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Sponge Painting

The soft, mottled pattern produced by sponging a second layer of paint over a base coat adds a stylish broken color effect to the walls of a room and decorative interest to accessories.

Sponging is an easy, instant paint effect that gives a pleasing, mottled appearance to a surface. As the name implies, the technique involves using a sponge to apply one or more colors to a solid base color. The final look will depend on the number of coats of paint sponged on – the more there are, the denser the effect – and, most importantly, the colors used. There are tons of really good sponge painting kits that are there in the market that you can try in order to improve your painting skills. 

With two close shades of the one color, the effect is very subtle – from a distance, the colors will merge yet not look as flat as an area painted in one color. If two, or even three, quite different colors are layered the effect is more dramatic.

Because it is such a simple, quick technique, sponging is ideal for covering large expanses of wall, but it also works well on smaller surfaces such as a blanket box, a wall panel or a cupboard door. A more practical advantage of the technique is that it helps disguise imperfections in wall surfaces.

Experiment with different sponge effects on scrap paper before you start work.

The emulsion is the best choice for sponging walls. It is a low odor, fairly inexpensive and easy to use, and the base coat can be applied with a roller. In general, two or more sponged colors give a more pleasing effect than one. Using just one color can sometimes look spotty unless the sponged color is closely related to the base coat.

Always try out various colors on paper before starting work on your project. Hold the paper samples up to the wall to test the result.

The sponge you use also affects the final look. Natural sea sponges are best; they are expensive but they produce a wonderfully varied pattern that isn’t possible to imitate using a synthetic sponge. However, synthetic sponges are cheaper and more readily available. If you use a synthetic sponge, tear it into an irregular shape and apply the pain with the inner surface.

For a particularly subtle effect, you can dilute the sponging paint with water. Test this out on your sample. And if you apply too much paint, remedy the effect by lifting off some of the excesses with a dry sponge.


You will need:

Emulsion paint in two or three colors    Roller Roller tray Rubber gloves Sponge    Lining or scrap paper.

  1. Testing the result. To make sure that the colors you have chosen work well together, the first test the effect on a piece of scrap paper or wallpaper lining paper.
  1. Painting the base coat. Check that the walls are sound and well prepared. Apply one coat of paint with a roller and allow to dry. If the color underneath was dark, you may need to pain on another base coat and allow it to dry. Clean the roller tray thoroughly.
  1. Loading the sponge. Condition a new sponge by soaking it in water, then ringing it out. Pour some of the second colors into the tray and dip the sponge lightly into it. To achieve the right soft speckled mark, and avoid paint runs, don’t allow the sponge to soak up too much paint. It should be almost dry. Blot off any excess on scrap paper or the ridged surface of the tray.
  1. Sponging on color. Working from the top of the wall, dab the sponge lightly over the surface. Turn the sponge as you work to vary the pattern. If you are sponging with just one color, keep the marks as close together as possible for an overall, even effect. If you are using two or more colors you can space them out a little more. Avoid overlaps, especially at corners and beside doors or windows where paint can build up.

  1. Adding another color (optional). Rinse out the sponge thoroughly. Wait for the paint to dry, then apply the second sponged coat over the first, filling in any gaps between the first color yet still allowing some of the base color to show through.

Four Things to Consider Using Metro Atlanta Movers

There are tons of moving companies out there, all offering a number of different services and products. If you have moved more than once in your life, you’re privy to the many different things that should be taken into consideration. Some people don’t realize that moving companies have a variant of stipulations that could either save you tons of cash or find your moving bill padded tremendously. Take note of these trivial details as you plan your move across town.

Per Mile, Per Hour, or Per Piece…

Some moving companies, like Lucky Dog movers in metro Atlanta are known as the city’s “apartment movers.” This company charges its customers according to a point system which allows residents to better gauge what they’ll spend. This is great for those who are moving relatively few things to a location that is quite a bit of distance away. In short, there are too many indeterminable circumstances that could increase either mileage or time spent loading/unloading. You’ll need to consider the amount of belongings you need moved, and gauge appropriately. Depending upon your personal inventory and the distance between points, you might find that working on a “point” system is best for your wallet.

While the budget constraints play spoilsport all the time, it is still a better option to choose movers that are up to date on their job, a quality that you can see in storage units and moving containers Edmonton, and are quite good natured without any tantrums.

Apartment Maneuvers

Anyone living in the metro Atlanta area knows that the design of many apartment complexes can create quite a few obstacles for movers. Intricate landscaping, decorative entryways and low-slung ceilings can make manipulating furniture seem virtually impossible. And if you live on an upper level and/or have a great deal of distance from your door to the moving truck, you can expect a slight increase in price with most moving companies. Keeping this in mind, you may decide to invest more in a “Per Mile” move than a “Per Hour” fee.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Your move will also go a lot smoother if you organize the belongings to be moved as neatly as possible beforehand. While this may sound self-explanatory, you must remember that only you know what’s packed away in all the boxes. Labeling fragile and important items is imperative. Movers make mistakes; and it’s easy to discard or damage items inadvertently during all the melee. Clear a path to large pieces of furniture. And try to arrange boxes in one central location. Paying attention to these tiny details just might shave a few dollars off of your moving fees.

Pre-Move “Flush”

The first thing that people usually do when they’re preparing to move is clear out all the clutter and trash. This is typically the most painstaking part of the process; people don’t realize how much they’ve accumulated over the years. Sometimes, there is simply a reluctance to part with old things. And more often than not, people become conflicted about what things to keep, and what things to dispose of. Several weeks (or months) before your move, it’s a good idea to begin “flushing” your place of unwanted items.

In some cases, people who are moving have prior access to their new living quarters well in advance. If this is the case, it would behoove you to also flush out all your staples and “soft” items. Seasonal clothes, extra linens, houseplants, artwork-virtually anything that can be packed in cars should be ferreted out first. These are often the items that usually end up taking up extra space because they’re thought of last. Removing them first isn’t necessary. But doing so will keep you from forgetting them, and your move will feel seamless.

How to Sooth Sunburned Skin

Don’t let sunburn get in the way of enjoying your summer season; when you’re outside for extended periods of time, sunburn is often a necessary outcome. Despite the many sunburn prevention tips, sunburn is just a part of the summer months for most of us. Take care of sunburn with these tips and suggestions; remember to apply sunscreen more often than not, and play in the shade whenever possible!

The risks of skin cancer, along with the discomfort of sunburn, are two very important reasons to stay safe this summer and take measures to protect your skin as much s possible. But sunscreen isn’t the only item you’ll apply to your skin this year. There are a variety of natural and plant-based extracts that will do a fantastic job of soothing your sunburn! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Grow an aloe plant! Not only is this a great indoor plant to feature on your kitchen windowsill, but fresh aloe leaves picked off this plant will provide just the right amount of natural skin-soothing botanicals; when you need it! The effect is so profound that your skin will be devoid of impure particles within a few months provided you consume aloe vera everyday without fail, which will lead to the roots of your hair becoming stronger and so much so that you won’t require hair supplements after a certain period of time.
  • Use peppermint tea bags to create skin-soothing ‘patches.’ You can keep a small container or bucket of cold peppermint tea bags close by, and apply as needed.
  • Don’t shower right away! Your skin has already been stripped of its top, outermost layer. You’ll only irritate your skin’s surface by taking a shower or applying soap/warter. Instead, rinse lightly with cool water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Vinegar has many kitchen uses, but can also be used to soothe sunburn. Saok some small hand towels in a bucket of vinegar, and lightly dab at your sunburned skin. A variation of this use is to soak brown paper bags in vinegar and use it as a soothing agent; the component in brown bags that makes fruit ripen, also helps to soothe skin when vinegar is added. Another easy idea is to spritz vinegar all over by filling a spritz bottle; but do make sure to avoid the eye area and label the bottle well so that children don’t misuse it.
  • Soak cool tea bags and apply to swollen or reddened skin. This is also brings great year round benefit to soothe your eye area when its puffy, but it also works well as an overall soothing agent on any area. Use a calming herbal tea bag for an added effect.
  • Go egg crazy! Besides their kitchen uses, egg whites are a natural skin soothing agent. Separate a few eggs, blend the white mixture, and spread on your skin with a spatula or moist towel. This will cool your skin upon application.
  • Use a hydrating or lavender mist. A soothing spritz or mist will instantly cool your skin without you having to touch it directly, and is a great refresher for your body after a dip in the pool or ocean as well!
  • Use plain yogurt. Yogurt helps to soothe your tastebuds when you’ve eaten something too spicy, but can also help cool sunburned skin with a light application. Do rinse off with cool water after letting it absorb for between 3-5 minutes.

As always, limited sun exposure is your best plan of action, and using a sun umbrella, hats, visors, and tents for shade should be your top priorities. You don’t have to worry about sunburn ruining your travel plans and days with these tips and strategies. Either way, be sure to apply sunscreen generously, and stay well hydrated and moisturized.

Getting Through a Loved One’s Alcoholism

Many of us have had to cope with a loved one’s drinking. Sometimes it’s a friend or family member you don’t have to be around much. Often, though, it’s a family member who’s very closely involved with your life. While the former can be heart-wrenching enough, the latter can often be worse. I grew up around an alcoholic in my family. It’s a struggle, and one that doesn’t really get better as long as the loved one in question is still drinking.

What can a person do to begin to cope? In short, you must realize that your loved one’s drinking isn’t your fault. Once you’ve come to this acceptance, you can elevate yourself from victim of your loved one’s behavior to a survivor. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. His/Her Drinking is Their Choice Alone-Period

Many family members of alcoholics end up beating themselves up over their loved one’s behavior. After a crisis has hit thanks to their drinking, your gut reaction may be to think “If only I had done this…or that…” If you’re playing the “what if” game-stop. No matter what guilt-tripping tactics your loved one may use to convince you that their behavior is your fault, it isn’t. The unrepentant alcoholic simply cannot see their own hand in their circumstances. This isn’t your fault, it’s the emotional state they are in due to their drinking. If “friends” accuse you of being responsible for your loved one’s drinking, steer clear of them. Friends are supposed to help you, not aggravate your situation. The protection will be there from the food items that kills the testosterone in males. The pills of the https://www.mypillapp.com/foods-that-kill-testosterone/ site will protect the hormones from the food items. 

  1. Think of Its Impact

Once you’ve come to accept that changing your loved one isn’t in your power, sit down and reflect on how their drinking has impacted your life. Have you rarely socialized with friends? Are you leery of making new friends due to bad treatment by friends from your past who abandoned you? Has your loved one’s drinking held you back from good career and education opportunities? If so, don’t despair. It’s not uncommon for someone contending with another’s alcohol abuse to switch into survival mode. Now that you’ve realized what’s happened in your life due to the alcohol abuse, stop merely surviving and go back to living. Since you’ve realized that your loved one’s alcohol abuse isn’t your fault, your eyes are likely to be opened to lots of brand-new possibilities.

  1. A Support System is a Must

I can’t emphasize how important it is to have a strong support system. You can feel as though you’re totally alone in your struggle with a loved one’s alcoholism. You aren’t, and some sort of support system will make you realize how much other people can help you. Regularly attending worship services can genuinely help. While this isn’t a substitute for professional counseling (if needed), being supported by prayer and fellowship will make your daily life easier. If you have very severe emotional issues resulting from your struggles with your loved one, private counseling should be explored. Your local city or county health department can probably help you to get set up with a counselor if you don’t have insurance. A clergy member may also be able to refer you to a counselor. Regular attendance at an Al-Anon meeting, either online or in person, may be just what you need.

I’m not a counselor, but I have gone through the emotional pain of having an alcoholic family member. This tips have helped me get on the road to recovery, and I hope they’ll help you or a friend in need as well.

CBD Oil- Protection from Ailments

The world, since its inception, has seen many ups and downs with the passage of time right from the big bang theory, ice age, global warming, stone age and now we are in the modern, hi-tech era of the 21st century.

However, many a millennial later, there is one thing that has been the most common factor in the world, apart from human beings, and that is the numerous diseases and ailments.

They have plagued mankind right from the very beginning and take dangerous hues and forms in each century when Spanish flu originated from West Africa in 1920 to the current corona virus epidemic in 2020.

While a cure is being searched by scientists all over the world, today we shall talk about a certain remedy for everyday ailments called Cannabidiol or CBD oil.

Relief Measure

CBD oil is natural oil that provides relief from pain in the joints and muscles and it has more than 120 chemical compounds called Cannabinoids that are found in cannabis plants in the tropical regions.

Some important benefits that can be availed through CBD are as follows:

  1. As mentioned it provides respite from muscular pain that is the result of rigorous exercises in the gym
  2. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression to a large extent caused by immense pressure to cope up with the workload in office
  3. An important benefit is that the oil can alleviate symptoms to deadly diseases such as cancer and also the chemotherapy side effects to a large extent
  4. Acne is a severe condition that causes inflammation but CBD oil is an excellent remedy to treat it
  5. It helps in increasing brain power by keeping the brain tissues of the nervous system safe
  6. It also helps to maintain the blood pressure to a normal level
  7. To buy CBD oil, you need not go to the medical store but can order it online at a relevant price

Marketing Ideas For Marijuana Dispensary

If you own a marijuana dispensary, and want to revamp your sales just like any business does, there are different ways in which you can. We have discussed some of the most effective of them all in today’s blog. Take a look at them. Also, you can search the internet for the nearest Marijuana dispensaries, auto mechanics shop.

  • One of the best way is to incentivize your customers with great offers and discounts. These attract a lot more customers and helps to keep a hold over the previous ones as well. Offer better discounts to old and loyal customers in order to retain them in the longer run.
  • You can choose to partner with the local businesses which are marijuana friendly. Ask them to refer your dispensary if anyone asks them about suggestions. In return you can recommend their business to your customers as well. This is also a great way to develop and grow a healthy relationship in the local community.
  • Social media can help you get amazing marketing results. Open a social media page for your dispensary and get your customers to follow the page. Upload different news and announcements there. This will help you to make more personal connections and target specific customer. 
  • Get yourself good reviews and personal recommendations on online forums. Ask your happy customers to leave a review of your shop on public forums like Google Maps and other websites. Almost 86% of people read review of the local businesses before visiting them. So, don’t forget to get good reviews and feedback.

These are some of the most efficient strategies that you can follow in order to market your dispensary in an amazing manner. Make sure to follow these steps and let us know the result.

10 Uses for Coffee Grounds

What do you do with the grounds from your morning pot (or two) of coffee? Do you simply toss them into the trash and forget about them? As you get your coffee from a coffee supplier based in Singapore you can check out the following ways to “reuse” coffee grounds. Not only is it frugal, and smart, but you will be helping the environment by creating less waste.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Winter is almost here and it is time to fertilize your plants. Money does not need to be spent on fancy fertilizers. Simply pour your used coffee grounds over your plants. Do twice weekly and your plants will show their love with new growth and blooms.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Are you crafty? Do you like the look of parchment paper that looks antiqued? Simply steep ¼ cup used coffee grounds in with two cups hot water for five minutes. Then pour into a pan and place the parchment paper crumpled up in it. Flatten the paper, take out and let dry overnight. In the morning you will see a lovely antiqued piece of parchment paper. Perfect for scrapbooking.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Is your fireplace all ashy? Prior to making more of a mess when cleaning the ashes, sprinkle the fireplace with wet coffee grounds. This makes the ashes easier to clean (wipe) up. Moreover, the wetness will cut down on the ash and dust from distributing in the air throughout your room.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Have you ever opened your freezer, only to be confronted with a smell of spoiled food? Nasty is it not? To rid your freezer of such an unpleasant odor, fill two bowls with used (or even fresh) coffee grounds and place them in your freezer overnight. In the morning, take the bowls out (use those grounds a third time as plant fertilizer) and the ugly aroma will be gone.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Are you a meat-eater? I am. One of the easiest ways to tenderize tough cuts of meat is to add coffee to the marinade. The tannic acid in the coffee grounds breaks down tough muscle fibers in meat cuts, thereby making the meat tender. In addition to acting as a tenderizer, coffee grounds will enhance the taste of the meat!

10 uses for coffee grounds

Do you wear a lot of blacks? I do not ( it washes me out) but a friend of mine does and a trick she told to me is to brew ten cups of coffee and then pour the liquid ( not the grounds this time) into the washing machine with a load of black colored clothing. She is adamant that this keeps her black clothes from fading. (And again, you can use the used grounds to fertilize your plants)

10 uses for coffee ground

Do you have outside feral cats that love to use your garden as a litter box? Add some grounds with a few orange peels and sprinkle over your garden. Not only are you fertilizing your plants, but you are creating a deterrent for kitties. Most cats do not like the citrus smell of oranges not the pungent smell of coffee as a friendly place to conduct their business.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Do you enjoy fishing? Rather than leave that coffee pot full of used grounds until your return home from a day of fishing, empty the grounds into a tin can filled with soil. The grounds can keep bait worms alive all day.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Before your kitchen drain becomes clogged, coffee grounds can be used as a preventative. Once a week pour used coffee grounds down the drain, followed with four cups of hot water. The grounds will scrape away gunk before it becomes a full-fledged clog.

10 uses for coffee grounds

Is cellulite a bother for you? Combine 1 cup of used coffee grounds with 2/3 cup olive oil and massage into your problem area for two minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Not to mention the graininess of the grounds acts as an exfoliate, sloughing off dead skin cells, leaving behind soft and supple skin.

Not a coffee drinker, but these ideas appeal to you? At your local Starbucks, ask for their old coffee grounds. They have been known to give them away.

Drammen: The Perfect College Vacation

The newest city in Norway, Drammen is a small industrial city. Its main commerce is not tourism but that does not mean that there is nothing to do. With an active nightlife and many local breweries, Drammen is a great place to go in order to live your life to the fullest.

Bragernes Market was designed in 1866 after preexisting buildings were burnt down. This is the first spot that must be seen in this city. With an assortment of shops and restaurants it will keep you poking around and looking for new things for hours. All of the buildings are classic from there era and are artistic in there own way. A perfect place to spend strolling around and shopping until you (or your bank account) can’t take it anymore.

Spiraltoppen is one of the most visited places in Drammen. If seen during the day this is an amazing walk through time. There are two ways to the top; walking through the town and taking the infamous spiral tunnels. At the top there is an open air museum that houses ancient home from the area. All homes are open for tour and are a great thing to see. A perfect place to get a glimpse of times long gone.

City Hall is a beautiful architectural masterpiece. Built in 1876 it is designed using brick and Marble. The size of the building is equivalent to that of many castles. The building originally housed the police station and the city court house. Today it is home to many government officials offices.

It was a sight to behold right from the marble floor to the glowing lights on the walls and the banisters gave a haunting feeling for people who are first timers at the venue and I have never yet come across a more magnificent structure than the City Hall, except perhaps the Lavelle club in Toronto. One can easily mistake the structure to be a royal castle that was once ruled by the great kings of the bygone era and gives an impression that you are the ruler the moment you start roaming from one place to another and drink in on its beauty.

Blaafarveverket is a cultural center in the heart of the city. Located in an original cobalt mine the center is both beautiful and full of locals. This is the perfect spot to see a side of Drammen that you will not see anywhere else.

Greven is a historical bar that operates until this day. It is a great place to go to eat a meal or have a drink. The prices are cheap and the food is amazing. They serve anything from local cuisine to pizza and burgers. The offer Venues for life music. The genre of the music rotates according to the artist that is scheduled. With an opportunity to listen to local musicians from all walks of life, this is the perfect way to end a day in this amazing city.

No matter the area of Drammen that you are located there is always a place to hike or walk. With dense forest surrounding the city taking a hike offers beautiful views of the local fauna and wildlife.

Drammen is a city that is new compared to world standards. With green, lush hills and deep blue water, this city is both beautiful and enjoyable. With many outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking and biking there is an infinite amount of things to do. From the bars to the cities there is something for everyone. It does not matter where you are from or how old you are, you are guaranteed to have a great time in this “baby” city.

Will Wright’s Spore Is More “Friendly” Than Previous Maxis Titles

What is Spore?

Spore is an innovative new type of game, in which many choices that players make will influence the behavior and culture of a fictional species of creature that the players invent themselves. The major allure of this open-ended game play is how much control is given to the players. In Spore, the player chooses his own direction, evolving a creature from its origins as a cell all the way up to a space-faring civilization.

YouTube and E-mail Built In

This extends far beyond the mere game itself though. Spore was designed from the ground up to be ahead of prior Maxis offerings by leaps and bounds in the social department. For example, Spore comes integrated with the ubiquitous video hosting site YouTube. This means, not only can players effortlessly record their unique creations in-game, but with just a few more clicks, they can have that short movie uploaded to YouTube without even having to exit Spore. In addition to video, there is also a camera for still shots built-in to the game.

After you have taken some pictures or videos of your Spore creature, you can send them to friends just as easily as you can to YouTube: simply click on the e-mail button and type the recipient’s address, and then leave any message you would like. Think that’s cool? There’s more.


Spore features a level of social interaction unheard of in any other full-featured PC game. There is a web site called the Sporepedia that is used to store and organize tiny .png files. These files are basically very small pictures of creatures, and will also include vehicles, buildings, spaceships, and more. The Sporepedia is made to help people share their creatures and other creations with each other easily. Everyone has their own profile and it’s easy to search for certain creatures or look through a list of people’s creations. Right now, there are more than 3 million creatures online!

The Sporepedia also will store timelines highlighting the evolution of players’ creatures. For example, if a Spore player has a creature who ate another creature, the timeline would store that information in the creature tab. If the creature died, that would be another point of information. The timeline is an elaborate new way of remembering exactly how the story happened from the point of view of the player. If he forgets what happened, it’s as simple as examining the timeline to remind himself, and he can share it with others just as simply..

Massively Single Player Game

Will Wright has effectively coined the term “massively single player online game” for Spore. Instead of the traditional MMO game, such as World of Warcraft, Spore takes the massive online part and translates it into a single player experience. When people make a creature in Spore, that creature is sent to the Sporepedia database, where it could potentially be downloaded by someone else’s game as a creature in his world. Let’s say someone made a little creature called the Furball. This Furball is now available for other players’ games to download if they need a little creature in their ecosystem. The advantage of this is that you have unlimited replayability in Spore, because you will never get the same exact Spore world twice, and you can always manually ban a certain creation of someone else’s if it’s a little too… phallic. (Some people really do have sick minds.)

Sporepedia is also inside your game. If you are playing and decide you would like to have a building that looks like it came from an old Western movie, chances are you can find it. To share your creatures, it is as simple as clicking the share button. The creature will be added to your Sporepedia profile, and then other people can see it, comment on it, and even rate it up or down depending on what they think.

The Future of Game Networking

This level of social integration in a game is completely without precedent. There is an astounding amount of ease with which someone in Spore can completely customize their experience. Sporecasts are a good example: if someone really wants their game of Spore to have only furry creatures like the Furball, they can look for a Sporecast that features furry creatures, and then it will show up like that on their planet in-game. The future of the video games will be enhanced through the Pokemon go account. The demand for the account is increasing among the players for safe playing environment of video games..

5 Spices That Can Help Fight Inflammation

Spices not only improve the flavor of your meals, they can help improve your health as well. Studies have shown that some common spices you may already have in your kitchen can be effective in fighting disease and pain, including inflammation. Not only that, but including these five spices in your diet may help decrease the need for anti-inflammatory drugs. Here are five spices that may help fight inflammation.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a normal process of the human body, a response of the immune system to a foreign invader. Most often, this invader is a bacteria or virus. The problem with inflammation comes when the body begins to produce an inflammation response when no foreign invader is present. This type of inflammation, sometimes referred to as chronic or low level inflammation, has been implicated in diseases ranging from heart disease to cancer as well as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, lupus, arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Researchers believe that reducing chronic low level inflammation may be the key to unlocking prevention of these and other diseases.

The Inflammation Fighting Super Spice Turmeric

Turmeric is the main ingredient in curry powder. Practitioners of natural healing have long used this member of the ginger family to soothe upset stomachs and ease chronic arthritis pain. Turmeric has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties. It can also help lower blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. How does this exotic spice help fight inflammation? Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin that works like a COX-2 inhibitor, the same inhibitor present in anti-inflammatory NSAID drugs. The best part: Turmeric seems to offer the same anti-inflammatory benefits as NSAID drugs without the pesky side effects. Curcumin has also been found to help reduce swelling of inflamed tissues in the body. Ongoing research into curcumin is looking into its usage in relieving osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If you are not a fan of curry powder, turmeric is available in supplement form.

Ginger Inhibits Inflammation Enzymes

Many people know about ginger’s ability to relieve nausea, but ginger is a natural way to fight inflammation as well. Ginger contains gingersols which have been found to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Like turmeric, the compounds present in ginger work by inhibiting COX-2 enzymes that help produce inflammation in the body. Researchers have had success using ginger to relieve pain in arthritis patients. Although fresh raw ginger is the most potent, ginger is also available in supplement form. Ginger tea is also an option for those who don’t like fresh, raw ginger. Simply steep fresh sliced raw ginger root in boiling water for 1 minute. For a stronger brew, steep an additional minute.

Take the Heat Out of Inflammation with Cayenne, Chili Powder and Chili Peppers

Cayenne, chili powder and chili peppers are three spices that are effective in fighting inflammation. These three wonder spices all contain capsaicin. Not only does capsaicin give these spices their heat, it also helps fight inflammation by blocking the neuropeptide Substance P. Substance P is responsible for causing nerve fibers in the body to swell. For more information on the health benefits of capsaicin see Amazing Health Benefits of Capsaicin: Turn Up the Heat on Your Health.

Pungent Garlic May Stop Inflammation in Its Tracks

Recent research into garlic has found that the pungent spice may have medicinal properties that may help fight cancer, heart disease, improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels and boost the immune system. But garlic is also a super spice in the fight against inflammation. The enzymes present in garlic help to generate anti-inflammatory prostaglandins and thromboxanes. Allicin, one of the compounds in garlic that cause its pungent smell, is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for inflammation.

Use Oregano to Spice Up Your Health

Oregano not only smells good, it is also good for you. Oregano has antifungal and antibacterial properties and recent research has found that the aromatic spice may be a powerful weapon in fighting inflammation. Scientists in Germany and Switzerland found that when mice with swollen paws were given oregano, 70 percent saw reduced swelling. The key to the anti-inflammatory power of oregano is a substance called betacaryophyllin (E-BCP). This active ingredient in oregano has been found to inhibit inflammation as well as help reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis.  The rebel health tribe will provide the person facilities for purchasing of the health supplements. The side-effects should be in the notice of the person. The herbal medicines should be the first priority of the person.