Social Media Marketing Habits Not Good For Business

Social Media Marketing Habits Not Good For Business

There are times you don’t know that a particular idea is the worst idea for your business. At times, you discover early and stop it quickly while there are times you discover late and those terrible ideas affect your business negatively on social media. Whichever the case may be, the point is to do away with bad habits that bring nothing but frustration to your social media marketing efforts.

I really want to emphasize here that the real point of social media is engagement. So, if you buy ‘fake’ likes and followers, you are just wasting your money because fake followers don’t engage with your content. Besides, it strips you of your credibility and integrity and lastly, it’s against the policy of most of the social media platforms out there.

If your content has no purpose for being posted in the first place, then what is the point? Before you publish any content on social media, please ask yourself these 3 questions; 1) Post like this to add value to my fans/followers? 2) Is this post going to spike engagement and reach? 3) Is this post going to increase my brand visibility? If your answers are no-no-no, then consider revising the post to answer these 3 questions. Take time to write and revise your content in advance to ensure that it fits in with the rest of your marketing plans and promotions.

Not providing value in your messages is a huge mistake. You do want to have a Call-to-Action in your messages, but you still want the message to provide value on its own to your audience.

make 80% of your posts hygienic i:e, useful tips that answer to a need or problem, interesting photos, and information, and the remaining 20% you can use to promote your brand.

Being boring and uninteresting is going to be the death of your social media presence. If you’re tweeting things people find useful, they’ll engage and re-tweet (making your original post visible to an entirely new audience). If you’re posting great pics, you may be rewarded with a #repost, or better yet, Instagram may move you into their suggested content in “Stuff You Might Like”. Almost every social media platform has an algorithm that will reward great content, so take pride in what you post.

If you’re not going to really listen to your audience, don’t ask any questions or invite comments. Always repeat back to your audience what you heard, then answer their concern, and make them feel heard.

This is a new concept I just learned about… It involves complaining about “your awesome first world problems while trying to make yourself look better.” I don’t think it’s a good idea. Personal bragging should not be mixed up with your content and published on your business pages. Leave that for your personal social media pages.