How to Groom a Poodle at Home

How to Groom a Poodle at Home

Regular grooming is essential in preserving the health and well being of your poodle. Left un-groomed, a poodles hair can become matted and heavy, weighing him down. It can also irritate the skin underneath and provide a haven for flees and ticks.

Brushings should be a part of your poodle’s daily life. This prevents tangles and matting. Additionally, because poodle fur grows quickly, you should have your poodle trimmed at least every other month.

Daily brushings should be done at home. Clipping can be done by a groomer, but this can be expensive. Home clipping is much less stressful on your poodle, can save you time, and money.

Here is a step by step guide to grooming your poodle at home.

Materials Needed to Groom a Poodle:

Brushes  amp; Combs:

* Small slicker brush for face, tail, toes, and legs

* Medium slicker brush for back and belly

* Cushioned pin brush for longer hair

* Pure bristle brush for top knot and mane (especially for show grooming)

* Steel round tooth 1″ comb (especially helpful for removing matting)


There are countless types of clippers that can be purchased just about anywhere. My experience has found that the best clippers to use for home grooming a poodle is the Oster 78970-100. This specific clipper comes in a kit complete with adjustable titanium blades, 6 different size comb attachments, as well as all the brushes and combs you need. One of the things I like most about this clipper set is that the motor is very quiet, which is exceptionally beneficial when grooming skittish poodles.


You will need to find a shampoo that fits your needs. If your poodle has flees and/or ticks, you will want to consult your veterinarian about which shampoo is best. If your poodle is prone to stains (most light colored poodles are) you will want to find a shampoo that targets that. You will also want to consider the scent of your shampoo. Choose something that is not too fragrant, as this can irritate your poodle.

Blow Dryer:

I recommend using your regular hair dryer on a low setting. You can always purchase a professional dog dryer, but this can be costly.

Nail Clippers:

Recent on the market is the PetiCure, a handheld trimmer for your pets nails. I own this and swear by it. It really is an easy and painless way to trim your poodle’s nails. This can be found at most drug and retail stores, or you can always order it online.

Grooming Your Poodle – Step By Step

  • Start by brushing out your poodle’s fur. Make sure to get any tangles out. If there is any matting, use your fingers to separate, then use the steel comb.
  • Shampoo your poodle. Start with a small amount around the neck (this prevents any flees from going to the eyes/ears/nose). Work the shampoo into a thick lather. If there are special instructions on your particular shampoo, follow those. Be sure to avoid getting any soap in the eyes. Rinse with warm water, starting from the top down.
  • Towel dry your poodle, then blow dry on a low setting. Depending on the length and your experience, you can brush and dry at the same time. Once your poodle’s fur is dry, you can start clipping.
  • Make sure your poodle is comfortably restrained. Attaching a leash and securely fastening it is the best way.
  • When turning on the clippers, it is best to do so a few feet from, but in the front (field of vision) of your poodle, so he/she is not startled by the sound.
  • Start by clipping the paws. Use one hand to securely hold the paw. Squeeze gently to spread the toes so that you can trim the hair evenly.
  • Clip the hair around the ears next, using a flat and even stroke.
  • Clip the face next. This can be difficult. If your poodle is not restrained, you may need an extra pair of hands. You will need to use your free hand to firmly hold the muzzle. Clip from the eyes down.
  • Clipping the throat can be done two ways. First you will need to pull the head up. If you want a longer cut, clip downwards. For shorter cuts, clip upwards.
  • You will use your scissors to cut and shape the top knot. Make sure it is completely combed out first. Start from the corner of the eye and work your way to the back of the neck.
  • Next you will want to clip the tail. When clipping the top, move towards the body, but underneath, you will want to clip away from the body. The pom pom can be trimmed using your scissors.
  • Begin clipping the back next. Make sure to keep the blade even. Start from the base of the skull to the top of the tail.
  • Clipping the stomach can be done several ways. I have found it easiest to do so with the poodle standing upright. Start by clipping the side, lifting each leg one at a time with your free hand.
  • Use your scissors to shape the hair of the legs to your desired style.
  • Trim your poodle’s nails
  • Brush your poodle out.
  • Add a pretty little bow to the top knot and your done!

A few words of warning. Make sure you properly lubricate your clippers, and take care not to let them get too hot when clipping your poodle. This can cause a painful clipper rash. 

Also, you should give your poodle a nice shelter. Since there is frog pets paludarium diy setup class, surely there is also training on how to set up shelter for your poodle.