How To remove Wrinkles from Cowhide Rugs?

Are you planning to buy a new rug for your home? Well, rug and cowhide make an amazing combination and would be a fantastic addition to any part of your home. There are several stores online that offer quality cowhide rugs. But, if you get wrinkled rugs delivered to your home? Some stores tend to keep these rugs folded for a long time which result in these unwanted creases. Now, no matter how beautiful your cowhide rug is, wrinkles tend to spoil the game big time. But, don’t worry, there is a very easy way by which you can remove these creases like a pro.Remove wrinkles

Things you will need here:

  • Your regular household iron
  • A clean big white towel
  • Wet fabric
  • And of course your cowhide rug

Steps to remove unwanted wrinkles from rug:

Step 1

First, you will lay down your towel on clean floor. Make sure there is nothing underneath. The towel will help to protect your floor from heat of the iron. Now, place the rug over the towel.

Step 2

The next step is to plug the iron into electrical outlet. Set your iron to medium setting.

Step 3

Take your wet fabric and put it over your cowhide rug. Make sure to go for a clean and lint-free cloth.

Step 4

We have almost arrived at the final stage of the process. Now, it’s time to straighten the creases with your iron. So, as the iron heats up, run it flat on the creases across the hide. Follow the same way as you do while pressing your shirt or skirt. If the iron gets too hot, take it out of the plug and then run it over the carpet or rug.

After you have straightened the creases, let the rug cool down. Then, lay it down nicely on your floor.