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How to Create Shiny Bulky Chrome Text in Fireworks MX

How to Create Shiny Bulky Chrome Text in Fireworks MX

This is a shiny chrome text that is bulky looking. I also used calligraphy fonts to set the text off. I used the Ariston font style. If you do not have this font style and want to use it, you can download it for free from UrbanFonts.com. This chrome text effect is created using different effects. I created this text effect in Fireworks MX 2004. In this Fireworks tutorial, I will show you how to create the shiny bulky chrome text.

You will first need to create a canvas to work on. You can create it larger than you need so that you will have space to work. Then you can crop it before exporting your text. After creating your canvas, select the text tool. Draw a large text box on the canvas and type what you want in the text box.

Change the font style to Ariston. The size of the text is up to you. I set my text size to 96 but you may want to make yours smaller or larger. Change the color fill color to #666666 and the stroke color to white. Now we will apply all of the effects to the text to get the chrome look.

Inner Shadow Effect

Effects  gt; Shadow and Glow  gt; Inner Shadow

The first effect is the Inner Shadow effect. You can get to this effect by clicking the above links. When the box opens, you will need to enter the following into the fields. If you are not sure which field is which, hover your mouse over them and the name of the box will show.

The Distance of the shadow will be 8. The color of the inner shadow will be black. Set the opacity to 65% and the contrast to 5. The angle will need to be changed to 90. You can just type 90 in the angle field instead of trying to turn it to 90. It’s a little quicker and easier to just type it. Once you have finished, click off the box and it will close.

Curves Effect

Effects  gt; Adjust Color  gt; Curves

The Curves Effect is really difficult to explain in words. So, I took a screen capture of the Curves panel so that you can see how the curves are supposed to be. So take a look at the Curves Screen Capture image to see how to set your curves up.

Drop Shadow Effect

Effects  gt; Shadow and Glow  gt; Drop Shadow

Apply the drop shadow and change the properties to the following. The Distance of the drop shadow needs to be set to 4. Set the color of the drop shadow to black. Change the opacity to 65% and the contrast to 2. The angle of the drop shadow will need to be set to 239. Click your canvas to close the box and apply the drop shadow settings.


Effects  gt; Adjust Color  gt; Brightness/Contrast

The brightness bar will need to be set to 8 and the contrast bar will need to be set to 35. After you have moved the two bars, click the OK button to apply it and to close the box.


Effects  gt; Adjust Color  gt; Hue/Saturation

The last effect that we will apply to the shiny bulky chrome text is the Hue/Saturation. The Hue needs to be set to negative 165. The Saturation needs to be set to 12 and the Lightness to 0. Click OK on the box to apply the settings and close it.

That’s it, now you can crop your text and export it. You can make adjustments to the text if you need too.