How to Design Custom Flags Poles?

How to Design Custom Flags Poles?

Flag poles are decorative, patriotic, and peace-keeping tools that offer passive protection against the wind. If a flag is set up on a flag pole, it will blow in one direction all day long while people, pets, and cars pass by in another. Designing your own Mastivimpel custom flags is easy with today’s advances in software and hardware. At home, you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to generate image templates printed out onto metallic sheets or canvas fabric sheets.

Top 5 Tips to Design Custom Flagpoles

  • Have a Plan

When designing your custom flag pole, know that the flag will become its focal object and is less about the pole itself. Design with this in mind and choose an appropriate image for your surroundings.

  • Project the Image onto a Template

Depending on the software you are using, use levels to scale the image down, pixel by pixel or fit. Scale the image down to a size that is easy to work with, and make sure you have enough room to write your message on the flag.

  • Keep It Simple

Flags can have a lot of details, but too many details may become distracting to your viewers. Instead, make the main image on your flag simple to make it easier to look at when it is on the flag’s pole.

  • Add Details to the Flag

Create a shadow image of the flag to use on your template. This way, you can create a shadow printed onto the flag.

  • Make Sure It is Legible

Ensure your design will be easy to read when people look at it on the flag pole. Ensure that the image is centered and clear to be seen quickly by everyone. You do not want to have a design that will be hard to read when you hang your flags outside. 

These are the top 5 tips you can consider for designing custom flagpoles.