Perfect Gift Ideas For Ashlee Simpson Fans

Perfect Gift Ideas For Ashlee Simpson Fans

I don’t know what it is about Ashlee Simpson that I adore. I realize she is her sisters shadow, and most of the time is refereed to as Jessica’s sister. However, something about the way she carries herself is just adorable. She seems shy, yet bubbly, nasty yet sweet.

I began liking the misunderstood gal way back when she had her own reality show. I liked her nose the way it was, I liked her black punk hair style, and clothing. Now she just looks like a mini version of her sister, which is quite pathetic and sad…however…I still like the girl.

For those of you reading this odds are you like her too, heck… maybe you even love her. (Can’t forget that SNL moment)!

I decided to compile a list of excellent gifts for you, the Ashlee Simpson fan, or for that person in your life who just can’t get enough of her. These are all GiftTree’s last minute birthday gifts you can easily buy as well.

The first neat-o-cheap-o gift up on the chopping block is the Ashlee Simpson ‘I Am Me’ poster. You can pick this sweet Gothic looking poster up at There is another poster available for the same price which features a picture of Ashlee’s the way she used to be…you know without the nose job and everything. Each poster comes to $8.99.

Over at you can pick up some of Ashlee’s Simpson’s band T-shirts. Here you will also find cadet hats, and beanie caps with her official logo on them.

A really sweet gift for the Ashlee Simpson fan is the Contact Any Celebrity (Paperback). This book has the address of more then 13,000 celebrities, Ashlee’s included. Don’t hold your breath though on actually getting them to write back to you. However as a project in elementary school where all of the students wrote letters to celebrities, the result was half the class getting signed photos, and a few letters back…. so you never know.

You can pick up this paper back at This in my opinion is probably one of the neatest gifts you can give to an Ashlee fan.

Over at you can search for authentic signed Ashlee Simpson photographs and posters.

You can also go all out and buy them tickets to one of her concerts. Check with every now and then for upcoming events. You can also check the official fan site for event dates at,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/.

What not to buy:

Every Ashlee Simpson fan already has her Cd’s, so honestly buying an Ashlee fan a CD is a waste of money. Odds are they already have it! Come on use your head!

Get Her Look:

Many fans of Ashlee’s Simpson are after her look, and the look that we all love and adore her for was her original punk rocker look (I don’t know what the hell is going on with her now, with the pink frilly dresses and crap). To get her punk look you don’t have to try hard. You simply need to buy some jeans, rip holes in them,get a metal studded belt a few sizes too big and let it hang. Simple black and white stripped V neck t-shirts with a long skull necklace also go well with this Wendy Addams look.

Make up- simple… just go heavy with black on the eyes. Tah-dah! You got the Ashlee look. Don’t forget the converse sneakers though!

You can also add black skull wrist bands, or a bunch of jelly bracelets to complete the look.