How To Make Your App Popular?

How To Make Your App Popular?

When you launch a new app in the market, it is hard to tell how much popularity it will gain. Just like a newly launched product needs the right marketing strategies, a new mobile app needs to be properly promoted among masses. While you can always buy installs for app for a minimum amount of money, you can also work a little more to increase its organic reach. The below tips should help you get your app viral in the organic way.

 Build some hype

A good way to get people curious about your app can be to build some hype around its launch. You can offer hints and sneak-peeks of your app and what it’s about a few days before its official launch date. Promote this hype on social media or via influencers. This helps your app get quite a lot of attention.

Offer rewards

You can offer digital rewards for a few hundred initial downloads. These could also be in-app currency which could be spent in exchange for physical goods. Consumers love getting rewards, so it can be good way to kick start your app launch among masses.

Make your app trustworthy

Your app should be designed to ask permissions from users to use their location and certain folders in their device. This increases credibility of your app and build trust among users. Earning trust of consumers is one of the most important aims of any marketing strategy.

Create an eye-catching icon and design

Many a times, the app icon matters a lot, and so does the overall look of your app to get people interested. Ensure that your app is lightweight, easy to navigate and uses the right colors and font. Take time to design a well-thought icon to represent your app in the app store.