Nanny or Daycare?

Nanny or Daycare?

Working parents have no choice but to look to others to watch their children throughout the day. When it comes to choosing childcare many parents find themselves torn between having to choose a nanny or daycare. Nannies and daycare differ greatly from each other; each presents its advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking into childcare and are not sure which route to take, you may want to consider looking below at how nannies and daycare compare with one another.
Nannies are a reliable source of care. They can be available to watch your child several days a week, early morning, day and night, holidays, and even on days when your child is sick. With daycare the schedule is not as flexible because children can only attend five days a week for a set amount of time usually between the hours of 7:30am to 5:30 pm. Unlike nannies, daycares will not usually take in children who are sick. If the illness is contagious or raises concern, the sick child will not be allowed to return to daycare until 48 hours (or more) have passed. This can create difficulty for the parents because they have to unexpectedly miss out on work.

Nannies cater to parents’ requests and parents cater to the daycare’s (director and teacher’s) requests. Parents can give the nanny specifics on how to care for their child such as in feeding, discipline, sleeping and exercise. Parents make the guidelines and nannies follow them. In daycare, there is a written policy that details the specifics of how feeding is done, how the children are disciplined, and when and how long the children sleep and exercise. Parents can not alter the daycare policy in any way unless it poses harm to a child who needs special treatment and consideration. Parents are able to control how their child is cared for more when they use nannies.

Nannies provide reliable transportation. If the child has to attend school or a program, the nanny can easily drive the child to and from their program. Parents will be able to go to work with ease because they have the nanny to do the pick up and drop off. This is not the case when the child goes to daycare. Some daycares do not offer transportation which leaves the dropping off and picking up to the parents. Dropping off and picking up the child can be stressful and difficult to do for the working parent.

Nannies can become an extension to the family because they play a significant role in the child’s life. They are there at all hours preparing meals and helping the children get ready for school. They become a consistent figure in the child’s life.

Children with a nanny are not as exposed to such sickness as the common cold or conjunctivitis as children would be in daycare. This can be a good and bad thing because children who spend time around other children become exposed to germs and build immunity. Children who stay at home with the nanny are not as exposed to the germs and remain pretty healthy by not catching a cold, conjunctivitis, (or even lice) throughout the year.

When parents use nannies they can keep siblings together throughout the day which is not the case with daycare. With daycare, siblings who vary in age are usually separated and put into the age appropriate classrooms.

With the use of nannies, children get more one on one time. In daycare, children have to vie for attention in a classroom of at least 15 children to two teachers. In daycare, the children spend more time interacting with one another than they do with the (adults) teachers.

Nannies generally cost more than daycare because their services are tailored to fit the desires of the parents. The price for a nanny is worth it if parents want an in home setting for their children.

Lastly, the daycare setting allows your child to develop social skills with other children.Your child will experience being around different children of different temperament. They will also learn how to follow rules outside of the home.

So for all the worried parents out there, rest assured that your child is in safe hands and the preschool newmarket at daycare centres is something that the little tyke will enjoy immensely.