Sandstone Pavement – Timeless Paving Material That Never Goes Out-Of-Fashion

Sandstone Pavement – Timeless Paving Material That Never Goes Out-Of-Fashion

Sandstone can be taken as the most natural stone for pavement as it only needs to be shaped, but no polishing or surface smoothening is required. It is mostly non-slippery in texture, providing better grip in a wet outdoor environment. You can choose from various natural stones for Tänavakivide paigaldus with different textures and come in multiple color options.

Cobblestone Pavements Are Famous For Their Limestone Slabs And Block

Limestone is the most popular cobblestone variant because of its abundant availability. The texture of limestone is different than other sedimentary rocks because of the presence of lime. It gives the pave a smooth surface that is accompanied by a variety of naturally appearing colors. 

On the downside, limestone is prone to acid damage and likely to fade color with changing weather.

Slate Paves – Derived From The Layers Of Metamorphic Rocks

Slate is naturally formed in the flat sheet forms in the earth’s crust, making them the somewhat costly option. But again, slate paves rarely going to lose their shine which is the right choice for external flooring. Although, these are susceptible to water which is why it asks for a little maintenance.

Igneous Granite Paving Slabs – Most Durable And Fade-Proof Stones

No doubt granite stones are pretty heavy to carry, making them hard to transport and deal with but on the flip side, they are the best non-fading pave stones to have. This igneous rock is resistant to all kinds of weather and comes in a selective range of colors. This also makes the cleaning work easy and catches significantly less dust.

These were some most commonly preferred natural stones for paves and their characteristics, making it easy for you to select the right one for your patio.