Press Release Secrets: How to Use Press Releases to Dominate the Serps

Press Release Secrets: How to Use Press Releases to Dominate the Serps

Press releases are generally thought of as something which is done only by police officers, government officials or celebrities to make announcements and inform the public of important news. For an internet marketer, online press releases can be used in just the same way. They can be used to announce important changes or updates you may have made to your site, or simply to let the public know you exist.

The real beauty of press releases, however, is not the announcement, but the rankings you can achieve in the search engines by writing them. Writing a good press release can help achieve top spots in the search engines, resulting in a steady flow of targeted traffic. For those trying to promote their products or business through press releases, they should pay special attention to the content and should include their sales pitch so that people can familiarize themselves with their product or company as they read the press release. 

Top Tips For Writing Press Releases That getting Results:

*As with most marketing strategies, writing press releases that get you well-ranked start with solid keyword research. Using the keywords and phrases most relevant to your website, identify those which have the least competition, obviously the less competition there is the better your chances of getting a good ranking.

To do this, simply Google the keywords or phrases that you would like to best listed under quotation marks. Doing this gives you a pretty accurate idea of how many other websites have optimized for those keywords. The fewer sites that have done so, the better your chances of being able to dominate the search engine results page under that term.

*Give your press release the most powerful title possible. Take 5 minutes and write as many titles as you can think of, then choose the best. This is one of the most important steps because the title is what will be seen in the search engines. The better your title is the more people will click and the more traffic you will receive to your website as a result. Be sure that your keyword is included in the title as well.

*Include your keyword in the text of your press release 2-3 times during the course of the press release to give it a good keyword density.

*Include The link to your website twice, once at the beginning and again at the end.

*Submit press releases to several websites. By doing this you can easily get your ads in several of the top ten spots for your keyword and dominate the search results page. A few good websites to submit your press releases to are,, and There are many more than this that can be found by searching Google.

After about 72 hours of submitting the press releases, you should find yourself ranked well under your keyword. Keep in mind, however, it can take up to three weeks at times to achieve these rankings, so if you don’t see results within the first three days check back in a week or so. If you have followed all of the steps outlined above you should find your ads are several of the first page results for your keyword. Simply lather, rinse and repeat for another keyword and enjoy.