Pokemon Black And White Soars With Flying Colors

Pokemon Black And White Soars With Flying Colors

Pokémon: Black Version and Pokémon: White Version is the highest rated games since the original Red and Blue versions. The reviews back it up for the 17th and 18th Versions of the game. You can check out name picker wheel to learn about new pokemons and their stats that you will encounter in the game. It is really important that you know about the pokemon that you are facing in order to defeat or capture it.

Pokémon: Black Version and Pokémon: White Version are the games of the year for 2011. The games have exceeded expectations for the die-hard fans of the game and Pokémon in general. They have more Pokémon Battles than ever before, an intriguing story-line that lingers on until long after you’ve battled the Elite Four the first time, the best graphics in any Pokémon Game by far and improved on the small things in the game. For example, like how you gain experience points where lower leveled Pokémon gain more experience than higher leveled Pokémon and that a poisoned Pokémon no longer receives damage outside of battle.

The games are simple enough that even new players that have never played the games before can play the games and not get confused as to how to play them. They are not Red and Blue Versions of the games by any means, but these are the closest they have been since the Pokémon craze has started. Worth noting is that there is not a new Hidden Machine move with the new games. To make it more appealing to new players, the new Pokémon are a little more kid-friendly than previous versions.

The game continues to grow with more 3-D cut-scenes than before and now includes incredible 3-D overhead graphics while playing the game. Those are really noticeable when going over the many bridges that are in the game, especially the first one the games come across.

For the first time in the games’ history, Black and White is based in the United States in a region called Unova (my guess for that region name is because Un – United States, ov – of, a – America, Un-ov-a), Castelia City is based off New York City to give you an idea of what they used for the games.

The Pokemon game makers in Japan spent around two years making these two games. They did not waste the time on these games. They are far better than any previous game to date. The only problem they have now is how to follow up with this game. For them, that is a great problem to have when these games are the 2011 games of the year.