Real Estate Social Media Tips

Real Estate Social Media Tips

Real estate agents are excellent at traditional marketing practices like print advertisements, one-on-one, web listings and in-person environments. But not every agent and broker has embraced social media. Social media will set you up for greatness if implemented carefully. We have come up with some tips to get you started with social media.

You can try here in this very article as the tips given below are some of the best that you can find on various platforms and how real estate is going to play an active role to gain prominence through social media, thereby prompting other platforms into it as well.

Social media is all about engagement and not just broadcasting. As the name suggests social media is just a means of virtual socialization! So make sure you get in and join the conversations that spark some interest. Given below are some ways to engage:

Find people and give them advise regarding buying or renting houses with Twitter. If they are close to you, you can meet up with them and discuss in person. Always make it a point to retweet interesting facts and information related to your industry. Also, let the publisher of that content know that you enjoyed it.

To find people looking for properties in your area, you can join the real estate groups on Facebook. You will expand your reach by actively participating in the groups and giving helpful advice.

Look for trending real estate hashtags and get actively involved in the conversations.

Note: Make sure you don’t spam the network by just posting anything and everything. Your task is to offer up useful advice and provide appropriate links.

Your selling point is your personality

When you present yourself on social media, you must let your personality shine through. To be completely honest, we are a personality driven market. To be successful, you must present the most interesting angle of yourself and be completely original. You will set yourself up for a disaster if you try to be something you’re not. Be the most authentic version of yourself. Being original will enhance your appeal to your potential clients to work with you.

Sharing videos is a quick way to social media success, as it will set you apart from the rest. Videos have a wider reach and are the most attractive form of content today. With the auto-play function of Facebook, your audience will not miss watching them.

Post videos to make yourself familiar among your potential clients. This can be used as your youtube feature video and your Facebook video. With videos, you can portray a lot within just a short span of time. You can cover the selling points of the neighborhood and the property you list. You can even show off your expertise to the homeowners, sellers and buyers through videos to get more business.

Of all the content you publish, 80% must focus on your customers. It must solve some of their problems and peak their personal interest. The remaining 20% can be about promoting yourself and sales related. You must never overwhelm your clients and waste their time with useless information.