How To Create A Nursery With A Construction Zone Theme

How To Create A Nursery With A Construction Zone Theme

Have a new little construction worker on the crew? It’s easy to create a rough and tumble nursery with a construction zone theme for your busy little guy. Using bright colors and common materials makes it a perfect DIY project.

Walls: Although construction zones are well known for caution colors of bright yellow and orange, a whole wall of these colors (especially in a nursery) is difficult to pull off. Instead, save these colors to use in accent pieces. Light, soft tones of brown or blue work well as the base color for the walls of a construction zone nursery. If you wish, create a mural that consists of items associated with construction, such as bulldozers, dump trucks, men (and women!) in hard hats, and tools used for building. Paint signs on the wall, such as Construction Zone, Men at Work, or Road Work Ahead. Paint a sign in bold letters that states “_____’S (your child’s name) CREW.

If you are not that proficient in this then the other option is to get construction recruitment agencies to do this for you. These agencies are highly professional and trained in such tasks and would deliver according to your expectations.

Furniture: Choose furniture in a natural wood finish for your construction zone nursery. Bassettbaby’s First Choice 4-in-1 Crib in River Ridge Oak is perfect for a construction nursery. The finish on the crib is a great dark oak that resembles rough lumber. It’s stationary design meets all current safety standards, and it grows with your baby, converting to a toddler, day bed and full sized bed. There is other furniture available in this design, such as a dresser, changing table, and chest. Dress the crib in Geenny Boutique’s Baby Boy Constructor set. It depicts cute pictures of all things construction related, such as tools, bulldozers, dump trucks and cement trucks. With green, blue and red plaid, the colors are great for a boys room and aren’t overwhelming. Expand the set to the rest of the room with matching pillows, wall hangings, and diaper stacker.

D├ęcor: Paint your child’s name on a hard hat and hang it on the wall. Hang a tool belt and use to store small stuffed animals, toys, and a plastic hammer. Purchase thin metal construction signs to hang on the wall, or make your own using thin plywood and paint. Use an open-top tool box with a handle or an open vintage metal lunch box to corral baby supplies on top of the dresser or changing table. Use industrial-looking metal crates (metal milk crates work well) to hold stuffed animals and toys on the floor. Use metal toy dump trucks (think Tonka) to hold other supplies.

These are just a few of the many ideas for a DIY nursery with a construction zone theme. Use items and toys that you have on hand, then create the rest yourself, and you’ll have a nursery that won’t bulldoze your budget!