How To Approach Girls – Know about the tricks 

How To Approach Girls – Know about the tricks 

Your dating life — and sex life — are going to MASSIVELY improve if you learn how to approach girls. Most men, however, never figure out this aspect of the game. They don’t have any strategy whatsoever, and yet they keep going out to clubs and bars every Friday and Saturday night, trying to pick up girls (and striking out miserably).

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They keep making the same moronic mistakes over and over again, and never realize where they’re going wrong. Usually these guys wind up thinking that the girls in bars and clubs are “stuck up,” when in fact these girls would LOVE to meet a cool, interesting guy who knows how to push the right buttons!

Here are the most common mistakes men make when approaching girls:

Asking permission to talk to her. You should never say to a girl, “Excuse me, may I know your name?” “Do you mind if I buy you a drink?” “Pardon me, can I ask you something?” Etc…

When you “ask permission,” you are starting the conversation from a position of WEAKNESS. It sounds like you’re asking FORGIVENESS to talk to her, and you’re begging for a moment of her time to try to show you why you’re worthy.

This is a terrible move. She sees you as being WEAK and NEEDY. Basically, you’re asking her to “give you a chance” — and why should she do that, when there are 37 other guys in this place tonight who also want to talk to her?

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Instead of this weak, apologetic move, you should assume that she’ll be interested in what you have to say. Launch straight into one of the killer “opening routines” that I give in the Mack Tactics books (if you haven’t read these books yet, you’re missing out!)

The third mistake that guys make is asking questions that are totally predictable. If you hang out in a bar and eavesdrop on some conversations, you’ll hear these predictable questions being asked all night long. Instead of engaging her in a cool, original conversation, they start asking her predictable, boring questions…

“So have you been to this bar before?”

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“Are you having fun?”

“Are you from around here?”

And so on…

If she’s a hottie, I can assure you that she’s already heard these lame-ass questions from 500 guys.. And it signals to her that you’re just another lame, unoriginal guy who is desperately hoping she will like you (but has nothing original to offer).

How To Approach Girls (The Effective Way)

Don’t take this unoriginal approach. Use the tactics that I explain in Mack Tactics, the #1 best-selling book on how to pick up girls. When you use the Mack Tactics method, you won’t ever run out of steam during the conversation. You’ll know how to take the conversation to a DEEPER LEVEL that leads to the outcome you want (which could mean sex tonight, if you play your cards right).

The cool thing about using these Mack Tactics techniques is that you can get a girl to reveal her deepest secrets, and desires, within minutes. Then you can use this “Intell” to guide her back to your place for a night of incredible sex — or, use the tactics to line up a date with her for tomorrow night.

The third deadly mistake that guys make: not seeking out good advice. This is the #1 mistake that guys make. Look at it this way. Women are being taught how to attract and land a man since a very young age!. There is a multi-billion dollar industry (magazines, TV shows, movies, cosmetics, etc) that is designed to help women land a man. But guys have to figure this stuff out for themselves! They wind up asking their friends for advice — and basically, their friends are just as clueless as they are.

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