching short sleeve button up shirt over it. You could wear your button up shirt tied mid-drift over the tank. If you are comfortable in tight shirts put a long sleeve tight shirt on under the tank top. Remember the point to dressing like this is that you want to wear spring looking clothes even in the cold.
  4. Tights are popular during the winter months especially when wearing a dress. If your spring collection has a mini skirt or mini dress tights can easily be worn to keep warm during the spring months as well. Tights come in many different colors and you can compliment a mini skirt or mini dress by completing it with tights.
  5. Knee high boots with mini skirts and mini dresses are also a creative way to keep warm. You can put your boots on with a mini skirt or mini dress and cover up that bare skin. Boots are usually only recommended with a mini if you have long legs. If your legs are round and short boots will make you appear short and squat when in a mini. You may also consider a kogal. What is a kogal? Basically it is a Japanese student uniform for women that is fashionable. This outfit is popular in Japan and nowadays, some parts of the world are also joining the fashion trend.
  6. Sweaters with minis are also an acceptable way of wearing your spring collection and still staying warm. Sweaters come in an array of colors including pastels and can easily be worn for a chilly spring.

If you can brave the cold or you are just crazy enough to wear spring clothing while it is still winter temperatures more power to you. If not you can either wait to wear your clothes or wear them now in a sensible manner with something keeping you warm until spring arrives.