Learn The Best Way To Keep Shoe Insoles Clean?

Learn The Best Way To Keep Shoe Insoles Clean?

If you wear your shoes regularly or often you might have noticed stains on the shoe insoles. Cleaning those insoles is not a hard you just to follow some basic instructions for that so just read the article to know how you can clean the insoles of your shoe when they get dirty.

You can clean insoles using warm water and soap or vinegar.

 Follow the steps to clean the shoe with this method:

  • Fill a tub full of warm water of you can use your sink instead of a tub.
  • Add liquid detergent or soap, you can also use a liquid hand in case you don’t have detergent.
  • Now use a gentle soft brush to scrub the insoles, to clean the stains just gently scrub with it.
  • Rinse the insoles using a wet sponge or use any clean clothe to remove excess soap.
  • Let insoles dry.

Disinfecting the insoles with vinegar and water.

this is the second method. Follow the steps to clean this way:

  • Mix equal part of the water and vinegar, vinegar can work as a good deodorant for insoles.
  • Soak the shoe insoles on the mixture. Let it soak for three hours.
  • Now, rinse off the insoles after they socked the mixture.
  • Let the insoles dry over the night.

Apply Baking Soda, shoe spray and Dryer sheets.

Follow the process in this manner:

  • Using the baking soda for neutralizing the odor and killing the bacteria.
  • Reduce the odors with the help of the dryer sheets.
  • Take insoles out of your shoe to spray shoe cleaning spray. You can find these sprays on local stores or online at mindinsole shoes.

Now, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the shoes of you have read the article. Just go through these instructions to clean your insoles properly.