How to Make Your Way Around

How to Make Your Way Around is a valuable resource for freelance writers, especially those who write AC articles, which are always enhanced by the addition of complementing images. is a complex Web site with many features and options. This is the second guide to how to make your way around, and it covers fees and downloading images, both free royalty free and purchasable royalty free images. offers beautiful donated photographs from top-quality photographers that are free to download. The only requirement is that you be registered with The only restriction is that donated photographs are only available for 24 hours. Limits on per day downloads of free images may apply.


No fees apply if you want to download donated free images, though you must be registered with to do so. The downloading process is very simple and you have three options to choose from. After you access the “Browse all free images” link scan through the multiple pages and make your selection. Be sure to note that the time remaining before the image’s 24 hours expires is located and updated below the image. The expiring images are on the first pages, the ones with longer times remaining are in subsequent pages proceeding from least time to greatest.

After you make your free image selection and note the time remaining for the free download you may proceed one of two ways. You may click the Add to Lightbox check box and collect your selections in the Default Lightbox or one of your own making. You can then click and download your choices from their individual details page at a later time (individual images cannot be downloaded from a collection from within a Lightbox). Remember, though, that free downloads are only available for 24 hours and time limits may expire while images sit in your Lightbox unless you are vigilant in noting the times. Or you may click the image and go straight to its details page where you will find download links. Only one download option is the free image option and there is no mistaking it as it is clearly identified. There are three download procedure options and they are the same for the free and the purchasable images.

Purchasable images at have fixed prices that accord with resolution and size. The prices also reflect accessibility. First, resolution and size come in four options. The first is Web quality and is around 866 x 650 pixels, which is perfect for AC articles. The second is Print quality at around 1733 x 1300 pixels. The third is Ultra High resolution and is around 2600 x 1950 pixels. The fourth option offers an Extended License that is really meant for high-end professional use and not applicable to freelance writing for AC articles or most others. The purchasable Web quality images are rated at 1 Credit, the Print quality at 2 Credits, and the Ultra High at 3 Credits, which is a topic covered momentarily.

Second, accessibility to purchasable images at varies according to whether an image is restricted to Subscription purchase or includes Credit purchase (this differentiation does not apply to free images). Subscription purchase is very different from Credit purchase and is most suitable for high-end image users. Subscriptions are sold according to monthly rates spanning from 30 days to 365 days. There are two Subscription categories with three package options in each. The benefit of Subscriptions is that large quantities of images can be obtained and Extended Licenses readily purchased.

So, what exactly are Credits? offers Credit purchase packages so that you make one monetary transaction for a whole group of low priced images. The most inexpensive Credit package for purchasable images is $10 and provides you with 10 Credits. Since purchasable Web quality images are rated at 1 Credit, you can see that a $10 transaction will allow you ten 1 Credit images or five 2 Credit images, etc. Transactions are safely payable through the ease of PayPal or with your credit or bank debit/credit card.

The Subscriptions available for purchasable images at are the Basic and the Premium and each has three package options. You can buy a Subscription in either Basic or Premium for 1 month (30 days), 3 months (90 days), or 1 year (365 days). In Basic the rates are $89, $199, and $749 for the respective packages. In Premium the rates start at $199 for 30 days (all of these prices reflect what is true at the time of this writing). Basic has a daily image download limit of 5 images, while Premium has a limit of 20 images. Subscription purchases are also payable through PayPal or with your credit or bank debit/credit card.

Two additional comments about purchasing either Credits or Subscriptions are that you should be sure to watch the site Tour, which has a link on’s Home page. At the end of it you’ll find a Promo Code that will gain you certain discounts on your initial purchases. Also, there are symbols beneath each image that tell you specific details about the image, such as linking to another page of similar images or telling you whether it is available through Subscription only. The symbol key is at the bottom of every image page.



Be sure to click the link for “License summary” located above the download box on the images details page to confirm that the image you are downloading from may be used for your intended purposes.

Images chosen from as free images or purchased through Credits or a Subscription can be downloaded through one of three means. You may choose to Save the image to your computer. To do this click the Download link on the image details page. If several Download links are available to you because of the Credit or Subscription purchase agreements you’ve made, be sure to choose the link corresponding to the image resolution and size that you desire. A dialog box will open, click Save. Then choose a destination for the image in your computer files. Enter a file name and click Save. Wait while the image downloads to your computer. If a person wants good and attractive downloaded images, the click here are the official site of the data. Along with the download, there will be an option of online saving for the person. 

You will have the option with some images from to save them by having them sent to you as an e-mail attachment. If something should go wrong with this option, then you still have 24 hours to download these the traditional way as described above. Finally, you may choose to download your Lightbox collection from the navigation panel inside the Lightbox. This option downloads the entirecontents of your Lightbox to your computer. Enjoy your downloads from and use them happily to spruce up your AC content.