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Organize Your Closet and Your Life

It’s been a long time since anyone listened to the Fibber McGee and Molly Show. Fibber’s legendary hall closet, piled high with a lifetime of junk, made its first appearance in 1940 and ever since then people have laughed at and identified with Fibber’s battle with his cramped closet.

Yet as we move into the 21st century, many of us feel even more overwhelmed by avalanches of junk; Fibber becomes less of a running joke and more of a stressful state of mind. But what can you do? It never seems to end.

For starters, you might think about a closet organizer or hiring philadelphia junk removal that will help you in organizing your closet as you get rid of all the clothes and items that you no longer use. Making space more organized and efficient. 

A closet organizer? What’s that?

In a nutshell, a closet organizer is a device or set of devices designed to help you gain maximum use of existing storage space so you can efficiently store your belongings. Closet organizers can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be and can range in price from under $100 to several thousand dollars.

But no matter whether you build one yourself, buy one pre-made, or hire a contractor, the first thing you need to do is determine what your needs are. After all, you know what you have, and you certainly know your junk better than anyone. You know what is necessary and what is fluff; what needs to stay in the house and what could go elsewhere — including the landfill.

At any rate, once you decide what you need, the next step is knowing what you have. And while you probably don’t need an exact inventory — people acquire and dispose of things all the time — a general inventory can help you figure out how much space you’ll need.

Many clutter control experts recommend as a general rule that if you haven’t used an item in the last two years, you probably won’t use it at all. Therefore, unless it’s a family heirloom, it can likely be pitched.

You should definitely take a careful look at your current space. Is it efficiently used? Is there any wasted space, such as top shelves too close to the ceiling? Is there a space you’re using to store something that might be better placed elsewhere? How about shelf space itself? Too narrow or not enough? Is coat rack tall enough to accommodate larger articles, such as long dresses or topcoats?

Once you decide what you need, you can effectively price your closet organizer. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to do this. Go onto a search engine and type in the words “closet organizer” and you will pull up thousands of sites to price, compare, even read reviews.

Stores such as Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and many others also carry closet organizers or varying sizes, uses, and prices.

Finally, it may sound completely obvious, but once you get your closet organized, make yourself put things where they are supposed to go. Remember, you got this so you could get out from under stressful loads of untidy junk and simplify your life.

A Quick Review of My Favorite New Motorcycle the FLHTCU

105th Anniversary Edition FLHTCU

One of my all-time favorite motorcycles of all time has to be the Harley Davidson FLHTCU. This is one of the ultimate touring bikes ever built. They released this one just in time to be a 105th-anniversary bike. That goes really well with Shoei motorcycle helmets making this a perfect combination for your ride. 

It is actually A FLHTCU or Ultra Classic Electra Glide. This very sharp, with distinct clean lines is sure to impress even the person with the most discriminating of all taste for motorcycles.

Harley Davidson has always been a leader in American Made Motorcycles. The FLHTCU is no different. Besides looking great it has some creature comforts that once you use you don’t want to be without.

Some of these creature comforts are; heated handgrips. You’re sure to love these if you’re out for a ride and the weather changes to cold and damp. They also installed a great all-weather radio, allowing you to enjoy your favorite riding songs. The Vented Fairing is a great feature for when the weather is chilly. Close the vents and your legs stay warmer, but if it starts to get warm just open the vents to let your legs feel that cool breeze.

The engine on this motorcycle is also very impressive. Harley installed a rubber-mounted 1584 cc twin cam 96-twin as the powerhouse for this well built American icon. Boasting a compression ratio of 9:2:1.

The engine is air-cooled. This could cause minor problems if you get stuck in heavy traffic in the city, or in stop and go traffic on the expressway. This big bike is meant to get out on the highway and let its horses run.

This touring style motorcycle has a base price of $20,695. While this is a pretty penny this machine is definitely worth it. There is truly no the feeling in the world like that of being in the saddle of one of these big v-twins.

With the wheelbase being a whopping 63.5 inches it is great for the taller rider. If you opt to put the forward controls on this great machine then you can kick back in the saddle and enjoy your ride. It is almost like gliding down the HWY on or living room recliner.

When we are on a cycle of this style and magnitude we don’t ever want to stop riding. Harley Davidson helped us achieve this by putting on a 6-gallon fuel tank. This motorcycle gets around an average of 23 miles to the gallon.

That will give you a good 2 to 3 hours driving at 60-70 miles an hour. Getting us far enough away from the city and the hum-drums we get from everyday life.

Having this cycle is like having a daily vacation. Even if you never get to leave the city.

Hello Canada, Welcome To The Real World

Hello Canada! I am glad you understand.

Canada is not happy about all the Mexicans heading their way. Seems they are having to pay for their way, including food, housing and health care. I sure am tickled you finally understand our problem down here in Texas and all over the US. We appreciate your wanting to help out. Our coffers are about empty from supporting so many of them.

Plus everyone is saying how rotten we are for not helping more to and take care of these people. It is about time you begin to understand why the US has had enough of immigrates that sneak into our country.

I just heard today that Canada is getting thousands of Mexicans and other illegal aliens that manage to get though the US who are looking for a free ride and your system has a loop hole that says you must take care of them. Well, welcome to the club!!!

We down here in the lower part of North America are about broke, not to mention so many of them are criminals that even their own countries doesn’t want. Just maybe if other countries are having the problem we can do something to change the laws that say these people can ride free.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the Canadians. They are experiencing what we have been going through for ages and have had rocks thrown at us for complaining about. Florida is now using their local police to deport illegals they find breaking the laws. So is Texas and a few other states. Cities are getting tired of paying for all the new born kids that are being born in this country by people who cross our borders with out a legal means. Then their kids claim they are United States citizens.

They cry you can split up families by sending the ones that got here crossing the deserts and rivers with out an invitation. As far a I’m concerned if they had no legal right to be here their kids should not be being born here either and if they are they have no right to be a citizen.

Oh I do understand they want a better life. I can’t blame them for wanting that, but I can tell you if they want it, DO NOT sneak in and have your kids here to try to get it. The US needs to change the law about kids being born here are citizens. Yes, we are supposed to be a country of all kinds of people but let us remember the Irish, Germans, Polish and Russians for the most part all came in legally.

They are trying to take our country away from us. They want us to speak their language, don’t respect our flag, and hand them a silver invitation to come here so let us take care of them. Now Canada is getting a bit of a taste for what is happening here in the lower 48 states.

They have protests and wave the Mexican flag. We send their kids to school, force our teachers to learn their language, and treat them like they were guests. They are not guests, they are law breakers. If we were in their country do you think their laws would protect us if we did the same things they do? Not hardly. No one but Mexicans can own land in Mexico. They sure don’t bend over backwards to learn our ways.

If they want to be US Citizens, then why are they asking us to learn their ways, sing our national anthem in Spanish and why are we having to punch one when we call on the phone to get the English language? They don’t want to be a part of our nations or yours Canada. They want to take over your country and ours and if you don’t wwatch it they will over run you like they have been us.

I have no problems with people who come here legally and want to be a part of our world. However, I do with those who have with those who have no right to be here anyway. and

If they are hungry, so are lots of people in this country that are US citizens too. Why should we worry about all the foreigners when we have starving people of our own that don’t get anything handed to them? The reviews of the best immigration law firm in Toronto will be excellent at the search engines. It will provide information about the working strategy for visa of the immigration lawyer firm.

If you look at the crime rates in California, Texas, Florida and other place, most of the crimes are being committed by these same people who supposedly came her looking for a better life. Well, they aren’t looking for a better life, they are looking for a hand out and I for one am fed up with them. Let them get a handout in their own country and go back home.

Tips for Building a Fan Base on Twitter

It is not as easy as it may sound to create a following on Twitter. I thought it would be easy. You know, just follow a whole bunch of people and they will follow you back and they will see your tweets, right?

No, this isn’t the case at all.

To be successful at social networking on Twitter, you must learn to use it. I have had quite a few people ask me about how to use Twitter and it always baffles me because I am more of a Facebook user. There are a lot of things about Twitter that I don’t know or I’m just too lazy to do.

In any case, I’ll comply with the requests and let you know what I know. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned about building a fan base on Twitter.

Be active and consistent: More people will notice you if you are active and consistent. Yeah, sometimes it may be hard to think of anything to post that seems important enough. Good things to post are informational articles about what your interests are, links to news articles, and quotes. People really like seeing those things.

Say thank you: If someone mentions you in a tweet, it’s common courtesy just to say thank you. You would be surprised how much a simple thank you will stick in someone’s mind.

Learn to use hashtags: Hashtags are a huge part of Twitter. You know the # symbol that you see before a lot of the words, those are hashtags. Using the hashtags will categorize the tweet for you. Like, if you have a tweet about a certain movie and you hashtag the name of that movie it will show up in searches, not just for your followers.

This will expand your audience.

Re-tweet other people’s tweets. Most people will notice if their tweets are being re-tweeted so if you re-tweet for them, then they are more apt to do a re-tweet for you in the future. This will expand your tweets to their followers as well and in the long run, get you more followers.

The best advice I can give about using Twitter is the first tip about being active and consistent. People want to socialize on a social network, they don’t want to just watch all the links going by for them to click on. They want interaction! So, I suppose that having fun would be a good tip too.

I know a lot of articles out there have bigger and better tips for you and many already knew of the tips written here. But, there are some people who are new to Twitter or just can’t figure it out. So, I hope this helped! Well, you can do the same thing on Instagram with the help of hashtags and Instagram DM. With the help of these easy tips, you can improve your social media platforms. 

13 Love Resolutions for Singles

As 2013 approaches, many of us start making our resolutions in hope that we can incorporate more positivity in the new year than there was the year before. One of the areas quite a few focus on improving is the love life. If you’re single and ready for a great guy, consider the upcoming year your time to find the relationship you desire. Get ready for some great things to happen! There are 13 dating resolutions singles can make in 2013 to change things for the better.

Start online dating

Signing up for a dating website may seem like the worst idea ever, but the best thing is that you don’t actually have to jump into it right away. Sign up for the site, give yourself a few days to get accustomed to it and look around at what the site has to offer. Take things slow by answering a couple of messages, letting some guys know you’re interested and being open to seeing what happens.

This might seem awkward at first but once you get used to it, the path ahead will be easy to manage. Online dating is a very risky business due to many fake profiles lurking in search of naïve victims so as to entrap and blackmail them which has led to many youngsters committing suicide. Now, I am not trying to scare anyone but just that caution needs to be exercised at every step. You can always consult the okcupid dating app to get more information on how to go forward with online dating without any repercussions in the bargain.

Hang out in different places

If you keep going to the same places, you’re going to keep meeting the same type of people. To meet different guys, you’re going to have to start hanging out in different places. Check out different bookstores, parks and museums in the area. You could just find a great new guy.

Date outside your type

It’s usually that our type isn’t who we should be dating or who would be best for us. Every time I go for a guy who isn’t my type, that’s when I have the best relationships. Give a guy who isn’t your type a shot, you never know what could happen.

Don’t settle for someone who isn’t for you

At some point, many of us will continue to date someone long after we should have stopped. I’ve done it myself once or twice. Whether the reason is because we’re so into the person or because we just want to be in a relationship, the situation never usually turns out great. In 2013, make a resolution to let go of the guy when you realize deep down that he’s not right for you.

Lose the negative attitude

Having a negative attitude isn’t good for you, but it’s also going to have an affect on your dating life. Guys don’t want to be around a woman who oozes a poor attitude and it’s also going to cause you to attract negativity your way. Work on having a more positive attitude and you’d be surprised how things can change.

Stop making excuses

I’ve made plenty of excuses in the past for why I couldn’t get involved with a guy, and they weren’t even good excuses. It was all because I was scared to put myself out there. Don’t make the same mistake. The rewards can be worth it when you take some chances.

Take a break

If you’ve been continuously dating and you’re getting increasingly fed up, maybe it’s time you take a break. I’ve taken a couple of breaks in the past and after a few months, I was always ready to jump back in with a different attitude.

Make a move

In 2013, make a resolution that you’re not going to sit around waiting for a guy to do all the approaching. One of the last guys I dated, I started the conversation and gave him my number before he had a chance to ask. You’re likely going to be nervous about it, but instead of thinking about everything that could go wrong, think about what could go right.

Lose the ex

If you want to move forward, you can’t have someone in your life who’s going to keep reminding you of your past. One of the biggest reasons we keep an ex in our life is because of the comfort that’s tied to him. Cut ties with the ex if you want to increase your chances of finding someone good to be with.

Say “yes” to more dates

Many of us have turned down dates in the past that could have likely had a really good outcome. Whether it’s a blind date or you’ve been asked out by a guy you’re not quite sure about, give him a chance before you turn him down.

Love yourself first

When you love yourself, you attract better quality guys. I’ve seen it happen time and time again in my own life and in the lives of others. You may not be at that point right now, but at least work on it and it can start to have really great results.

Take things slow

There’s zero need to rush into anything with a guy whether it’s sex or a relationship. Talk to him more, spend more time together and really get to know each other before you commit in any way. It can help save your heart quite a bit of pain.

Skip the pressure

When a guy starts putting pressure on me, that’s when I freak out and make a run for it. Don’t make the same mistake by pulling that with a guy. Develop a “go with the flow” attitude in 2013 and don’t push to always keep taking the next step with him otherwise you’re going to push him away.

Consider 2013 the year for big changes in your dating life. You don’t have to work on everything all at once, but take things little by little and you could start to see some very positive changes happening. By the end of the year, you could just be in a relationship with the guy of your dreams.

Keep Your Pool in a Good Condition with Professional Help

Having a swimming pool is a luxury, but it brings with it a lot of responsibilities as well. If you own a pool, you need to maintain it well to avoid accidents and to make sure that the pool remains in a good condition. More often than not, you will need a professional pool service to accomplish this task.

Need for regular pool maintenance

Just like your car and other equipment, your pool also needs regular servicing. You can’t just pour a lot of chemicals into your pool one fine day and then leave it for a couple of months. You need to monitor the pool regularly and actively look for signs of any problem. You not only need to check the levels of chemicals in the water but also need to see whether all the equipment is working well. You also need to clean your pool regularly to prevent algae growing on the moist corners of the pool surface. TriFactor adult swimming classes use few chemicals for cleaning of the pools. It will retain good and hygienic health of the swimmers. The charges of the lessons will be under the budget of the person. 

You should check the water quality and the chemical levels in the pool water on a weekly basis. If the chemical levels are not right, they need to be replenished. Brushing and cleaning of your pool after every few days is also important to maintain a clean pool surface.

Depending on how old your pool is, you may even need replastering services or repair of pool equipment like pumps, motors, filters, timers, chlorinators, heaters etc.

Professional pool care

The effort and time needed for maintaining a pool drives a lot of people towards professional pool services. While choosing a professional pool service, make sure that it is cost-effective and reliable. The professionals should pay regular visits and should be ready to make repairs if needed. Make sure that they have a good reputation in the market and are easily accessible when you need some urgent help.

How to find the right pool service company

As a lot of homes are now opting for in house pools, the number of companies offering pool services has risen in the recent times. If you look up on the internet for pool maintenance experts, you will find hundreds of matches for your search, and many of them will be in your own area. You can also ask your friends and neighbors about the company they rely on.

The cost of hiring a reputed pool maintenance company will depend upon the size of your pool, the service provider, and what all services are included in the package.

Services that you should seek

Pool service is not just about cleaning and repairing. Your pool professionals should also check the chemical levels in the water. Unless proper chemical levels are maintained, the pool can not be protected from algae, bacteria and fungi. The experts should check the pH of the water and the chlorine levels in it. Ideally, they should provide a tile cleaning service at least once a month. They should also make sure that the filters are clean and free of dust.

How To Protect Your Gadgets From The Cold This Winter

Winter is almost here, which means colder weather, will soon be upon us. As humans, we take care of ourselves when it gets cold by wearing our favorite sweaters, or jackets, to keep warm, but what do we do to protect gadgets from the cold?

Protecting gadgets from the cold should not be taken lightly. Gadgets and electronics can be severely damaged by the cold if not taken care of properly. Here are some tips for you, so that you can protect your gadgets. Additionally, you can create all these items that are there on this list on your own with the help of the DIY projects that listed at https://www.dfydaily.com/. With just a few simple steps you can create a unique and handy case that you can use to protect your gadgets from winter.

Protective Cases

If you are going to be out in the elements, or if you know that you will be leaving electronics in your car, you should invest in a protective case or bag. There are lots of cases and bags available for most electronics that will protect your gadget from the cold. A lot of them are even weather resistant or weatherproof. This is an easy, inexpensive way to protect tech products from the cold.

Use Body Heat

If at all possible you should keep your gadgets and tech items as close to your body as possible. The heat that your body generates will help fight of the cold and it will help protect your gadgets. Pockets are a great way to protect tech products. Cell phones, cameras or MP3 players can easily be placed in an inside pocket of your jacket, or In the pocket of your pants.

Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are excellent when it comes to protecting gadgets from the cold. They are cheap and readily available from most stores at this time of year. Take a hand warmer and a small piece of tape if you have some and tape the hand warmer to your gadget. The few extra degrees of heat will help protect your electronics from the cold weather. You can also use a hand warmer in your pocket so that you can keep gadgets that are in your pockets a few degrees warmer.

Ziploc Bags

If you do not want to spend twenty or thirty dollars on a case, you can use a Ziploc bag to help protect your gadgets from the cold. If you absolutely must leave your electronics in your car for a period of time, place them inside a Ziploc bag. The barrier it creates will help protect your gadgets from cold, maybe not as much as a proper bag or case would, but any protection is better than none. Ziploc bags will also help fight against condensation.

If you do leave your gadgets outside in the cold for an extended period of time, they can become susceptible to condensation. To prevent damage from condensation, take the gadget to a warm room and place it in a Ziploc bag. The condensation will gather on the bag and not the electronics. Never turn on the gadget until it is at room temperature. I hope these tips help you protect your gadgets from the cold.

Bitter Coffee, Begone

You went to a friend’s house and tried her new coffee. It was the best coffee you ever had, so you got some for yourself. You could smell it brew as you got ready to go the next morning, and you couldn’t wait to get to the kitchen to get a cup. Finally, the moment had arrived, you were ready to savor that first sip, and . . . it was so bitter you couldn’t even drink it. This is the same stuff your friend used; what could have happened?

The first cause could be the grind. It is certainly preferable to grind your own beans; it makes a fresher taste. But it can also be difficult to find the right grind. One that is too fine can cause a bitter taste. Perhaps you bought a grinder when you purchased the coffee since that ‘s what your friend did. You adjusted the grind to a coarser one after this first pot, but the bitter taste is still there. Do you need to make it coarser yet? Not necessarily. The problem might lie in the kind of grinder you get. Cheaper, more readily available grinders tend to use blades to chop the beans rather than burrs, a mechanism that grinds more evenly. An inconsistent grind can also cause a bitter taste.

What if this was pre-ground coffee, the same grind as your friend got? That probably means that your balance was off. Using too little coffee of any grind can create a bitter flavor. But it could also mean that you don’t have the best coffee maker. Ideally, a full pot brewed at home should finish in about four minutes. Extended time means the beans are in contact with the water longer than they should, which can again cause bitterness.

This problem is caused by overextraction. Extracting is drawing the flavor out of the bean. If you’ve ever gotten a poorly made hot chocolate somewhere, you can see the same sort of idea. When you first start drinking the chocolate, it is good and sweet, and halfway down it is maybe a bit more chocolate-flavored, but when you get to the bottom, there is a chocolate sludge, sludge that is too strong a taste. Similarly, the first part of the coffee extracted from beans is wonderful, but if you go too far, you’ll get the bitter end product. A smaller grind has more surface area for the water to pass over, allowing for more extraction. If you go to a local coffee shop for a latte, you can see this concept at work, also. Ask for two identical drinks but one with a short shot. It doesn’t draw over the beans as long, so it will have a less bitter taste. Using a single cup coffee brewer no pods, I think the quality will still be better.

When dining out, the major cause of bitter coffee is overcooking. Hotplates not only keep the brew warm but actually continue to cook it, and the “burned” result will be bitter. Airpots do lengthen the life of coffee considerably since they hold in the heat rather than adding more. Likewise, coffee you leave on the coffee maker or stove at home will become bitter if you try to keep it hot for too long.

Although bitterness can be caused by the darkness of a roast, the causes are often less obvious. But with the right equipment, a little practice and some knowledge, you can create your own favorite cup of coffee.

Find the best door repair service without any hassle!

There are many reasons why the door of your garage may not be functioning well. It is important to take the necessary action and get it corrected at the earliest. A garage door is the only shield between your car and a number of external adversities that could damage your precious asset. 

You will need to contact a professional to provide door repair service to get the situation under hand. If you are looking for a cheap and hassle free solution to get your AAA – Garage Door repaired, here are some tips that you can follow. 

  • Always look for someone who is experienced. We understand that you want to get the job done at as little cost as possible. However, if you compromise on the quality of the personnel who comes to attend the service, you may end up calling someone every little while, which will ultimately cost you big time. Seek someone who is reliable and experienced. They may charge you at a premium price but it will be worth saving the bucks later on. 
  • Browse for a number of options online before narrowing down your options. Sometimes, your lack of research could be the reason you are paying someone an exorbitant price for the service, while there are equally good options available at a much cheaper price. 
  • Go through customer reviews of the repair personnel to understand how their service has been rated by previous users of the service. It will also give you an idea about the cost that they charge for their service and what you should expect from them. It is always a good idea to check the history and details of the company before hiring them to work on your garage door. a

Guide in Boosting your Rifle’s Shooting Accuracy

This is the simplest do it yourself way to make your rifle shoot better than you could believe. Using high quality scopes from https://adventurefootstep.com/vortex-optics/ is helpful as well.

The first step you should do is get a wide variety of ammunition to try out. This is to find out which round works best in your weapon. Save your best target you’ll need it later.

Method 1 Floating the barrel.

This is an easy project. Which can never hurt to do. This is when you make only the reciever and nothing else touch the barrel. Most newer rifles with synthetic stock’s already had this done from the factory. But how you check to see is take a dollar bill or a piece of paper, wrap it around the barrel and slide it all the way down to the reciever, if it does not slide between the barrel and the stock, heres what you do.

Disassemble the rifle and take a piece of sand paper and sand the stock where the barrl restsuntil you believe the dollar bill will slide up and down without restriction. Reassemble it and check to make sure. This may take a few times to get it correct.

The pupose of this is to let the barrel flex and move with the round thats being fired.When a round is fired the barrel goes through a process called oscillation which means the barrel twists as the round travels through the bore. Once you’ve elliminated the friction of the stock touching the barrel, this makes it free float from the stock.

In return greatly improves accuracy.

Method 2 Crowning the muzzle.

This is for fine tuning your shot. The end of the barrel is called the muzzle, around the muzzle is the crown. This process is done mainly to older rifles because the muzzle gets wore out from improper cleaning, the cleaning rod rubs the rifling grooves away. But this can be done several ways. Option A is take it to a gunsmith and let them do it. Or option B is do it yourself. There are a couple of ways to do this yourself, depending on how bad your rifle needs this process done. The way to check is look at the muzzle. Can you see the grooves of the rifling ,if yes this process doesn’t apply to you, if no follow closely and be carefull, for this very important not to screw up. But don’t worry too bad if you do because the process can be repeated to fix your mistake.

First I’ll explain why you do this. When the bullet exits the muzzle any imperfection will deflect the round a stray from your target. This process fixes that problem.

One way is to use a fine metal file to file down the crown of the muzzle until the grooves of the rifling are visable, then with real fine sand paper clean the burrs of the inside and outside of the muzzle. Repeat with emry cloth.

Another way for real badly wore out muzzles is to use a hack-saw to cut a small portion of the barrel off. then use your sand paper and emry cloth to clean the burrs.

Method 3 Cleaning

Always clean your gun after every shooting this is the for sure way to keep it as accurate as possible.

Now go shooting, don’t forget to take your old target for comparison, once your done, compare your old target with your new one, I garentee it’ll be alot better than the old one.

Well, have fun, be carefull and keep it in the ten range.