How To Select The Right Perfume To Make Your Signature Scent?

How To Select The Right Perfume To Make Your Signature Scent?

Did you know a person is more likely to remember your smell than your name? A perfume is not just to smell good but give you an identity. But choosing the right perfume can be an arduous task. Here we will discuss some factors required while choosing a perfume that will become your signature scent.

  • Purpose- Are you looking for daily wear? Or something to take out only on special days? What you wear in the office should be different from the one you wear at weddings.

  • Notes- A perfume will have three layers of smell, top, middle and base notes based on the amount of time it sustains. The top or head note is the fastest one to disappear. Each note having different compositions will tone down a particular fragrance by adding a new flavor to it.
  • Type- The variants always tend to confuse people. Eau De toilette produces milder fragrances than Eau De Parfum. A few spritzes of the former would be required to finally get the essence where a perfume needs just a single spray. However, a cologne milder than both of them. Likewise, there’s Oud, Gourmand, Absolute, Accords, and so on.

  • Family- The families are mainly Floral, Oriental, Woody, and Fresh. The type will majorly influence this. Some people prefer a natural citrusy smell like that of Eclatant that gives freshness.Others go for a musky, woody scent or a spicy black current. It is one’s personal preference.

Perfumes Eclatant, Channel, Estee Lauder are renowned brands and owned by many people. If you don’t want to smell like the rest, try to mix 2 or 3 perfumes when you wear remembering the above points. You will have your signature fragrance.