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How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Service

The Internet has now become one of the most used resources when looking for information about anything. And thus, many have put up their own website for different purposes. Some would just like to share their knowledge, while some would like to market their business online. Whatever reasons you may have in creating a website, you would still need a web hosting service where you can house your website.

Web hosting Service Providers are now in demand since there are a lot of people aiming to have an online presence. Web Hosting Service plays a vital part for website owners because it will provide internet space where you can upload and display your stories, ideas, pictures, videos, audios, documents, experiences and many more. It can also be your business arena where you can store and show your products.

Now, you see the big role that a Web Host plays if you will be creating a website. And that is why, it is important to choose only the best one. But how can you choose the best from the numerous Web Hosting Services available online?

First, know the kind of website that you would like to put up. This means that you need to know the purpose why you are building a website. Will it be only for personal reasons? Would you like to put up a business site? Do you need to connect with your long lost friends? This is imperative because most Web Hosting Service Providers offers different types of plans based on your needs. You may be surprised to know that all you may need is a free web hosting service since you will only put up a personal website or a blog.

If you are building a professional website such as a business site, then you may need to pay for your web host. These types of website require a bigger bandwidth and offers special features. Moreover, you would be looking for a reliable web host which can secure your files and make them available when needed.

It is best that you research through the internet and check out the reviews of each of your prospect Web Hosting Providers. You may also check out some forums and ask some feedback from people who have used their services. This means that you need to do a background check to ensure the reliability, functionality and overall quality of a specific Web Host.

So the bottom line is you can choose the best web hosting service only if you know what your requirements are and what the available options for you are. Then make your comparison so you can choose which web hosting company provides the best service at a reasonable price.

The best cheap web hosting services are not something to be taken into lightly as the subject is quite vast to understand everything in one go and therefore requires careful study and practice in order to be deemed as an expert in this matter.

Smart Tips For Organizing Your Own Office Space Today

You’re located in a Raffles Place office space with rental rates, and you’re probably thinking of making your office area look better. After all, having a clean and neat attracts more clients, doesn’t it?

As you focus on designing or redesigning your business, it is important that you have a plan of organization. In other words how are you going to effectively organize your office space? Organization is a very important part of running your business. Even if you are what I call “dysfunctionally organized” you need to have some sort of process in place for organizing your office space.

The great thing is that places like Staples, Office Depot, and Ikea provide great tools for organizing. Even if you are a bit junky and do not think you will ever be able to organize anything, you can find something to help you get your office in shape.

Here are just a few things to consider as you decide how it is that you want to organize your office.

  1. Consider where your office will be.
  1. What do you need for your office: desk, chair, telephone line, copier, printer, office supplies, etc.
  1. How much are you willing to spend on what you need?
  1. What filing system will you use? I use binders for my filing system. They work best for me because I can just pull a binder off the shelf and get the information I need. Binders also help me to keep all my receipts in an organized fashion.
  1. Do you prefer post its, a notebook, or a pad to keep notes. May not seem important, but trust me knowing how you prefer to keep up with telephone messages, quick notes, etc., makes a big difference in how you conduct business.

  1. Consider whether or not you need a separate telephone line for business. I know I do because my husband loves to call me when I am speaking with a client, even I tell him not to. He is very forgetful.
  1. Do you need a webcam and computer microphone? I have found these to be quite effective for recording my radio shows or even in Instant Messaging when I can’t type.
  1. Please get a calendar! I need say no more.
  1. What type of desk do you need? Many desk come equipped with file cabinets, drawers, slots, computer storage space, and more to make organizing your space very effective.

There are many ways to organize your business to fit the needs of your business. You have to discover that for yourself. Don’t look at the organizing styles of other ad try to duplicate it. If you try to do that, you will end up with more of a mess than you started out with. Now it is a good idea to maybe take examples from those you know who may be more organized than you. It helps to see what others are doing, but copying is not necessarily a good thing.

Make your space just that….your space!

The bottom line here is that if your office space is bad on the eye, get a file cabinet and some totes and get busy with organization.

Why Getting Likes On Facebook Is Important?

Getting Likes on Facebook is the most important thing for your page which is why all the marketers are keen on improving the likes that you get on your page. Is it worth buying those Facebook likes? Yes, if you are new to the online community then you can opt for such services to get more likes on your page or profile. However, there are various drawbacks to this as well which is why you should always think this through. 

With such services, people pay a certain amount of price in order to get a fixed number of likes for their page. There are various credible services that you can choose in order to get organic likes that will help you in scaling your business. However, it is advised that you always try to go for marketing so that you get natural traffic to your page that is engaging and will improve the credibility of your page as well.

There are various drawbacks to buying likes and followers as well. As most of the users will be able to distinguish between fake and natural likes you might hurt your brand’s reputation in this process as well. This will indicate that your brand is not that credible and not many authentic people are there on your page.

The likes that you buy come from bot accounts, which is why you might not get the desired result from that in terms of engagement and sale of your product. This is how you will end up paying for nothing. Moreover, degrading your reputation among your existing customers might affect your overall reliability as well. 

As you get fake like you might not be able to gather relevant data for your page. As most of the likes that you get come from bot accounts, you will get absolutely zero data about the likes and dislikes of your target audience. This way you will just increase your problems only. 

These are the things that you should be considering if you are going to buy likes and comments on Facebook. Although, it is recommended that you do traditional form of marketing for the best results. 

5% of Babies Have Social Media?


This article informs that public at large that 5% of children ages 2 and younger have some form of social media. It also says that 7% of them have email addresses! Are you serious???

What is the benefit of making your infant child a Myspace page? Are they going to respond to their messages themselves, or are the parents going to try to be cute and funny and respond “as the child”? I’m letting my opinion come through pretty strongly here, but I am not a fan of that. I even dislike blogs that are written as the child. I LOVE blogs that are written about the children from the parents perspective, I think that’s awesome for the children to read as they get older and see their parents views on them and their milestones, but I think it’s annoying to read it “as the child”.

I recently read a book – I believe it was “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk (you all know how I adore him), where they said to reserve your child’s place on the Internet from the beginning. I have no issues with that. I would absolutely acquire a domain name for my child (in fact, my husband and I have already come up with a cool, quirky name for our child’s site/blog) when they were young, and I would probably use it as a blog to document everything for family members to see while the child was little. Later down the road, if they wanted to turn it into something else, that’s their perogrative. But I will not write a blog like I am the child. That’s creepy to me. Babies can’t write. I think Angelina and Brad actually went through a couple years ago and purchased different domain names that could be attributed to their children as well (try to buy maddoxjoliepitt.com from Angelina and Brad, I wonder how much they would settle on).

But really, a Myspace/Facebook/Twitter for the child? Didn’t Lance Armstrong recently do this? I understand if they are old enough to write, maybe Grandma and Grandpa want to send messages back and forth with them. That’s fine. But BABIES CAN’T WRITE! Ahh! Just post their pictures on your own Facebook page for everyone to see. I will make an exception though to my social media outburst – baby Avery Klemola. www.facebook.com/averyklemola. This little girl is a family member of ours that is currently in remission from cancer. She’s a fighter, a miracle child, and her Facebook is used for updates on her condition. No problem whatsoever with that. Keep fighting Avery! Moreover, it is now easier for anyone, even a baby to have a lot of instagram followers free. There are several methods that people can employ to enhance their social media accounts.

Anyway, I will end my rant now. Have a good Thursday everyone! The Mentalist is on tonight – make sure you watch it, since you can’t online!




Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Buy the New War of the Worlds DVD

Usually big budget summer movies fail to live up to the hype that surrounds their release. Gone are the days where acting takes center stage in such films. Now it is all about effects, sex, and appealing to the lowest common denominator. Classic summer movies, made with stunning quality, like E.T., Die Hard, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Batman, and more, are very rare any more. We live in an era where movie budgets routinely top $100 million, yet they aren’t worth 10 cents. We also live in a time where Hollywood cannot come up with many new and original ideas. This means that there will be numerous remakes in the theaters. War of the Worlds was no different on any level. With that in mind, let me present to you the ten reasons that you should not buy the new War of the Worlds DVD.

  1. It’s a remake. Can you honestly name two movie remakes that were worth watching? 10 Angry Men (starring Tony Danza) was amazing but still they don’t match the losmovies productions blockbusters that are awesome and have a huge fan base, that’s all I can think of right now. When I first heard that Steven Spielberg was remaking War of the Worlds, I had high hopes. After watching it, I want my money back. I am now returning to my time-honored rule of not watching any movie that is a remake. The original version was so much better.
  2. The book is better. This one goes without saying. All books are better than their movie counterparts, with the possible exception of The Green Mile. This doesn’t mean that movies adapted from books are always bad (like remakes usually are), most adaptations are well done, but the book is always better. Read the book.
  3. Steven Spielberg, the director, is better than this. Mr. Spielberg is a genius. He is the greatest storyteller of our time. He is responsible for some of the best movies in the history of cinema; The Goonies, E.T., Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Schindler’s List, and the list just keeps going. How his name got attached to a piece of junk like this War of the Worlds movie is beyond me.
  4. It costs $20. Most DVDS cost $20, but most DVDS that people buy are worth watching at least once. Do not buy this DVD without first watching it elsewhere. If you do, you will be disappointed and want your $20 back. Too bad you won’t get it, though.
  5. Tom Cruise. I am not one of those mindless people who will boycott all Tom Cruise movies just because he bounces around on sofas or because he is a Scientologist. I can actually make up my own mind. I don’t care what the actor’s personality or religion is, if the movie is good, I’ll watch it. In War of the Worlds, however, Tom Cruise is laughable. His performance is his weakest since Far and Away. His character was overshadowed by the aliens (which are coming up later on the list). His character comes across as the luckiest character in movie history, and he just seems uncomfortable in the role. On the plus side, he does drive an amazing car in the movie.
  6. Good reviews from jaded critics. This movie received generally positive reviews from the majority of critics. Search online, on websites like Rotten Tomatoes, somehow the movie was liked. Maybe they were watching a different movie than I saw. I don’t know. Some critics will give favorable reviews to any movie made by, or starring, certain celebrities, just to seem cool, or to stay in good graces with them. Trust me, this movie is horrible. Jason Whitlock, of the Kansas City Star, and often on ESPN, said that this is the “worst movie ever” and that it is “two hours of you life that you can’t get back”. Truer words have never been spoken about a movie.
  7. Too many special effects. This whole CGI thing has to be stopped. Computer generated images in film are ruining the way movies can be made. They totally ruined the newer Star Wars movies and hey are in part responsible for ruining War of the Worlds. Effects are gimmicks. They are good if done in moderation but when they encompass the entire film, it is pathetic. Plus they look cheesy here.
  8. The aliens are ridiculous. They are all through the movie. They, at one moment, are the size of a building, and the next they are human sized. They are unmotivated, reckless, and just plain look bad. Much more work should have, and could have, gone into their design. Where did all the hundreds of millions of dollars that were spent on making this movie go?
  9. The ending. Not to ruin it for you, but it is completely ‘Hollywood-ized’. It seems so unrealistic, compared with what happens in the rest of the film, that you, too, will be laughing as the credits begin to roll.
  10. Dakota Fanning. I know that she is just a child. I know that she was very good in I Am Sam. I know that many may attack me for criticizing a child, but I cannot help it. Her performance in the movie, mainly her screaming, is so awful, so unbearable, so utterly bad, that I was actually hitting the mute button every time she opened her mouth. When she screamed, and it is very often, the shrill sounds made the hammer, anvil, and stirrup bones in my ear bend to the point of snapping. She has the most awful screech you’ve ever heard.

If that weren’t bad enough, and it is, her acting is delivered with such an air of pretentiousness that it makes you wonder why she wasn’t listening to Radiohead, drinking an overpriced latte, wearing a new Izod polo shirt under a cashmere cardigan, and thumbing her nose at anything mainstream throughout the entire film.

I don’t know how an actress of such a young age can accomplish this? Perhaps it means she is talented? Just not in War of the Worlds. The only talent here is when I simultaneously wretched a dry heave while saying, “This movie is the worst thing I’ve ever seen”, at the same time. Bad, bad, bad.

How To Create A Nursery With A Construction Zone Theme

Have a new little construction worker on the crew? It’s easy to create a rough and tumble nursery with a construction zone theme for your busy little guy. Using bright colors and common materials makes it a perfect DIY project.

Walls: Although construction zones are well known for caution colors of bright yellow and orange, a whole wall of these colors (especially in a nursery) is difficult to pull off. Instead, save these colors to use in accent pieces. Light, soft tones of brown or blue work well as the base color for the walls of a construction zone nursery. If you wish, create a mural that consists of items associated with construction, such as bulldozers, dump trucks, men (and women!) in hard hats, and tools used for building. Paint signs on the wall, such as Construction Zone, Men at Work, or Road Work Ahead. Paint a sign in bold letters that states “_____’S (your child’s name) CREW.

If you are not that proficient in this then the other option is to get construction recruitment agencies to do this for you. These agencies are highly professional and trained in such tasks and would deliver according to your expectations.

Furniture: Choose furniture in a natural wood finish for your construction zone nursery. Bassettbaby’s First Choice 4-in-1 Crib in River Ridge Oak is perfect for a construction nursery. The finish on the crib is a great dark oak that resembles rough lumber. It’s stationary design meets all current safety standards, and it grows with your baby, converting to a toddler, day bed and full sized bed. There is other furniture available in this design, such as a dresser, changing table, and chest. Dress the crib in Geenny Boutique’s Baby Boy Constructor set. It depicts cute pictures of all things construction related, such as tools, bulldozers, dump trucks and cement trucks. With green, blue and red plaid, the colors are great for a boys room and aren’t overwhelming. Expand the set to the rest of the room with matching pillows, wall hangings, and diaper stacker.

Décor: Paint your child’s name on a hard hat and hang it on the wall. Hang a tool belt and use to store small stuffed animals, toys, and a plastic hammer. Purchase thin metal construction signs to hang on the wall, or make your own using thin plywood and paint. Use an open-top tool box with a handle or an open vintage metal lunch box to corral baby supplies on top of the dresser or changing table. Use industrial-looking metal crates (metal milk crates work well) to hold stuffed animals and toys on the floor. Use metal toy dump trucks (think Tonka) to hold other supplies.

These are just a few of the many ideas for a DIY nursery with a construction zone theme. Use items and toys that you have on hand, then create the rest yourself, and you’ll have a nursery that won’t bulldoze your budget!

Better Grocery Shopping: Avoid Impulse Shopping and High Prices

The weekly or bi-weekly trips to your local grocery store are necessary. Cutting down on the number of trips you take to the store is essential. Being fully prepared for your upcoming meals can save you hundreds of dollars every month. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep before planning your shopping day. Shopping while tired can result in impulse purchases of sweet items, coffee or energy drinks.

Locate the best deals. Check your local paper for the weekly sales circulars to find out which stores have the best deals. Create a separate list for each store that you will visit. Write down your meals for the week, based on the sales circulars. Write down which ingredients you will need. Open your refrigerator and cabinets to see exactly what you need to replenish. Jot down your snacks, drinks, dessert, and non-food items. Sit down, and make yourself a snack. Never go to the grocery store hungry.

Start with the produce section first, stick to your list, and be sure to check for freshness. Select seasonal vegetables and fruits for the best quality. Try generic and store brands for frozen fruit and vegetables. Continue throughout the store sticking with your list.

Find the best value in prepackaged products. On each aisle, look at the very top and bottom to find the lowest cost for each item. Look at the unit price. In most supermarkets, there is a bar-coded price label on the shelves, in smaller numbers than the price. You should be able to see the unit price per ounce. For example, a 12-ounce name brand bag of rice may cost more than a 16-ounce bag of store brand rice. Be sure to look for unpublished sale items and specials throughout the store. Check the price of each item you select. Make sure that the sale item is truly a sale, and that there is not a lower-cost alternative on the top or the very bottom of the shelf. The higher-priced products are always prominently placed at eye level. Avoid impulse purchases of items on the ends of the aisles.

The outside of the aisles will have the greatest cost savings. The inner aisles of the grocery store contain processed food items. The more convenient the product, the higher it will cost. When buying snacks, and nonfood items, look for the generic version of your favorite products. If the price is still too high, visit your local dollar store.

Never pay full price for nonfood items. Visit the Dollar tree to see what new products they have in. Name-brand snacks, small gifts, candy, toiletries, and all nonfood items are regularly priced for one dollar. Many of the larger Dollar tree stores carry clothing, shoes, dishes, housewares, frozen foods, and numerous rows of grocery items. Take notes of which food items you can start to buy at the Dollar Tree instead of at the local grocery store.

Pay detailed attention as each item is scanned at the cash register. Point out all discrepancies. Every store has a different policy for items that ring up incorrectly. Keep your receipt. Make it a habit to read over it for mistakes. Return any item you discover has spoiled. For Example, Aldi’s supermarket accepts all spoiled produce, replaces the item, and gives you your money back.

By organizing your shopping day, and paying attention to the unit sizes, and sale prices you can save thousands every year on your grocery budget. Grocery stores are set up so that you spend more money. Every banner, and product placement, is working to separate more dollars from your pocket. By being aware you can save thousands on your grocery bill every year. All this is also applicable for gadget shopping as well when you go out to shop for the best smartphone of 2020 that would definitely look appealing to you which is why it is really important that you follow all the tips that are mentioned above and avoid impulse shopping no matter how good any product looks to you. 

Parkinson’s Disease: Signs, Symptoms And Treatment

Parkinson’s disease is one of the major health problems that a lot of people across the globe are suffering from. It is a disease that affects the part of your brain  that controls your body movement. The progress of this disease may appear slow that patients don’t usually notice initially but over time, the symptoms will become worse making it difficult for the patient to move.

Additionally, patients will also experience a little shakiness in their hands. This can have a negative impact on the way the patient sleeps, talks, walks, and even thinks. According to studies, you are likely to acquire Parkinson’s disease when you are at the age of sixty or older. But some studies claim that this disease is also possible to get when you are younger. But this case doesn’t happen in most times. Unfortunately, there is no cure yet for Parkinson’s disease. But the good news is that patients can get support and treatment to manage the effects and symptoms of the disease. It is also important to know what exactly Parkinson’s disease does to your brain. Basically, deep down in your brain, there is a part in your brain called substantia nigra. This part is responsible in carrying messages around your brain and to different parts of your body. When such system of your brain is functionally normal, then your body moves evenly and smoothly. However, if you have a Parkinson’s disease, thee cells of your substantia nigra starts to die. Since there is no way to replace them, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. As such, you will be having a hard time to move your body. This is because there will be a disrupt in passing messages from your brain to different parts of your body. 

To learn more about Parkinson’s disease visit https://thelongevityspecialists.com/dep-tabs-deprenyl.

Great Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Sites in and Around the Philippines

Anyone that has ever gone diving in the Philippines knows just how numerous the diving locations are. Virtually every point with water around the country has a great spot for finding great variety of sights. With an incredible diversity of tropical sea life it is definitely a diving paradise. In fact, the diving in the Philippines is so good that it is difficult to find a bad spot and even more difficult to pin point those spots that are typically the best for overall diving. This guide will attempt to point out some of the better scuba diving locations throughout the country so regardless of your location it shouldn’t be hard to access one of them. 


Diving here is permitted throughout the year, but normally the best time to dive is going to be between November and June. This is because the water is often less visible during the typhoon season throughout the summer to early fall. It is best to simply avoid diving during that time of year as often it isn’t going to provide the best quality dive. 

In Batangas one of the absolute best dive locations is Layag-Layag Reef. In this area it is possible to see considerable sea life as this is home to a really wonderful reef. The water here is also pretty shallow so it makes for some easier diving for the less experienced scuba diver. If a deeper water experience is desired there are located with nice drop offs that allow for a little deeper exploring along the reef for the more experienced divers. 

Sombrero Island is another area that can be great for divers. It provides something different than Layag-Layag Reef as it is filled with sea turtles and rays. There are also numerous large fish in the area as well. Great place to go to see a little bit different variety than the smaller colorful fish at Layag-Layag. 


Just like Batangas the best time of year for diving here is simply anytime that isn’t during the typhoon season. Most divers say that the best diving is going to be between November and May. 

Concepcion Wreck is one of the best dive sites in the entire country. This area is great for those that enjoy a little bit of history in their diving. The wreck is in a great location that allows for easy access. It is the remains of a sunken Japanese vessel from World War 2. The remains provide a great artificial home for numerous different sea creatures. Normally there is quite a bit of diversity here. 

In an area called Brown Rock it is possible to find difference species of shark. For those divers looking to see some hammerhead this is a great dive location. It is called Brown Rock because of two large brown rocks that are relatively barren. That area is also known to be home to numerous other varieties of larger fish. It is a great location for divers looking for more variety than simply looking around the numerous coral reefs around the country. 


This is one of the best dive areas for dive diversity. It provides numerous different types of dives for those looking to get a great deal of variety out of their diving. The season again is like the other areas around the country, typically outside of typhoon season. 

The best place in Dakak to dive for star fish and a wide variety of coral creatures is Liuay Rock. In this area there are numerous different species of star fish in a variety of different colors and appearances. Great place to get up close to the star fish and really have a good look at them. This dive spot is also a good location for beginners that are looking to get a good experience without the risk of some of the other areas in Dakak and the rest of the Philippines. 

If cave exploring is a little more your thing, then the Caves located along with Mushroom Wall is a great area to visit. In this area nice drops with numerous caves provide for a great means of exploring a variety of crustaceans that are visible only in the darker areas of the caves. There are also numerous different types of fish and of course the puffer fish is normally found in quantity in this area. 

For the beginner diver there is an area called The Gardens where coral is extremely abundant. Due to the clarity of the water here it is best enjoyed with nothing more than a snorkel. This is a great area for those that are just beginning diving and are still working on the fundamentals. It is a great area to really see what the country has to offer in the water without having to take on all that much risk to find it and is a great place to bring the family for a safe little diving trip. 

One of the best sites in the area is the Octopus Wall. Just like the name suggests there are numerous spottings of different types of octopus in this area. The walls are also covered with sponge and numerous different types of fish are found swarming in this area. It is a great location to really see a diversity of life and a wonderful area for those that really enjoy the seemingly effortless movement of the octopus. Grouper are pretty common in this area as well and can grow to be fairly large here. 

To sum up, these are just a few of the best websites for scuba diving and snorkeling and you can choose the best as per you preference but don’t always go by the reviews and apply your own mind and select the one which catches your fancy and choose the best equipments as per your needs and requirements. Also, go through the latest articles that highlight a new full face snorkeling mask in all its glory, which has been lapped up by snorkelers for its unique features. 

Electrical Services: The Best Alternative For Lighting Up Your House

What is the most important thing that you require in your daily life? Which is the thing without which you cannot live even for a second?

There are going to be varied answers to the above questions as there are many things that have become quite an essential part of our lives that it becomes impossible to even think about our life without these items.

The basic amenities such food, water and air are known to one and all, but today we are going to talk about another one which has become just as important, if not more, as the above three and that is electricity.

Food can be cooked and eaten but it is the electrical items such as mixer, microwave, that help them turn from being raw items to something worth eating that gives nutrients to our body and makes it stronger. These items cannot function without electricity.

The wifi in your house helps you to surf through internet on your mobile phones for hours together and today you cannot hope to exist without it. For the wifi to work, you would be needing electricity.

So, it is your duty that you need to look for the best electrical services in your vicinity in order to enjoy all the comforts in your house that are only due to electrical items that function through electricity.

Brisbane is one city that holds the monopoly for having the best electrical services in Australia due to it having never failed its customers even once and has a 100% success rate.

The contractors themselves are quite friendly in nature but when it comes to work, they deal with their workers with an iron hand and dismiss them for non performance or incompetence.

For more information regarding the best electrical services, you can always visit the site https://www.speedyelectrical.com.au/ to gain a detailed report regarding the same.