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Top-Notch Bitcoins Wallets That You Must Use!

If you are into modern technology, then you must be aware of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that you can use for various purposes, such as investment, trading, and making purchases. There are various things about bitcoin that people are not aware of. Unlike real money, bitcoin has no physical appearance, which raises a doubt in the mind of people that how do we store it. There are unique digital wallets used for storing bitcoins; these are known as bitcoin wallets. If you are a bitcoin trader, then you must use it along with other trading robots. Bitcoin Blueprint is a crypto trading robot that applies high-frequency trading strategies and helps you to earn maximum profit.

Some of the best digital wallets for bitcoins


If you are looking for a cryptocurrency wallet that has all the features, then coinbase is the best option for you. It is one of the best bitcoin wallets that allow you to connect with your bank and make quick and smooth transfers. It makes your bitcoin trading more fluent and convenient. Coinbase not only supports bitcoins but allows you trade in other cryptocurrencies as well. The primary reason that has made coinbase to grab the top spot is the great convenience and ease of use it offers.


If you are using a desktop for bitcoin trading, then you must use a bitcoin wallet that is desktop friendly. Electrum is one of the best bitcoin wallets that can be used on your desktop as it stores bitcoins in the form of some encrypted files on your system. You can use this wallet on all platforms and operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, etc. It is immensely easy to use and makes it highly convenient to store your bitcoins safely and without any risk of theft or loss.

Bitcoins Versus Fiat Currencies

Bitcoins are completely revolutionizing the world with their multiple application. You have trading platforms like the Bitcoin Revolution. The Bitcoin Revolution app is a trending robot that offers you online bitcoin trading options. With their launch in 2009 everyone is talking about the different possibilities that are associated with bitcoins. 

In this article, we are going to analyze how bitcoins are different from fiat currencies. 

  • Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and it was decided that the overall supply of bitcoin would be capped at 21 million. Considering the rate at which bitcoins are mined you will find that by 2022 19 million bitcoins will be mined. This way you will get a finite number of bitcoins, increasing their value over time.
    On the other hand, fiat currencies are maintained by the government controlling the regulations, circulation of the fiat currencies depending on the economic conditions of the nation.
    This is why both Bitcoins and Fiat currencies are going to be there for a long and time and will increase their value over time. 
  • Since fiat currencies are divisible and are accepted globally is the reason why they are more popular in terms of currency. However, bitcoin also offers you high divisibility making it possible for you to use bitcoins as a form of digital currency. 
  • What makes bitcoins better than any other fiat currency is its utility and the different options that you get with it. Moreover, with the introduction of blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the finance sector as it offers several amazing and practical applications. 
  • Lastly, you will bitcoins are more durable and transportable as compared with fiat currencies. Bitcoins are much more durable and it is really easy to transport them as well. 

Besides all these factors there are several issues with bitcoin as well, as there are no rules and regulations when it comes to bitcoins you will find that there are lots of illegal activities that are committed with the help of bitcoins. Moreover, the value of bitcoins is highly volatile making them quite tricky as an investment opportunity.

Top 3 Effective Way To Hire An Automotive Locksmith

Crisis are quite common when you deal with Automotive on a daily basis, which is why you should always keep in touch with a reliable and efficient auto locksmith that can help you with all kinds of car lock issues.

You might have come across issues like losing your car keys or your keys got stuck in the ignition and retrieval of keys thereafter can be a time consuming and annoying process that you may have to face. Additionally, you will find that there are tons of auto locksmiths that are out there claiming to be the best in their field, however, most of them are incapable of handling your car lock issues efficiently.

Keeping all this in mind, here we are with the top 3 tips that you can keep in your mind as you look for an auto locksmith.

  • The first and the most important thing that you should be looking at is the qualification, credentials, and experience of the locksmith. For that, you can read online reviews and ratings of the service provided that you choose.
    Along with that, you should also consider auto locksmith that has insurance so that you can get compensated in case there is some damage to your car lock. This way you can get efficient and quality service from your locksmith.
  • Secondly, make sure that you ask about the overall cost of the repair beforehand so that you can prepare yourself for that. Moreover, this will help you in comparing the prices that are offered by different service providers so that you can choose the best one after comparison.
    Although, make sure that you choose a quality service provider instead of a cheap one.

  • Lastly, you can look for recommendations and references from your friends and colleagues as you look for professional locksmiths. This will greatly help you in choosing a professional locksmith that is credible, reliable, and efficient.

These are the top three things that you can follow in order to get the very best auto locksmith for your daily needs.

How to attend Interview

This came to mind because of a situation that left a not-so-good initial impression on me by someone in the same field I am in – Human Resources.

As a background, I have been looking for new employment opportunities for some time already. I have gone through various interviews and other exploratory discussions with many companies.

This week – on Wednesday at 1:30 PM to be precise, I received a call from a female representative (probably the secretary) of company ‘M’ located in one of the business districts in the metropolis. The lady mentioned that they had received my CV (resume) via an online job application site, through which I sent my application earlier. She asked me to come for an interview on Friday, at 6:00 PM.

Now that schedule initially struck me as being odd, so I asked the person why the schedule was after office hours. I was told that the person who would be interviewing me, their Human Resources Manager, usually came in the evening to get more work done after everyone else had left. I got the impression then that the company might have a shifting schedule, but this was denied by their employee. They had regular daytime work schedules. She only mentioned that the Manager often came to work early and perhaps left the office earlier than 5:30 PM.

So, being satisfied somewhat with the story she gave, I confirmed the 6:00 PM interview schedule for Friday.

The interview day came. I decided to be at the vicinity of their office an hour earlier to be able to relax a bit at the adjacent mall. At around 4:30 PM when I was already at the mall, taking a cup of coffee, I received a text message from the company representative. The interview was canceled because their HRD Manager was sick. I was to wait for their call the next week for a new schedule.

So I asked (also via text) why they only advised me almost an hour before the interview. I told them I was already nearby and was just keeping myself busy in the meantime. And I got an unexpected answer. Apparently the Manager only “texted” the employee a while back, perhaps a few minutes before they told me.

If the 6:00 PM schedule was odd, this situation of an eleventh-hour notification was downright absurd. I’m not complaining much about the last minute advice though. It’s the reason they gave that really got to me. Many human resource management systems are made in singapore for effective results. Proper advice can be taken from the experts for the establishment of the right system for the business organizations. 

I thought about the situation.

Since the HRD Manager “texted” the employee, that meant he wasn’t at the office.

If the HRD Manager was sick, wouldn’t they have known it as early as the first working hour of the day? They could have then informed me much earlier.

If the Manager had reported to work earlier, wouldn’t they have known if he had left earlier than usual and wouldn’t be returning?

I’ve been into Human Resources for more than 10 years. I have heard the best (and even worst) excuses the employees give when they can’t report to work. Most are acceptable, honest-to-goodness valid reasons. A few may sound suspicious, and there are one or two totally unacceptable and unbelievable concocted excuses.

Now this one, about the HRD Manager being sick – well, it still keeps me thinking. I would have probably thought that it’s a poor way of giving an excuse. I’m not saying that the Manager was just malingering. Maybe he really wasn’t feeling well. But the way it was relayed – it was really something you just couldn’t forget.

I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Perhaps the Manager had an urgent appointment elsewhere. But then they should have just said so.

Maybe he was out somewhere on official business and couldn’t get back on time. They should have just said so.

Is anyone at fault in this situation? Maybe not. But given the chain of events, the subordinate employee probably did not have the skills of diplomacy or tact to deal with (allegedly) instant events that would affect other people’s activities as well.

I don’t mind waiting a few more days. The long weekend is upon us anyway. It’s not worth the stress to ponder about these things that may be resolved very soon anyway.

Then again, we’d have to see what comes up next week.

When Bankruptcy is Your Only Option

When you’ve reached the end of your financial rope, sometimes the only option that you have left to use bankruptcy. There are many intermediate steps that should be attempted before filing for bankruptcy, but if your financial situation is bad enough those steps may not be sufficient. Whether you have gotten into the situation because of circumstances out of control such as the death of a spouse, prolonged sickness, loss of job, or if you’ve gotten into this situation because of a lack of discipline and good financial habits, the bankruptcy courts are going to want to know that you have attempted to repay your creditors before filing for bankruptcy. Some of the steps that you may take including getting a second job, selling assets and using the proceeds to repay your creditors, or even debt consolidation loans. While each of these steps can be a lengthy article in and of themselves, in this article we’re going to briefly discuss personal bankruptcy. If there are no funds available to pay, then declaration as the bankrupt is the only option not necessary. The bankruptcy attorney san diego can provide the alternatives to the clients. 

When going through a personal bankruptcy, it can feel like the world is set against you and that you cannot catch a break. You may feel like you have failed, that your creditors are out to get you, or that the nightmare that you are in will never end. The truth of the matter is that bankruptcy is a temporary situation and that once the process is completed you can regain a certain degree of freedom and financial security. While bankruptcy will negatively impact your credit score and your ability to obtain loans in the future, that setback may be a small price to pay to stop collection calls and to regain peace of mind.

For individuals, there are two primary types of bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individuals who have some debt but who also have a substantive income as determined by the court. With this type of bankruptcy, the court will often decree that the individual must develop a plan to pay back their creditors over a 3 to 5 year time frame. Creditors cannot harass an individual during this time frame in an attempt to recover funds. The creditors will also often have to settle for receiving less money than they are owed. While this is a plus for the individual, and even greater benefit is that individual typically gets to keep their property.

The second type of bankruptcy that is generally available to individuals is Chapter 7. Chapter 7 is a more complicated form of bankruptcy and is often used to prevent bank foreclosures. Certain personal properties may be retained by the individual, however substantive assets that have value to creditors such as homes or jewelry may be sold off to repay the debt. Exceptions of this are often primary residencies, retirement plans, vehicles, and personal jewelry such as wedding rings. Second homes, cars with significant values such as sports cars, and extravagant jewelry are generally not protected in this type of bankruptcy. Also this form of bankruptcy will remain on your credit record for at least 10 years and will impact your ability to get a loan.

The thinking that allows a person who petitions for bankruptcy to retain certain possessions is that it does not benefit society to strip the person of a minimal level of assets that would allow them to contribute to their community. For example, retirement plans are often not touched in a bankruptcy because doing so may render a person poverty-stricken upon retirement and force them to rely on the state for sustenance. A modest vehicle is often granted so that a person can continue to work and earn money to support themselves. It is in the best interest of society that the person filing for bankruptcy get on their feet as quickly as possible, resolve their debt problems, and get back to leading a normal life.

Deciding whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a process that is difficult to go through but begins by determining the resale value of what you own. If the property that you have has substantial value or you have substantial assets, chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the way to go. If you don’t have any assets or income, chapter 7 may be the only hope that you have to stop creditors from bothering you day and night. Regardless of which way you go though, it is advised that you find a good lawyer to help guide you through the process.

Product Review: Hewlett Packard Pavilion Entertainment PC

Hewlett Packard is easily one of the most trusted computer companies on the market. I recieved my Hewlett Packard Pavilion Entertainment PC on Christmas as a present from my parents, which they tried to hide it from me of course. Upon opening it there was minimal installation that had to be done, which probably took about 20 minutes or so, so it wasn’t so bad after all. They ask you to register your PC, possibly for security reasons and updates as well.

My Hewlett Packard Pavilion Entertainment PC laptop also came with headphones, which were awesome since now I could listen to music on my new laptop right out of the box without disturbing others around me. Also, the headphones jack is located on the front of the laptop so it doesn’t really get in the way of anything. The laptop also came with a remote so you can switch songs from a remote and use it as a small entertainment center for you and your friends and/or family. Some other small things that my Hewlett Packard laptop came with were some small technical guides in case something happens, other forms for a Microsoft Office trial, and other small things as well. Overall, I was very happy with what had come bundled with the Hewlett Packard Pavilion Entertainment PC.

The looks of the laptop were great as well. Compared to my friends laptops, it was a little smaller, but I liked it, it seemed perfect to me. Located near the base of the screen, but a little above the keyboard are some volume buttons that are lit up by a cool blue light for when using your PC during the night or just in the dark.

One of the biggest problems with buying any sort of computer is the price. There are some computers that go for thousands upon thousands of dollars, and then there are cheap brands that are usually not worth it. Hewlett Packard sells good computers for a fair price. The stats for my computer are good, and the computer isn’t that expensive either. The hard drive space isn’t overly excessive, yet it has enough memory for all my essentials, as well as games for fun. But just like what everybody says, the price should never compromise the quality of the device. While availing the service of the best laptop repair near me is reliable and effective, no one certainly wants to have their laptop repaired because it may cost them some money and it might change the quality of their laptop.

If you’re looking for a good computer with good system stats, and that isn’t very costly compared to companies like Alienware, look at the selection that Hewlett Packard has. I know once I got my Hewlett Packard Pavilion Entertainment PC, I cannot do business and writing nearly as well. My Hewlett Packard laptop is essential for my almost every day life if I want to do some of the things I enjoy doing most.

How to Groom a Poodle at Home

Regular grooming is essential in preserving the health and well being of your poodle. Left un-groomed, a poodles hair can become matted and heavy, weighing him down. It can also irritate the skin underneath and provide a haven for flees and ticks.

Brushings should be a part of your poodle’s daily life. This prevents tangles and matting. Additionally, because poodle fur grows quickly, you should have your poodle trimmed at least every other month.

Daily brushings should be done at home. Clipping can be done by a groomer, but this can be expensive. Home clipping is much less stressful on your poodle, can save you time, and money.

Here is a step by step guide to grooming your poodle at home.

Materials Needed to Groom a Poodle:

Brushes  amp; Combs:

* Small slicker brush for face, tail, toes, and legs

* Medium slicker brush for back and belly

* Cushioned pin brush for longer hair

* Pure bristle brush for top knot and mane (especially for show grooming)

* Steel round tooth 1″ comb (especially helpful for removing matting)


There are countless types of clippers that can be purchased just about anywhere. My experience has found that the best clippers to use for home grooming a poodle is the Oster 78970-100. This specific clipper comes in a kit complete with adjustable titanium blades, 6 different size comb attachments, as well as all the brushes and combs you need. One of the things I like most about this clipper set is that the motor is very quiet, which is exceptionally beneficial when grooming skittish poodles.


You will need to find a shampoo that fits your needs. If your poodle has flees and/or ticks, you will want to consult your veterinarian about which shampoo is best. If your poodle is prone to stains (most light colored poodles are) you will want to find a shampoo that targets that. You will also want to consider the scent of your shampoo. Choose something that is not too fragrant, as this can irritate your poodle.

Blow Dryer:

I recommend using your regular hair dryer on a low setting. You can always purchase a professional dog dryer, but this can be costly.

Nail Clippers:

Recent on the market is the PetiCure, a handheld trimmer for your pets nails. I own this and swear by it. It really is an easy and painless way to trim your poodle’s nails. This can be found at most drug and retail stores, or you can always order it online.

Grooming Your Poodle – Step By Step

  • Start by brushing out your poodle’s fur. Make sure to get any tangles out. If there is any matting, use your fingers to separate, then use the steel comb.
  • Shampoo your poodle. Start with a small amount around the neck (this prevents any flees from going to the eyes/ears/nose). Work the shampoo into a thick lather. If there are special instructions on your particular shampoo, follow those. Be sure to avoid getting any soap in the eyes. Rinse with warm water, starting from the top down.
  • Towel dry your poodle, then blow dry on a low setting. Depending on the length and your experience, you can brush and dry at the same time. Once your poodle’s fur is dry, you can start clipping.
  • Make sure your poodle is comfortably restrained. Attaching a leash and securely fastening it is the best way.
  • When turning on the clippers, it is best to do so a few feet from, but in the front (field of vision) of your poodle, so he/she is not startled by the sound.
  • Start by clipping the paws. Use one hand to securely hold the paw. Squeeze gently to spread the toes so that you can trim the hair evenly.
  • Clip the hair around the ears next, using a flat and even stroke.
  • Clip the face next. This can be difficult. If your poodle is not restrained, you may need an extra pair of hands. You will need to use your free hand to firmly hold the muzzle. Clip from the eyes down.
  • Clipping the throat can be done two ways. First you will need to pull the head up. If you want a longer cut, clip downwards. For shorter cuts, clip upwards.
  • You will use your scissors to cut and shape the top knot. Make sure it is completely combed out first. Start from the corner of the eye and work your way to the back of the neck.
  • Next you will want to clip the tail. When clipping the top, move towards the body, but underneath, you will want to clip away from the body. The pom pom can be trimmed using your scissors.
  • Begin clipping the back next. Make sure to keep the blade even. Start from the base of the skull to the top of the tail.
  • Clipping the stomach can be done several ways. I have found it easiest to do so with the poodle standing upright. Start by clipping the side, lifting each leg one at a time with your free hand.
  • Use your scissors to shape the hair of the legs to your desired style.
  • Trim your poodle’s nails
  • Brush your poodle out.
  • Add a pretty little bow to the top knot and your done!

A few words of warning. Make sure you properly lubricate your clippers, and take care not to let them get too hot when clipping your poodle. This can cause a painful clipper rash. 

Also, you should give your poodle a nice shelter. Since there is frog pets paludarium diy setup class, surely there is also training on how to set up shelter for your poodle.

Dumpster Diving: The “Freeganism” Movement

I first read about dumpster diving in an article in the now defunct Jane magazine. I was both shocked and intrigued that people whom could otherwise afford to buy their own food would chose to sift through dumpsters for it just to prove something. The type of dumpster diving mentioned in the magazine was part of the “freeganism” movement. The movement’s goal is to avoid living a materialistic consumer lifestyle and they dumpster dive in order to reuse resources which would other wise be destined for the landfill. Dumpster rental Pomona, ca for example also posses this kind of concept and principle. This design has been widely accepted and considered to be one of the best movement. You can read more in depth about the freeganism movement at http://freegan.info/ . The origin of the name is a combination of the words vegan (people whom do not consume or use any animal products) and free. However, there are people that dumpster dive in order to make a little extra cash selling things on e-bay and even donate some of the goods that they can not use themselves. Admittedly, some dumpster divers even admit to giving some of their findings as gifts.

Other names for dumpster diving are garbage picking, curbing, or in the UK binning. It is employed in both the United States and in Western Europe. In many parts of the USA it is an illegal act although this is enforced or regulated differently. It seems that the biggest hurdle you face is a store open confronting you. The best places to dumpster dive reportedly are at retail stores, offices and in wealthy residential neighborhoods. In many townships they hold curbside pick up for large items that the regular garbage disposal companies will not take and many items are collected in this fashion. Also, wealthy colleges such as Princeton have large items that are placed outside for free at the end of the school year and the end of fall semester. The most consistent providers and best types of retail stores to collect from tend to be grocery stores, bakeries, and health food stores. Often times these stores throw out completely unopened food items which they can no longer sell that are perfectly okay. Others stores that people tend to favor are craft stores, book stores, house ware, and electronic stores.

The tools that may be helpful on a dumpster dive are leather work gloves, a stepping stool, a flashlight, wet wipes or Purell hand sanitizer gel, and some type of tool to pull items out of the garbage disposal with. The Dumpster Lady recommends purchasing an Unger Nifty Nabber with can be purchased online for as little as $16 at Hardware World or Buy.com. There are dumpster diving forums on the internet where you can network with other divers and find the best places in your area to scour for goods (and places to avoid).

How to Make Your Way Around 123RF.com

123RF.com is a valuable resource for freelance writers, especially those who write AC articles, which are always enhanced by the addition of complementing images. 123RF.com is a complex Web site with many features and options. This is the second guide to how to make your way around 123RF.com, and it covers fees and downloading images, both free royalty free and purchasable royalty free images.

123RF.com offers beautiful donated photographs from top-quality photographers that are free to download. The only requirement is that you be registered with 123RF.com. The only restriction is that donated photographs are only available for 24 hours. Limits on per day downloads of free images may apply.


No fees apply if you want to download donated free images, though you must be registered with 123RF.com to do so. The downloading process is very simple and you have three options to choose from. After you access the “Browse all free images” link scan through the multiple pages and make your selection. Be sure to note that the time remaining before the image’s 24 hours expires is located and updated below the image. The expiring images are on the first pages, the ones with longer times remaining are in subsequent pages proceeding from least time to greatest.

After you make your 123RF.com free image selection and note the time remaining for the free download you may proceed one of two ways. You may click the Add to Lightbox check box and collect your selections in the Default Lightbox or one of your own making. You can then click and download your choices from their individual details page at a later time (individual images cannot be downloaded from a collection from within a Lightbox). Remember, though, that free downloads are only available for 24 hours and time limits may expire while images sit in your Lightbox unless you are vigilant in noting the times. Or you may click the image and go straight to its details page where you will find download links. Only one download option is the free image option and there is no mistaking it as it is clearly identified. There are three download procedure options and they are the same for the free and the purchasable images.

Purchasable images at 123RF.com have fixed prices that accord with resolution and size. The prices also reflect accessibility. First, resolution and size come in four options. The first is Web quality and is around 866 x 650 pixels, which is perfect for AC articles. The second is Print quality at around 1733 x 1300 pixels. The third is Ultra High resolution and is around 2600 x 1950 pixels. The fourth option offers an Extended License that is really meant for high-end professional use and not applicable to freelance writing for AC articles or most others. The purchasable Web quality images are rated at 1 Credit, the Print quality at 2 Credits, and the Ultra High at 3 Credits, which is a topic covered momentarily.

Second, accessibility to purchasable images at 123RF.com varies according to whether an image is restricted to Subscription purchase or includes Credit purchase (this differentiation does not apply to free images). Subscription purchase is very different from Credit purchase and is most suitable for high-end image users. Subscriptions are sold according to monthly rates spanning from 30 days to 365 days. There are two Subscription categories with three package options in each. The benefit of Subscriptions is that large quantities of images can be obtained and Extended Licenses readily purchased.

So, what exactly are Credits? 123RF.com offers Credit purchase packages so that you make one monetary transaction for a whole group of low priced images. The most inexpensive Credit package for purchasable images is $10 and provides you with 10 Credits. Since purchasable Web quality images are rated at 1 Credit, you can see that a $10 transaction will allow you ten 1 Credit images or five 2 Credit images, etc. Transactions are safely payable through the ease of PayPal or with your credit or bank debit/credit card.

The Subscriptions available for purchasable images at 123RF.com are the Basic and the Premium and each has three package options. You can buy a Subscription in either Basic or Premium for 1 month (30 days), 3 months (90 days), or 1 year (365 days). In Basic the rates are $89, $199, and $749 for the respective packages. In Premium the rates start at $199 for 30 days (all of these prices reflect what is true at the time of this writing). Basic has a daily image download limit of 5 images, while Premium has a limit of 20 images. Subscription purchases are also payable through PayPal or with your credit or bank debit/credit card.

Two additional comments about purchasing either Credits or Subscriptions are that you should be sure to watch the site Tour, which has a link on 123RF.com’s Home page. At the end of it you’ll find a Promo Code that will gain you certain discounts on your initial purchases. Also, there are symbols beneath each image that tell you specific details about the image, such as linking to another page of similar images or telling you whether it is available through Subscription only. The symbol key is at the bottom of every image page.



Be sure to click the link for “License summary” located above the download box on the images details page to confirm that the image you are downloading from 123RF.com may be used for your intended purposes.

Images chosen from 123RF.com as free images or purchased through Credits or a Subscription can be downloaded through one of three means. You may choose to Save the image to your computer. To do this click the Download link on the image details page. If several Download links are available to you because of the Credit or Subscription purchase agreements you’ve made, be sure to choose the link corresponding to the image resolution and size that you desire. A dialog box will open, click Save. Then choose a destination for the image in your computer files. Enter a file name and click Save. Wait while the image downloads to your computer. If a person wants good and attractive downloaded images, the click here are the official site of the data. Along with the download, there will be an option of online saving for the person. 

You will have the option with some images from 123RF.com to save them by having them sent to you as an e-mail attachment. If something should go wrong with this option, then you still have 24 hours to download these the traditional way as described above. Finally, you may choose to download your Lightbox collection from the navigation panel inside the Lightbox. This option downloads the entirecontents of your Lightbox to your computer. Enjoy your downloads from 123RF.com and use them happily to spruce up your AC content.

Hunting Wild Game: A Necessity, Not a Sport

When I was a little girl, I remember crying because my daddy had let my uncle hunt the deer back on our farm. I had enjoyed my long walks back along the creek, through the trees, and the occasional surprise as a deer, startled, leapt through the bushes right next to me, across the creek or over a fence, and away, its delicate long legs flying and nostrils flaring with alarm, the flash of a white tail the last I saw of it.

I couldn’t bear to think of one turned into venison chili, which my uncle was known for, or one lying bleeding and dead on the ground. In the wild hunting, the reviews of the best binoculars for spying should be selected through the predators. The charges of the binoculars should be under the budget of the person. 

But my dad explained it to me. Remember, he asked, when our dogs were sick – or our chickens? If the vet couldn’t kill them, they suffered and died. Deer, when allowed to breed unchecked, would sicken and starve in the winter. They’d eat the bark off trees, causing them to die. Or they’d come too close to our dogs, and the dogs would do Nature’s work for it.

We had killed off all the coyote and wolves and bears and mountain lions in our area, or driven them out. The deer didn’t have any natural check on its breeding. Hunting, he said, was the only way to keep the population healthy.

Well, I didn’t think it was the ONLY way. There was birth control, or relocation, or zoos. But as I grew older, I understood that hunting was the least expensive and most effective means to keep the population under control. And if Bambi’s father (female deer were usually off-limits) died, at least we knew my uncle and other hunters out there would make genuine use of the body, not just keep the head for its antlers as a lot of city hunters did.

There is another issue, though, a more pragmatic and less emotional one than the spectre of animals starving. Our herd animals compete with deer and other wild creatures for food and other resources. And deer love young new crops of food – which means that when the deer break into the cornfield and nibble away all the fresh shoots, they are directly competing with humans for food and resources.

A lot of people believe that animals should be allowed to do this, that we took their land and they have the right to retaliate. I am not one of those people. The reality is that if deer were allowed to reproduce unchecked, they would overrun much of our farmland. Our cattle would die, as would many of our trees (deer love to nibble bark in the winter), and if you could still find food, it would cost more than many can afford.

Like it or not, hunting provides a cheap form of population control for deer and other creatures with no nonhuman population checks other than starvation and disease. There are other methods – sterilization, for example – but none as efficient or as natural as hunting.