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Tax Deductions For Freelance Writers, The Self-Employed And Other Sole Proprietors

As a freelance writer or other self-employed person, you are a sole proprietor, and you are allowed various tax deductions. Since these tax deductions will help offset the money you will have to pay in self-employment taxes, it will probably be worth your while to keep track of your expenses and take advantage of these tax deduction allowances. The following tips will help you learn what qualifies as a legitimate business expense for your freelance writing or other home-based business, as well as what other deductions are available to you as a sole proprietor.

1) Supplies and Postage

You’re relatively safe in deducting the cost of supplies and postage, within reason. The IRS isn’t likely to question the cost of basic office supplies. They know a writer has to buy pens, paper, and envelopes, as well as mail submissions.

2) Research Materials

If you use research software (like Lexis) regularly for your writing work, you can probably get these deductions by without question from the IRS. Magazine subscriptions are probably safe, too. Unless you subscribe to thousands of dollars worth of magazines, you should be safe deducting the costs of the few writing trade magazines you subscribe to. Book purchases (like Writers Market) or your online subscription to Writers Market can also be deducted.

3) Phone Calls and Mileage

If you do interviews that involve lengthy long-distance calls, or you have to travel for in-person interviews, you are relatively safe deducting these costs. If you dedicate a phone exclusively for business use, this deduction process should be easy, and the documented proof will be clear should you get audited. Mileage for trips to the library for writing work and such can also be deducted.

4) Computers and Software

If you have a computer dedicated exclusively to business use, you can deduct the full cost. The IRS allows a percentage deduction on computers used for both personal and business use. Cost of printers, scanners, copiers and the like can also be deducted under the same terms. Same with software.

5) Home Use

If you have an entire room set up as a home office, you can deduct a percentage of your mortgage or rent, as well as portions of your utilities and real estate taxes. This is an iffy area for people who don’t have an entire home office set up. Be prepared to justify your deductions should you be audited.

6) Writer’s Union or Small Business Association Dues

If you belong to a writer’s guild or small business association, you can deduct your monthly or annual dues. The knowledge of the dues should be gathered from the important site of the business. The dues can be deducted as per the union of writers.

7) Personal Health Insurance Costs

You can deduct the full cost of your insurance premiums. You cannot deduct your family’s insurance costs unless your spouse or children legally work for you. However, hiring your spouse or children is often a cost-effective option with added deduction benefits.

8) 401(k) Contributions

If you contributed to a self-employed or sole 401(k) plan last year, you can deduct 100% of those contribution costs this year.

9) Earned Income of Your Minor/Teenage Children as Employees

Sole proprietors can hire their minor children without paying payroll taxes. As long as the child earns less than $5,000 per year, the child’s income is generally not subject to federal income taxes either. (This means neither the sole proprietor nor the parent nor the teen will have to pay any income or employment tax on these wages.) So, if your teenagers help out with your business — stuffing envelopes, filing, typing labels — take advantage of this deduction. It could save you several hundred, or even a few thousand, dollars per year, as long as your business is profitable.

10) Spousal HRA (Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements) Loophole

Healthcare reimbursement arrangements, known in tax-man lingo as a IRC Section 105(b) plan, are NOT deductible for the sole proprietor himself. However, if the sole proprietor hires his spouse as an employee, the sole proprietor can establish an HRA that reimburses the whole family’s healthcare costs. This reimbursement is a legitimate business deduction on self-employment and income taxes.

Choosing the Fastest VPN Service- Easy Guide for Beginners!

It is a much better option for you to have direct access to the fastest VPN service. The modern world is connecting with millions at a rapid pace, where individuals share different confidential data. So you must safeguard the information, and VPN networks can come in handy surely.

However, you need to be selective about the VPN service you are opting for yourself. To boot, if you are a beginner into the VPN networks, then you can be considerate about the information mentioned below.

Steps to follow for finding the fastest VPN network

  1. Purpose of getting a VPN: it would be convenient for you to know the purpose of getting a VPN. Well, when shopping for something, you inevitably compare several options instead of clinging on to the first option. So it is a convenient option for you to understand the purpose and choose accordingly.
  2. Compatibility: you must keep check of the compatibility of the devices with the VPN network. Several network issues might take place when you would be managing it for the compatibility of your device. So the better option would be to know about the compatibility of the device with the network you are deciding on.
  3. Crucial locations must be covered: some VPN networks don’t offer you location coverage, and hence it might result as obsolete for you. Not every server cover all the location so it would be convenient for you to go along with one that has the highest coverage of the networks.

The final verdict

From the details mentioned above, we can easily conclude that for acquiring the fastest VPN service, you need to have to pay consideration to several aspects. Considering all the steps as mentioned earlier allows you to have the finding the faster network of VPN  and the torguard coupons and promo codes for your device.

Online Shopping: Kids’ Attraction

Shopping is the first thing that comes to mind when you plan to hang out with friends. What all you should buy is a secondary option as a union is a once in a lifetime opportunity due to the busy schedule in office and also dealing with personal problems can take toll on you.

Fortunately, you no longer have to waste your time by simply bustling from one store to another just to purchase whatever you want, wait hours and hours seeing, selecting, analyzing and finally deciding to buy it.

Due to the internet finding its way into smartphones, online shopping has become a lot more easier with around 60% of the population around the world preferring to buy everything online and from the comforts of home.

However, online shopping has also got its share of limitations, especially when it comes to buys clothes.

When out window shopping, you can atleast see everything with your own eyes but online its not that easy and the consumerepic.com site can vouch for the fact.

All the more difficult is selecting kids’ wear as the size, shape and measurements cannot be done online.

But still, parents prefer to buy clothes for their children online only as they do not want to move beyond the comfort of the four walls of their house.

So, today we are going to talk about 5 things to avoid while buying kids’ clothes online, which are as follows:

  • Just make sure that you buy light clothes depending on the child’s weight as heavy ones can suffocate them.
  • Make sure that you buy accessories that are matching with the clothes be it size, shape or color.
  • Be sure to buy clothes for near future as kids grow very fast
  • Also ask the child’s preference as well as its more important
  • Take care of the style quotient and buy trendy clothes

Does Your Cat Run Away when You Bring Out the Vacuum Cleaner?

What is it about some cats who seem petrified of vacuum cleaners? Then there are other cats who love to have their fur vacuumed. What’s up with that?
I guess it is all about individuality. Cats, just like humans and most other animals, have individually unique preferences. One might like to be picked up and cuddled, another will resist every time. Or, one might like chicken, another might like fish. And on it goes.

I am not sure we can really figure out why a particular cat seems to fear the big “monster” vacuum cleaner, since I believe it might be something from deep within them; perhaps some traumatic experience in their earliest kittenhood days they associate with noises from the vacuum cleaner? Hard to know, really. However, they would be quite satisfied with the bosch staubsauger as it would make their fur quite soft.

Both of our cats are quite fearful of our vacuum cleaner. Whenever we bring it from the closet, they quickly run for cover. And, if we decide to do the whole house in one session, we will eventually drive them from wherever they ran to hide, unless they knew enough to head for the basement.

It seems to be a combination of the high-pitched whining and whistling noises, as well as the vibrations created by the beater-bar attachment that the cats do not like. I’m sure their sensitive feet can feel the floor tickling them as the beater bar does its job! That would drive anyone away!

Vacuum cleaner noise typically averages somewhere in the 75-80 decibel range, though some exceed 90 decibels! That is loud even to human hearing, and cats’ hearing is far more sensitive than humans’, especially in the higher ranges. We all know that vacuum cleaners make a whining sound, as their motors run at high speeds, and the air being sucked into the hose attachment tends to whistle sometimes. So it may be that some cats’ hearing is actually injured by some vacuum cleaner noises. No wonder they scatter!

What can be done to protect cats’ hearing from vacuum cleaner noises? I doubt there is any easy way to muffle or otherwise reduce the sound levels from the machines; otherwise, I would think the manufacturers would have done that. I also don’t think it would be practical or feasible to provide ear-plugs or earmuffs for the cats.

It might be possible to put our cats in the basement when we need to clean the house. That way, they would be far enough away from the high frequency noises to where those noises should not affect them too much. The vibration noise of the beater bar on the floor might tick them off some, but at least it won’t tickle their feet!

For those who do not have basements, if your cats are not typically outdoor’ cats, I’m not sure how to resolve that one. You might have to close them into one bedroom until you get the rest of the house finished, then move them to another closed room to finish that room.

Or, just let them find their own “safe zone”. Cats pretty much know how to take care of themselves, even when it comes to those loud, monstrous sucking machines!

Good luck!

Blogging for Profit: Tips for Working Through a Discouragement Phase

The early stage of any serious business effort is often fraught with anxiety. You start out at a caffeine-overload level, and then the realities of the work involved hit you like a ton of bricks and you start to crash and burn. The crash can prove fatal, or merely be a point of correction leading to subsequent revitalization.

Blogging is a business enterprise, even though it might be done just for fun with no intent of profit. A blogger owns a media property and can make of it whatever seems desirable. There are probably thousands of inactive or seldom updated blogs. Why do some blogs blossom and flourish, while others don’t? I believe the answer lies in the depth of commitment that the blogger brings to the enterprise.

Unless the blogger has help and support available from others with technical knowledge and experience in the field of blogging, discouragement does come easily in the early stages of blogging. The novice blogger is designing the site, trying to add the appropriate widgets and whatnots to add subscribers and make everything work right, doing the writing, figuring out how to eventually monetize, sharpening the focus, figuring out analytical data, setting goals – in general, burning the candle at both ends.

If you are blogging for fun and it is no longer fun, then letting the blog go by the wayside is probably the practical thing to do. You can table it or completely dump it, and be none the worse for wear in the process.

If you are blogging for income, however, discarding the blog is something you want to avoid if you can possibly do so. Money earned at first? Zip. Effort expended at first? Tons. That’s why there is a need for commitment. When the candle you are burning at both ends starts flickering and your energy lags, then discouragement is right around the corner.

If you are blogging for income and you’ve entered a discouragement phase, here are some tips to help you overcome that discouragement:

  1. Never, ever consider giving up if, deep in your heart of hearts, you truly want the blog to succeed. Be steadfast in your commitment to succeed.
  2. Take a step back and look at your blog objectively. Don’t compare it to the other masterful blogs on the internet. Just focus on your own blog.
  3. Think back to the very roots of its origin and what it looked like then. Now look at all of the improvements that you’ve made, which are sure to be many. Pat yourself on the back – you deserve it.
  4. Analyze why you are discouraged. What are the current sticking points? Can you solve those on your own, or do you need to seek help or advice from someone?
  5. Prioritize. Commit to working on only one problem at a time. Get that problem solved to your own satisfaction before moving on to the next one. Success breeds success. This is where bing search bot will be really helpful in improving your clicks. This will give you a huge motivation and boost to your blog page as well.
  6. When the problems are solved, work on one new improvement goal at a time.
  7. Cut yourself some slack. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a successful blog won’t be up and running in a short period of time, either. You slog, tweak, slog, tweak, and so on until you build up page views, eventually monetize and bring in some income, and then begin to really enjoy the full fruits of your labor. I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way!
  8. If you don’t quit, you will win.

I’m writing from experience, having hit a discouragement phase myself with my own blog, and then applying these tips to work through it. My enthusiasm still waxes and wanes depending on how things shape up each day, but I’m determined to stay especially focused on tips #1 and #8 until I really enjoy the full fruits of my labor.

I remember this from my professional management days: No guts, no glory! Stay tuned for more from me regarding blogging – I’m in it for the long haul.

Plyometric Training Can Work for You

Are you listening, are you hearing what your body is saying, no screaming at you; I want to increase my athletic ability especially when I am trying to push off the blocks or excel off the line at the point of attack. If fast movements and quick changes in direction are what you seek then Plyometric training (cardio exercises) might be in the cards for you (they also provide a means to burn extreme amounts of calories and assist in meeting any weight loss goals).

If you are ready for the Plyometric training challenge then follow these exercises for set 1 and 2. For set 1 begin by jumping rope for 2 minutes as a warm up, followed by:

High Knees: run in place lifting your knees as high as possible

Step Ups: find a step or platform then step onto it with both feet then back down

Line Jumping: using the jump rope make a straight line then jump over the line side to side as quick as possible making sure to jump as low to the ground as possible

High Knee Jumps: jump off the ground lifting your knees to your chest (or as high as you can lift them)

Tires: if no tires are available then just use your imagination to think of tires. Lift your knees as high as you can and imagine your stepping your feet into side by side tires. Go side to side for a minute then forwards and backwards for a minute.

Jump Switches: spread your legs a bit and bend your knees like you are getting ready to do a core sit. Lower your body into a squat position. Jump up and turn your whole body to face the other side. Repeat this for the other side as well.

Gap Jump: going from side to side jump as far as you can landing on 1 foot at a time (like your jumping from ledge to ledge).

This completes set 1 but if you want to do this rotation again begin again with two minutes of jumping rope.

When you are ready to move forward then try set 2 which also begins with jumping rope for 2 minutes and proceed on to the following exercises:

Cross Hops: start on 1 leg and hop forwards, backwards and side to side making a cross then switch legs.

Box Jump: get a box or plastic step that is 6 inches to 1 foot tall and 1 foot wide. Jump side to side over the box.

Wall Sits: lean against a wall with your knees bent as 90 degree angle (like you are squatting).

Squat Hops: squat down and hop forward then backward.

Duck Walk: squat down like you are going to play leap frog. Lift your legs a little so the back of your thighs are not resting on your calves, then walk around trying to maintain your height.

Mountain Climbers: hold your body in push-up position, then run with your legs as fast as you can like you are trying to climb a steep hill.

Squat Jumping Jacks: start with a couple regular jumping jacks then put your hands behind your head and bend your knees so you are squatting down. Move only your legs and try to do these slow, because the slower and lower you do these the more it burns.

To repeat the second set, take a quick break then start with jumping rope for 2 minutes.

As your fitness level grows, you can increase the intensity of your Plyometric training by adding reps as needed and duration as well. If gaining a stronghold on your athletic prowess is important to you then try a few sets of Plyometric training and watch abilities soar.

For more queries, you can simply click here to visit crazybulk website and view special offers at www.crazybulk.com

Nanny or Daycare?

Working parents have no choice but to look to others to watch their children throughout the day. When it comes to choosing childcare many parents find themselves torn between having to choose a nanny or daycare. Nannies and daycare differ greatly from each other; each presents its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking into childcare and are not sure which route to take, you may want to consider looking below at how nannies and daycare compare with one another.
Nannies are a reliable source of care. They can be available to watch your child several days a week, early morning, day and night, holidays, and even on days when your child is sick. With daycare the schedule is not as flexible because children can only attend five days a week for a set amount of time usually between the hours of 7:30am to 5:30 pm. Unlike nannies, daycares will not usually take in children who are sick. If the illness is contagious or raises concern, the sick child will not be allowed to return to daycare until 48 hours (or more) have passed. This can create difficulty for the parents because they have to unexpectedly miss out on work.

Nannies cater to parents’ requests and parents cater to the daycare’s (director and teacher’s) requests. Parents can give the nanny specifics on how to care for their child such as in feeding, discipline, sleeping and exercise. Parents make the guidelines and nannies follow them. In daycare, there is a written policy that details the specifics of how feeding is done, how the children are disciplined, and when and how long the children sleep and exercise. Parents can not alter the daycare policy in any way unless it poses harm to a child who needs special treatment and consideration. Parents are able to control how their child is cared for more when they use nannies.

Nannies provide reliable transportation. If the child has to attend school or a program, the nanny can easily drive the child to and from their program. Parents will be able to go to work with ease because they have the nanny to do the pick up and drop off. This is not the case when the child goes to daycare. Some daycares do not offer transportation which leaves the dropping off and picking up to the parents. Dropping off and picking up the child can be stressful and difficult to do for the working parent.

Nannies can become an extension to the family because they play a significant role in the child’s life. They are there at all hours preparing meals and helping the children get ready for school. They become a consistent figure in the child’s life.

Children with a nanny are not as exposed to such sickness as the common cold or conjunctivitis as children would be in daycare. This can be a good and bad thing because children who spend time around other children become exposed to germs and build immunity. Children who stay at home with the nanny are not as exposed to the germs and remain pretty healthy by not catching a cold, conjunctivitis, (or even lice) throughout the year.

When parents use nannies they can keep siblings together throughout the day which is not the case with daycare. With daycare, siblings who vary in age are usually separated and put into the age appropriate classrooms.

With the use of nannies, children get more one on one time. In daycare, children have to vie for attention in a classroom of at least 15 children to two teachers. In daycare, the children spend more time interacting with one another than they do with the (adults) teachers.

Nannies generally cost more than daycare because their services are tailored to fit the desires of the parents. The price for a nanny is worth it if parents want an in home setting for their children.

Lastly, the daycare setting allows your child to develop social skills with other children.Your child will experience being around different children of different temperament. They will also learn how to follow rules outside of the home.

So for all the worried parents out there, rest assured that your child is in safe hands and the preschool newmarket at daycare centres is something that the little tyke will enjoy immensely.

Boosting Brand Marketing by Using Top Social Media Sites today

So you have created a website for your business and a blog where you post original articles in your niche as often as you can. You’ve got engaging content and quality products or services that are promoted professionally, and you are ready to apply social media tools to reach more possible customers. And by social media, I mean Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. But how do you approach these three platforms? How to use them in order to create buzz and credibility? Is there any secret formula that you need to learn?

The truth is there is no secret formula no matter what the “social media experts” tell you. And they can recommend some ridiculous things, like first creating a strategy with goals, milestones and expected results that you should follow step-by-step until you achieve success. And you will achieve success, they say, because there’s no way such a well-developed strategy won’t work. Of course, this kind of advice sounds ridiculous. It overlooks the most important aspect of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are free-flowing, ever-changing and malleable for every person’s style. What may work for someone may not work for you. On these platforms, you interact with people, and people are unpredictable. You cannot know what they want to read, what makes them get involved and what makes them “like” you and come back for more. You learn these things in time, and this means it’s nearly impossible to build a precise strategy.

Hence, consider hiring Fresh Crowd for professional social media advertising instead. These are experts who can modify your social media marketing campaign towards success. That’s by considering delicate factors social media has among its users.

I do not call myself a “social media expert” because, honestly, I would never be able to give anyone advice or tell you how to go about using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. What I can do is tell you how I use them, and hope that you will think some of my methods are worth applying.

Let’s start with Facebook, because everyone is on this social media platform, interacting, making friends and spreading the word about great websites and blogs. I see Facebook as a picture economy. Mainly, here I post pictures that I think are worth sharing and discussing. My readers post to trigger conversations with people and that turns Facebook into a kind of forum. It’s the best way of keeping in touch with readers and hearing their opinions. It is easier for me to post pictures, content and respond to people. For me, Facebook is very active, while I consider Twitter more reactive.

On Twitter, my main goal is to find great content to post every day. Whether it’s an article written by me or an article found on the Internet, as long as it is in my niche and it is professional and informative, I post it. So I see Twitter as a link economy. On Twitter, it is easy to earn credit if you only post things that you consider genuinely interesting. I’ve got thousands of followers who re-tweet my links because they see me as an expert in my niche and trust me.

As for Google+, no one really knows what works on it. Everyone is trying to experiment and see how it can be used to promote a business. I can easily compare it with the Wild Wild West. I just post a picture or a video and I can get up to hundreds of comments. I respond to comments, interact with people, let them know that I am an approachable, open-minded person, and what I get in return is more comments. This is why I can say I love Google+ more than the other two platforms. But, of course, each of them has its own advantages.

Now that I’ve told you how I use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to build credibility, should I encourage you to take my advice and do exactly as I do? No, because I can’t tell if my methods will work for you. Actually, all you can do is post great links, pictures, and videos and see what happens. Learn what your readers want to see, figure out which platform suits your needs best, and concentrate on that one.

Social Media Monitoring, The New Way To Keep Track Of Events

Today, social websites have started to create waves but this is only to be expected given their exponential growth in the last few years. These social websites have grown so much that they have started to impact electronic media. While electronic media could be termed to be an effective means of communication a decade ago, that no longer holds any water, for the simple reason that social media get the latest news hours ahead of any electronic media.

Apart from being the first to get the latest news [from politics to entertainment], these networking sites have actually started to have an impact on geo-politics and other factors; in short, these websites are actually having an impact on how people think and react. Apart from affecting electronic media, government agencies have started to use social media to monitor electronic media and current events. As a result, lawsuits have been filed against certain government agencies in order to get them to be transparent about the process.

The Egyptian revolution is a perfect example of networking websites influencing local politics. The call for a revolution against Hosni Mubarak first made its appearance on social media websites, thanks to an innovative reformist. And that was enough to kick start an entire revolution, so much so, that it only took a few months for the Egyptian government to resign and for Hosni Mubarak to go into Exile in Sharma el-Sheikh.

In addition, most of these websites are easily accessible by mobile and multiple platforms, enabling members to upload news, pictures and graphic videos. in an instant, thereby creating an instant sensation. Furthermore, these websites make it possible for web users to share the news with their friends and associates, thereby increasing the instagram followersfree and gaining the viewer base. Naturally, governments worldwide are not too happy about the impact that social media seem to have on geo-politics and other government decisions. As a result, they have started to monitor these websites round-the-clock for any information that may prove to be inimical to their domestic and international policy decisions.

Of late, things came to a head when Congress started to discuss two bills, aimed at reducing internet piracy. Both these bills, SOPA [Stop Online Piracy act] and the PIPA [Protect IP act] were aimed at websites hosting pirated content. The problem is that most websites including and not limited to social media have no optimum method to per-verify any content before it is posted on to their website. Naturally, given the broad contours of these bills, social media as a whole would stand to be affected and nearly all the websites would be blocked out.

Given this, it was but natural for social media to impress the idiocy in going ahead with these bills now and to emphasize this; these websites went AWOL, making the point “All or nothing”. And the US congress, in a welcome change, decided to shelve these bills for the moment. This is not to mean that these bills will not come up later for discussion again but one hopes that when they do, they would dot the I’s and cross the T’s. It would indeed be idiotic for any government to try to control online content while under the guise of protecting intellectual property.

Best Methods To Sleep Without Using Any Aids

Ours is a stressful society, causing many of us to suffer from lack of sleep. There are many sleep aids available, but all for a price. Not only are they expensive, but some sleep aids may cause serious side effects. Availability of sleep medication runs from over the counter to prescription. Honestly, you can’t read a magazine today, or watch television for the evening, without being enticed to buy a medication that will help you sleep better. The advertisements look and sound so peaceful.

On the other hand, you’ve probably encountered medications that would keep you awake during the day. But be careful about Modafinil side effects before buying one, similar to being cautious in buying sleep aids.

There are many ways to get a good night of sleep without buying expensive sleep aids. What’s the secret to a relaxing night of uninterrupted sleep? The key is to clear your mind of all the clutter. The reason most of us have difficulty sleeping is that our minds are so busy. We’re thinking, planning, plotting and solving. We have lists to create, appointments to make, and deadlines to meet. If only we could forget everything and fall asleep. A good night of rest would make us sharper, happier, and more productive. Unfortunately, most of us either can’t fall asleep, or we wake up during the night and can’t get back to sleep. We lay awake, checking the glowing numbers on the alarm clock, telling ourselves that we have to sleep …but we can’t.

How can we clear our minds and have a peaceful night of rest? The oldest trick in the book is to count sheep. As silly as that may sound, it does work. You just have to believe that it does, and really concentrate. Concentration is the key word here. Envision those fluffy little critters hopping over the fence. In your mind, look at each face, notice the ears, and eyes, and even give each one a name if you want to. If you really concentrate on the sheep, you’ll soon be drifting off to sleep. The second you let those worries and woes creep back into your mind, you’ll be tossing and turning again.

If you really don’t like the old fashioned idea of counting sheep, try to think of something else that will relax you, and clear your mind of all the clutter. Imagine yourself in a small row boat, leisurely rowing down a beautiful stream. Notice the sights and sound that surround you. In your mind, envision a bird chirping softly in the branch above. Let your mind take you away and before long you’ll be drifting off to sleep.

Remember, the key is to completely clear your mind of what’s bothering you. Think of something you consider peaceful and let you mind dwell on it.

Other sleep aids that some people find helpful are devices that help you relax by using your senses. If noises are bothersome to you, find a way to mask them. The simplest and cheapest way to mask sound is to play a radio softly, or run a fan on low. If you prefer, you can purchase a compact disc and listen to the soothing sounds of a rain storm, babbling brook, chirping birds, or crickets. There are also sound machines available, which offer a variety of sounds to help you relax. These are available with volume control, and a timer.

Most of us find pleasing scents soothing and relaxing. You can purchase many kinds of plug in, and oil type air fragrances. For a more soothing effect, spritz your pillow with your favorite body spray. Breathe in the soft smell and clear your mind of thoughts and worries.

Another easy tip is to turn your pillow over to the “cool” side. This might sound strange, but the underside of your pillow is cooler. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, simply turn your pillow over. The coolness will feel refreshing and just might help you nod off.

Whether you already use medications as a sleep aid, or are being tempted by those dreamy commercials, consider trying some more natural methods for getting a good night of sleep.