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Bordering Gardens with Alyssum

Driving around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma during the spring a person may notice a popular flower that is abundant everywhere. Next to begonias, alyssum is the second most sought after plant in Oklahoma, mainly Central Oklahoma. What is Alyssum? Okay, you may have heard it referred to as sweet alyssum, but basically it is a bushy flowering weed to some. The perfect mounds it makes when growing well are a good reason this flower is used as borders in most gardens.

Think of it this way. You are blowing bubbles with your kids and the bubbles are piling up on each other on the cool cement. Before they all pop away you can see this mound of bubbles rising to try and tower higher. This is how alyssum sort of grows. It starts off as a scraggly little fellow, but as time goes on it can become one large dome shaped plant. This is one of the main reasons people love to grow it as a border in their gardens. Another good reason is because these flowers come in so many colors.

Alyssum can be found in colors from white to a deep purple. The most odd one is the muted yellow. An interesting fact about alyssum is that its florets look similar to those of verbena and ______ . You can either plant a single color of these colors or you can choose two or three colors to stagger here and there. Which ever way you choose to plant these, you will be glad you did.

Alyssum is not a heat bearing plant. They can grow on through summer, but you need to keep them watered. Yes, these are best grown in full sun. The more sun, the better for them. Alyssum can thrive in some shade, but only partial. They are not a plant for true shady areas. Since alyssum is mainly a spring and fall flowering plant, a long hot summer without much water will certainly dry them out. You might plan on having a sprinkler system installed if you want these flowers to survive a long hot summer. In the blogs, text on the site is broken up into smaller chunks so they are visually more appealing and easier to read. The visual of the text will be understandable through the person. The survival of the flowers will be long and durable. 

Seeding very well on its own, you may want to keep your potted plants and areas where you don’t want alyssum to grow under a watchful eye. Before you know it you may have alyssum growing all over the place. This is why some people refer to alyssum as the “sweet weed.” You may like the fragrance of them, but you need to watch where they spread off to. A good gardener will soon be able to tell the difference between what they are trying to grow and the seedlings of the sweet alyssum.

Tree borders are not as popular as they used to be in the past. As more people are becoming more educated on the types of grasses that grow well in their area, the less alyssum and other tree bordering plants are being used. One of the most captivating borders of alyssum may have colored rings of this mounding flower growing around them. This was a popular trend a couple of decades ago that seems to be coming back. A set of three rings is enough, but if you have enough area under your tree you can go well beyond that.

Another way of using alyssum as a border is to plant it around the stone steps leading up to the garden you have, or even within the garden itself. You can actually trim alyssum back as it will re-grow back out to try and take over once again. A manicured bordered walk is quite an eye opener. As with any plant. alyssum does come in some varieties. Be careful in choosing them. There are some that are just stalky and don’t bush out at all. You may want to keep track of the plants and see if where you purchased them will take them back if they don’t grow the way you are hoping.

One good way to test your plants’ growth is to dig holes that are two pot sizes larger than the one the plant is going to be in. Set the larger pots down in the hole with a little bit of dirt in the bottom of them. Take the pots with the plants in them and set them centered in the larger pots. Fill in the space with some mulch to keep them warm and from moving. You may have only 30 days to bring the plants back or less, so if they aren’t growing the way you like then notify the garden center at once.

Bordering a fruit and vegetable garden would be a great way to utilize alyssum. Its bushy and shady growth will deter some weeds and grasses. When grown closer together than recommended, alyssum will pretty much take over as a blocking border and no grass or weed will come into your garden through them. It will take seeding of critters to get grass and weed in your garden at that point. Keep in mind that grown in this manner, alyssum will try to take over this garden if you aren’t keeping up with its seedlings.

Walkways and bushes also can be spruced up with borders of alyssum. Just remember that alyssum is not a shade loving plant. They love sun. You may have to keep a journal for a year to see where the sun shines on your yard most of the day to know where to plant alyssum. This may sound like a tedious task, but in the long run you will be glad that you did this. The partially shaded areas could have begonia, dusty miller or violets growing to take up that space. Plan your borders wisely and you will have them to last much longer.

Your pro guide to scale up a direct sales venture on Instagram

Instagram extends excellent opportunity to make it big with your direct sales venture. Boasting a colossal member-base crossing 1 billion users, the social portal is bustling with strong marketing potential for both local and global businesses. The post below offers a brief on how to monetize a direct sales venture on Instagram.

Don’t forget geotagging

This tip is especially important if it’s a local business. Mention of location on your Insta posts helps to notify the locals around your physical store. 

Targeted and relevant hashtags

Your Instagram posts are incomplete without the mention of hashtags. But be mindful about the hashtags you use on each of your posts. Focus on relevant, targeted and easy-to-understand hashtags to fetch attention. You can use both indirect and direct hashtags in post description as well as comment section.

Focus more on videos

Try to post more videos than images as the former inspires higher engagement rate. Your video content could be many and varied. A good idea would be to include customer testimonials in your video. You can also post videos on your latest product or on any happening news about your business. But irrespective of the content of the video, the entire post should be visually stunning and aesthetically balanced.

Purchase views

The primary step to monetize your business on Instagram is to generate more numbers of views. You can buy views these days to enhance your viewer base. The very first reason for Buying Instagram Views is a higher popularity quotient for your profile. It will eventually lead to more numbers of followers which will consequently increase potential of clicks and conversions.

Add strong CTA 

You need to post a motivating CTA to inspire more clicks on the “Buy now” tab. The ideal CTA would be the one that can create a feel of urgency so that your visitors immediately clicks to buy your products. Some examples would be –“Buy now and get 20% free” or “Offer till stocks last”.

All the best!

The Difference Between Online Gaming and Game Consoles

It can’t be denied that the gaming industry has been a huge success in terms of providing entertainment to humans. Ever since the start of the very first video game up until the latest video games that were made today, it can be stated that the gaming community has been constantly rising in huge numbers, and due to industrialization, it can be foreseen that further more great games will be created in the near future.

In games, there are terms that we use just like Online Gaming and Online Consoles which brings several misunderstandings and confusion to other people. These terms are words that are often misused just for other people to sound cool and what’s weird is, even though these people are inclined in playing online video games, they are still confused about what those terms mean. 

So what are the differences between the two terms?

To make it simpler, Online Gaming is the technical term for someone who plays games online by using an internet, while Game Consoles, are devices you use in order to play such video games. If you want to learn more about different games, you can check out pkv games.

Video games are computer generated images that can be played by humans for entertainment. This series of images are usually displayed on television screens or any display screens. Enemies on these video games are technically artificial intelligence. However, when these video games are capable of connecting to the internet to allow interaction with other people, such games can be called as Online games.

Online gaming is a word derived from the word Online Games. The process by which a certain someone is playing video games online, is what we called Online Gaming.

First, keep in mind that Personal Computers/Desktops are NOT Game Consoles. Game Consoles, by definition, are computer devices that output a video game or a visual image that can be seen by the naked eye. This computer device displays a video that one or more people can look at and play. These computer devices are what you use when you want to play such console video games. The most popular ones that are packing the market right now are Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation. These consoles have adapted to the latest trend and now can be connected to the internet for people to compete with other online gamers.

How I Lowered My Cholesterol

One day, I woke up and decided to start taking better care of myself. I became more actively interested in my own health, particularly in diet and exercise. These words still ring true to this day. If your health is bad, then it’s probably because you are lacking in one or both of these areas.

First, I began with the mindset that I was doing this for my health, and not to have a lower weight or cholesterol score. Health is always a bigger carrot than the cholesterol stick when you are focused on your goals. Otherwise, you will end up becoming frustrated quickly and you will begin to worry that you aren’t making as much progress as you should be.

I feel that exercise was the most crucial step along the way. It helped me lose weight and generally feel better. Additionally, some exercise time will give you a good “break” when you feel that you are too busy to think. Stress will drive up your cholesterol, and exercise will help you use your energy in a positive way to prevent your cholesterol from becoming too high.

Eating well is also another important component of keeping your cholesterol down. For starters, plenty of fruits and vegetables will do. For breakfast: I ate a slice of whole-grain bread, an apple, carrots, a cup of yogurt, a few blueberries, and jalapeno pepper. For lunch, I ate a sandwich with turkey, lettuce, and tomato; an apple; orange; carrots; and celery. I would also vary my vegetables/fruits from time-to-time for a little bit of variety. This made the diet easier to follow because I would look forward to trying new things. For dinner, I ate a piece of fish along with some sort of vegetable and bread; or pasta. Lunch was my heaviest meal of the day, similar to the Spanish diet. You can try out this link Nutrisystem cost that will tell you about the expenses of this diet plan. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you with a source of vitamins. They will fill you up and reduce your cravings for unhealthier foods because they are filled with vitamins.

Spending time with people that you like is also a good way of feeling less stressed and anxious, which has a tremendous impact on your cholesterol level. You will feel much healthier and happier when you do this.

Another key part of my diet was making gradual changes. Making changes too rapidly would result in me being unwilling to follow through. Our bodies can’t respond to a sudden change in diet and exercise. It’s much easier to make changes and cutbacks over an extended period of time rather than making immediate dietary changes, thus, this is how I lowered my cholesterol.

How Not Using Your Credit Cards May Hurt You

From the moment I received my first credit card, I charged EVERYTHING. That $1.50 cup of coffee got charged, that $300.00 semester of text books…yup that too. I even charged my college tuition when I could. I NEVER carried cash and had a plethora of plastic in my wallet. I ALWAYS paid off the balance each month. I kept a very, very watchful eye on what I was spending and never overdid it. I am happy to say that I’ve never been charged finance or annual fees. I accumulated cash back, points, miles, you name it. I used my points to double up on merchant rewards and then went on shopping trips. More importantly, I built up a solid credit history.

Recently, due to a change in my living situation and the timing of my paycheck I decided to try the envelope method. J. Money over at Budgets are $exy has a great post here!


I did see a small decrease in the overall amount I was spending

I loved not having to worry about due dates on credit cards

I shied away from making large ticket item purchases because I didn’t have the credit card protection backing me up

It was nice knowing that I wasn’t trying to time the arrival of my paycheck with the due dates on my card(s)


I was very uncomfortable carrying cash with me. I’ve the kinda gal who sticks a $20 in her back pocket.

I was concerned about not having larger return options or credit card protection on purchases.

I had to track my spending by keeping a million receipts (which I despise)

Overall, I liked the cash option……UNTIL I started reading how credit card companies were slashing credit card limits and closing accounts. (I think the original post was at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity , but I had a hard time finding it.) Next thing I know, I get a letter from one of my credit card companies telling me they are reducing my limit to $300. Yeah, from $6,000 to $300 because I was not using my card enough. WTF? What happened to customer loyalty? What happened to the other 10 years that I used the card religiously? I wouldn’t charge that much at any one time in the first place but having reduced credit affects your credit score. And these days, your credit score can dictate the how much you pay for insurance, whether you rent an apartment, whether you get screwed on financing in general….

So now I’m rethinking my cash strategy and reverting back to my credit cards. Heck, I’m even considering charging a little each month on each of my cards just to keep them active! I have a trip to SF planned in March and will be using credit cards to pay for all aspects. I will be sure to contact my respective credit card companies and ensure that my cards have not been reduced ridiculously or even canceled like what happened to Kevin Johnson with his Amex card.

I am pulling an envelope method with my credit cards. I keep a running tab on all expenses for the month using BudgetDroid or Loot on my android. Every time I swipe my card, I round up the amount and enter it against my preset budget in each category. So far, its been working for me.

How have you been working your budget in these credit slashing times?

The general advise given above notwithstanding, it is always wise to keep a fresh cvv in handy with you all the time as it can be changed immediately so as to avoid any kind of mishap in case the card goes missing or is lost and stolen.

Three Yoga Poses to Tone and Strengthen Muscles

If you want a toned, buff body for the upcoming swimsuit season you need to hit strength training section in the gym, possibly getting a personal trainer right? Not necessarily so. Yoga burn booty challenge program has long been practiced in Eastern countries to develop physical strength by lifting the body’s own weight. Having been a student of yoga, I know how certain poses can tone the muscles especially of the arms, legs, stomach, and lower back.

Plank –

A friend of mine told me about a new ab exercise her personal trainer had introduced to her workout routine. She was told to start out on the floor on her hands and knees then come up onto her toes and maintain a straight back, not to sag, and hold the pose as long as possible. Having practiced yoga for some time it was apparent to me that what she describing was Plank pose now popular for tightening the abdominal muscles as well as developing wrist and arm strength. The key to this pose is to hold the stomach firm in order to keep the back straight. An added benefit from this pose is tighter glutes and jawline as you must keep the chin lifted to form a straight line.

Cobra –

A great, simple exercise to strengthen the lower back and tone the abs and arms as well. Begin by lying face down on your mat with your hands under your shoulders. Slowly bring your upper body up as far as you comfortably can by straightening your arms, arching your back and lifting the chin. Slowly lower yourself back down and repeat one or two times.

Warrior II –

To developing leg strength there’s nothing better than the Warrior II pose. Begin in Mountain pose standing tall with your feet together and arms at your sides. Take a deep breath, bringing your hands into prayer position and step out with the foot raising your arms to the shoulder height palms down as you exhale. Turning your left foot in slightly at an angle and the right foot out at a ninety-degree angle. Sink into the pose by moving your right knee over your right foot and bringing the thigh parallel to the floor if possible. Keep your body long, arms pressing away from each other and anchor the pose by straightening the left leg and pressing the left heel into the floor. Hold the pose a minimum of thirty-seconds and repeat on the left leg. Different materials will be made available at the stores to get the effective results. The discovering of the information will be Continued to get the right results. The posture and positions of the exercises should be great at the site.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the weight room try these poses to get your body used to the idea of being stretched and strengthened. Increase the reps and the hold time for each pose and explore more difficult poses as you gain strength and flexibility.

5 Ultimate Tips To Start Your Twitch Channel

With the popularity of online games going through the roof, twitch is growing as one of the most popular online streaming services. There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind as you start your channel on Twitch. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the most important things that you need to keep in mind in order to improve your streaming channel. 

  • You should start by creating banner for your channel. For that, try to pay attention to things like Twitch Sub Badge Size, the overall size of the banner, the visuals and audio elements of your banner, and the graphics quality of your banner. 

  • Once you are ready with your banner, you should start investing in essential accessories such as a high quality audio mic and webcam. It is really important that as you stream on your channel your voice is clear and you are visible to your subscribers as well. You should also use earbuds so that there is no feedback from your speakers. 
  • A good internet connection is also important as you want to offer a smooth streaming experience to your subscribers. This is why you should make sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection that is capable of handling your streaming needs. 
  • In order to get successful on Twitch, you should try to capture as many audiences as you can. For that, you should try to make your content more interesting and pay attention to your gaming skills as well. Moreover, in the beginning you can start with games that do not have that many streamers so that you can get more fame and recognition.

Once you have your desired number of subscriber you can switch to different games accordingly. 

  • Lastly, it is really important that you interact with your viewers so that you can improve your credibility as a streamer. All this is going to help you in the long run. 

These are the essentials when it comes to starting your own Twitch channel.

Spring Fashion in Cold Climates

Spring has sprung. At least in the stores spring fashion is plentiful. Have you already purchased your first spring outfit in anticipation of the warmer weather of spring? Maybe the stores know something we don’t about the weather.

If you live in the northern states are you trying to anticipate when you will be able to wear spring fashion? You are probably longing to put that brightly colored top on or that cute little mini. Do you really have to wait? You could layer or wear really long heavy coats like flashers. Don’t wear the flashing coat but you can wear the spring fashion. Here are a few suggestions of how to wear spring fashions.

How to wear Spring Fashions Now

Spring fashion usually consists of brightly colored clothes and light weight fabric. When the weather is cold you may not want to freeze by wearing just a mini dress or just a tank top and pants. Spring fashions can be complimented with winter accessories.

  1. Wear a suit jacket as an accessory to your outfit. Suit jackets can compliment any outfit and they come in an array of colors. A suit jacket can make an outfit look complete.
  2. Scarves are an accessory for anytime. You can use scarves to wear around your neck, your shoulders as a shall, or as a cover up.
  3. You may have layered your clothes during winter to keep warm. Why not layer your spring ensemble? You can wear several shirts at one time. If you like to wear tank tops you might want to put a matching short sleeve button up shirt over it. You could wear your button up shirt tied mid-drift over the tank. If you are comfortable in tight shirts put a long sleeve tight shirt on under the tank top. Remember the point to dressing like this is that you want to wear spring looking clothes even in the cold.
  4. Tights are popular during the winter months especially when wearing a dress. If your spring collection has a mini skirt or mini dress tights can easily be worn to keep warm during the spring months as well. Tights come in many different colors and you can compliment a mini skirt or mini dress by completing it with tights.
  5. Knee high boots with mini skirts and mini dresses are also a creative way to keep warm. You can put your boots on with a mini skirt or mini dress and cover up that bare skin. Boots are usually only recommended with a mini if you have long legs. If your legs are round and short boots will make you appear short and squat when in a mini. You may also consider a kogal. What is a kogal? Basically it is a Japanese student uniform for women that is fashionable. This outfit is popular in Japan and nowadays, some parts of the world are also joining the fashion trend.
  6. Sweaters with minis are also an acceptable way of wearing your spring collection and still staying warm. Sweaters come in an array of colors including pastels and can easily be worn for a chilly spring.

If you can brave the cold or you are just crazy enough to wear spring clothing while it is still winter temperatures more power to you. If not you can either wait to wear your clothes or wear them now in a sensible manner with something keeping you warm until spring arrives.

Housekeeping Guide For People With Chronic Illnesses

Keeping a house clean and organized is not an easy task for many people. It is even more challenging if you have health issues. For example, conditions like fibromyalgia, depression, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome drain your energy level and make it harder to complete tasks. However, that does not mean you have to live with dirt and in mayhem.

Start by obtaining the correct cleaning supplies and implements. While most of us are on controlled budgets, it is still important to get what is suitable and easy to use, not what is cheapest. There are a myriad of new items on the market that make cleaning your home much easier. No longer do we have to rely on just a rag, a mop, and a bucket. For example, there are cleaning wands with long handles and disposable cleaning heads available for bathtubs. It is definitely worth it to keep those on hand to forego inevitable backaches. There are also many types of mops available that are lightweight and easy to use. The same goes for brooms. The older style brooms just moved dirt around, and you had to bend over to use a dustpan to try to sweep up as much dirt as possible. There are now sweepers available that even go under furniture and into small spaces. Those are very important in your cleaning stable, as it saves you from having to move furniture around! People suffering from chronic illness will have emergence requirement of домоуправител в софия. The moving of the furniture and cleaning will be done as per the interest of the owner. Proper love and support will be provided to the person suffering from the illness for better recovery.

If you have any type of carpet in your home, of course you will need a vacuum cleaner. Powerful vacuum cleaners used to be heavy and bulky. If you still have one of those, it’s time to upgrade to a newer, lighter model. This does not mean that you have to sacrifice performance. Nowadays there are many efficient lightweight vacuum cleaners available. It is also a good idea to purchase a rechargeable dust buster to clean steps. There is no need to strain your muscles hauling a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs.

If your home has two or more levels, consider getting a second vacuum cleaner for the same reason. Store one upstairs and one downstairs. It is advisable to also keep a set of your basic cleaning supplies on each level of the house. This will eliminate going up and down the stairs multiple times when you are in the middle of cleaning.

Once you have all your cleaning supplies, sit down and make a plan. The reason for writing down your tasks is simple: you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Larger tasks need to be written down in smaller steps. If your goal is to clean the kitchen, write down the individual jobs such as cleaning the microwave, mopping the floor, cleaning the stove etc. Tasks should be done in a logical order. For example, washing your counter after cleaning appliances, and mopping the floor last would be a good strategy.

It is perfectly acceptable to take breaks as you clean, however you should only do so after an individual chore has been completed. Taking breaks will allow you to restore your energy level, while completing a task first keeps you focused.

Do not attempt to clean your whole house in one day. Instead, learn how to set priorities. Areas that are immediately noticeable to visitors should take precedence over areas like closets.

Once you have a clean house, it will be easier to maintain if you follow some simple guidelines. These include putting your clothes where they belong right away, instead of just putting them on a chair or on the floor. The same goes for dirty dishes. Don’t leave them out just because you don’t feel like putting them in the sink or dishwasher. At first it may seem hard to follow a new pattern, but it does not take long at all to see the rewards.


There are some other things to keep in mind. When purchasing furniture in the future, try to buy items that are functional as well as decorative. For example, coffee and side tables with drawers are good choices, as they allow for extra storage.

A clean and organized house creates a relaxing environment, which is even more important for people with health issues.

How to Create Shiny Bulky Chrome Text in Fireworks MX

This is a shiny chrome text that is bulky looking. I also used calligraphy fonts to set the text off. I used the Ariston font style. If you do not have this font style and want to use it, you can download it for free from UrbanFonts.com. This chrome text effect is created using different effects. I created this text effect in Fireworks MX 2004. In this Fireworks tutorial, I will show you how to create the shiny bulky chrome text.

You will first need to create a canvas to work on. You can create it larger than you need so that you will have space to work. Then you can crop it before exporting your text. After creating your canvas, select the text tool. Draw a large text box on the canvas and type what you want in the text box.

Change the font style to Ariston. The size of the text is up to you. I set my text size to 96 but you may want to make yours smaller or larger. Change the color fill color to #666666 and the stroke color to white. Now we will apply all of the effects to the text to get the chrome look.

Inner Shadow Effect

Effects  gt; Shadow and Glow  gt; Inner Shadow

The first effect is the Inner Shadow effect. You can get to this effect by clicking the above links. When the box opens, you will need to enter the following into the fields. If you are not sure which field is which, hover your mouse over them and the name of the box will show.

The Distance of the shadow will be 8. The color of the inner shadow will be black. Set the opacity to 65% and the contrast to 5. The angle will need to be changed to 90. You can just type 90 in the angle field instead of trying to turn it to 90. It’s a little quicker and easier to just type it. Once you have finished, click off the box and it will close.

Curves Effect

Effects  gt; Adjust Color  gt; Curves

The Curves Effect is really difficult to explain in words. So, I took a screen capture of the Curves panel so that you can see how the curves are supposed to be. So take a look at the Curves Screen Capture image to see how to set your curves up.

Drop Shadow Effect

Effects  gt; Shadow and Glow  gt; Drop Shadow

Apply the drop shadow and change the properties to the following. The Distance of the drop shadow needs to be set to 4. Set the color of the drop shadow to black. Change the opacity to 65% and the contrast to 2. The angle of the drop shadow will need to be set to 239. Click your canvas to close the box and apply the drop shadow settings.


Effects  gt; Adjust Color  gt; Brightness/Contrast

The brightness bar will need to be set to 8 and the contrast bar will need to be set to 35. After you have moved the two bars, click the OK button to apply it and to close the box.


Effects  gt; Adjust Color  gt; Hue/Saturation

The last effect that we will apply to the shiny bulky chrome text is the Hue/Saturation. The Hue needs to be set to negative 165. The Saturation needs to be set to 12 and the Lightness to 0. Click OK on the box to apply the settings and close it.

That’s it, now you can crop your text and export it. You can make adjustments to the text if you need too.